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After all, if characters do it, why wouldn't others? This sort game plan unless it becomes obvious the players want
of Story should be handled with care, because the
more or less. Till then, make your game plan and keep to it.
diabolists pick their target(s) carefully, hoping to get the
blood with as little risk as possible. Nothing will upset the
The Battle for Immortality
characters more than feeling they had no chance to avoid
having some punk Neonate suck them dry.
Only slightly less violent (and symbolic) than Diablerie
Still, some clues should be available. Perhaps some Elder
stories are those of the struggle to survive. In most
knows the diabolists are in town, and offers the characters
Chronicles, the characters' night-to-night lives proceed
this information in exchange for a favor. Maybe the
with little threat, and those times they are threatened
characters notice themselves being followed, or see become the Stories. In the Battle for Immortality, the
someone staking out t heir havens. This kind of Story can
characters' every move is a struggle, and everything they
work well when it forces the player to think more about her
do is part of a fight for survival.
character's environment - how is her haven protected,
This kind of Chronicle generally involves the characters on
where does she go most nights, who is aware of her plans,
the run for some real or imagined misdeed. Perhaps a
Justicar has declared a world-wide Blood Hunt on them to
Eventually, however, the character(s) have to protect
cover up his own treacheries. Maybe their Sire hunts them
themselves. The diabolists have spent time planning their
to keep them from revealing dark secrets to the world.
attack. They know at least some of their target's strengths
Even a skilled hunter, dedicated to the characters'
and weaknesses. They are desperate (not as desperate as destruction, could send them packing.
the character will soon be) and willing to do what it takes
With no established havens or feeding grounds, cut off
to accomplish their goals. While they will avoid killing the
from the civilized lands of the undead, hounded by Elder,
character in any way but by Diablerie, they will use every
Anarch and Lupine alike, the characters find every
method available to immobilize her.
moment dangerous, and see foes behind every tree.
This sort of Story is best used when characters have either
These sorts of Chronicles tend to be extremely high on
been flaunting all those points spent on Generation or have
excitement, as the characters find adventure everywhere
Vampire Storytellers Handbook
they go, and the Storyteller can send any sort of foe she can shapes up. Obviously they should be working to again
think up against them. However, these Stories also risk become part of Kindred society, perhaps by clearing their
burning out the players. After all, they have little input in names or slaying their Sire, but it should not be easy. They
the shape of the Chronicle. They stay too busy reacting to must be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel,
ever become an active force. however.
For this kind of Story, the Storyteller must be careful to let
the characters' actions have an effect on how the Chronicle
Vampire Storytellers Handbook
Chapter Five:
The Enemy
His dominion shall also be from one sea to the other: and from the flood unto the world's end. They that dwell in the
wilderness shall kneel before him: his enemies shall lick the dust.
- 1662 Prayer Book
What's a good Story without a good enemy? Moriarty had Does he have billions in assets and armies of followers to
his Holmes, Dracula his Van Helsing and Ahab his Moby do his every bidding? Are her Disciplines so advanced she
Dick. While the characters in your Chronicle may have can slay the characters with but a wink of her eye? Or are
little cause to go head-to-head with a great white whale, his only weapons his wits and determination - a
anyone else is fair game. Even little children can be combination which may well pr ove too much for many
effective foes for Vampires (especially if they are innocent characters?
enough to have True Faith, are neutrals, and have the
Determining the villain's own allies and enemies comes
Prince of the city for an ancestor).
next. Her allies do more than just come to her aid when
Still, just having an adversary to pound on is not enough. she is in danger (though they may not do that). They feed
For a Story to get the most it can out of the villains, they her information they hear on the streets, take her side in
must be fleshed out, livened up and made believable. With political maneuvering, and put pressure on her foes to do
such three-dimensional foes, you and your players will what she wants. On the other hand, her enemies may be
remember your Stories as com plete tales - something more the characters' sole hope to defeat her. Imagine their
than just a chance to practice brawling and weapon skills. surprise when they hear a Justicar is investigating that
member of the Primogen who has been screaming for their
heads. Think how happy they will be when they find out a
Creating a Good Bad Guy
number of Anarchs have a score to pick with that Brujah
gang leader. Of course, there is always the problem of
Enemy creation begins the same place character, Story,
eliminating the evil you know for the one you do not.
Chronicle and setting creation do - the concept. Do you
need a mighty Amazon, capable of mopping up the floor The antagonist's history should be determined at this
point. After all, a Gangrel who has traveled across the
with an entire troupe of characters? How about a seductive
world will be significantly different from one who has
manipulator, who uses his wily charms to set troupe [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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