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and he s killed other women between here and the city since then. I can t give you dates,
names and a clear trail of bodies to this town but I know it s true.
Cam waited to see if she would add anything before he ventured another question.
 Is that all you have? Or are you holding some back to get my goat?
A genuine smile twitched on her lips as she answered,  One thing& he has a
tattoo on his right buttock, a set of bright red lips. She watched him intently, waiting for
a reaction; this time, with good cause.
Cam didn t disappoint. He launched off the seat cushion and up onto his feet with
enough speed to startle Connie, who threw her body back against the couch in response.
 Where the hell did you get all this? Connie, this is not a game anymore. How do you
know all this?
She looked frightened and clammed up immediately in the face of his violent
reaction to what she d said. A host of mixed emotions crossed over her face in rapid
succession: confusion, determination, uncertainty then stubbornness, all mixed in with a
continuing look of fear and hope.
Cam backed off, agitated and filled with excitement and anxiety. What if she s
making this up just to get information out of me? How the hell can she know these
things? We sure didn t dig them up. But, that bloke Quigley said as much about the guy
in San Francisco. He decided to accept her information at face value, sure she was too
smart to give them false information; sure she knew what would happen to her if she did.
Cam stared down at her, took a deep breath and sat down again.  Sorry, it s just
that we ve been under a lot of pressure to find this bastard and here you offer up
information we don t have. I have to wonder where you got it and hope it s true.
 Oh, it s true enough. Connie picked her cup up with shaking hands.  And, don t
forget I m a journalist. I have sources cops don t have, not even FBI agents. She drank
the rest of the now cold coffee and set the cup down before going on.  Now, it s your
turn. What have you got?
He picked up his cup, looked into it as if consulting tea leaves, set it back down
and sat back before he answered.  I still don t know how much you know. What you
gave me was new information. Is that all you have, other than what s been reported, or
were those just the high points?
Connie stood up, gathered up the coffee things and put them back onto the tray.
She held the tray and looked down at him, answering his question with a serious tone;
one that was unmistakably sincere.  Look, I m not playing games here either. All I know
is what s been written and what I just told you. I can t get a hold of the police files in San
Francisco or in any of the other towns he killed in. I know about his hair and the tattoo
because an inside source confided it to me. That is all. She turned and moved into the
kitchen with the tray.
Cam sat and thought while she disposed of the dishes. Truth or dare time, Cam
old buddy. Do you really share case information with her or do you pull the old con game
and cheat her as you originally planned? He flinched inwardly at the last part of his
Still wondering how far to go with this, he mentally made a note of the small
room where he sat. Sparsely furnished with modern furniture, no plants, pictures, books
or woman s knickknacks of any kind; it held no warmth, no personality and no
information about the woman he was debating whether or not to trust. One glaringly out
of place object in the room caught his eye, a small trunk, painted with flowers and scrolls,
was tucked unobtrusively beside a small desk and chair as if it might be used for filing or
record storage. It was very feminine and very elegant and it stuck out amid the sterile
furniture like a painted whore in a nunnery. It also had a new brass lock dangling from
the clasp. Cameron frowned and leaned forward, inspecting it closer and speculating on
what she hid in it. He made a mental note to check it out first chance he had. With a jolt
of shock, he realized the intricate paintings on the top of the trunk, when viewed up close,
had the face of devil in the middle of its vines and flowers, complete with horns and
fangs. Cam made another mental note to ask Marti what she would make of it. Then he
chuckled to himself.
Connie returned, quiet and subdued but friendlier than she was earlier. She eased
down to the carpet across the coffee table from Cam, who now sat back and seemed
relaxed and casual. She arranged herself into a cross-legged pose with both elbows on the
table and looked up into his eyes.  Well? Have you decided to play fair with me or not?
Cam told her all he knew, except for the information about Marti s profile and
Jake s theory that a movie about a set of lips was somehow connected. Something inside
Cam made him hold back anything Connie might view as silly or desperate. When he
finished his recital, she was nodding her head.  Yes, I pretty much figured most of it out
myself anyway. But&  her eyes seemed to grow larger, softer and more sincere.  & are
you sure the guy in the park wasn t the killer? I was so sure& 
Cam laughed.  No, he was just a poor, horny guy from San Francisco who came
up here, found himself a hooker to have a private holiday party with and ended up dead
for his trouble. The local cops are checking it out, of course, but we know enough to
know he s not our guy. He noticed her disappointment and shook his head at her
woebegone look.  You really thought he was the one, didn t you? Is that the exclusive
you thought you d get from me?
 Yes. Damn! She pounded her small fist down onto the table in frustration.  I
wanted that story. She calmed down almost instantly and sunk her chin down onto her
hands resting on top of the table. She sighed.  Oh well, tomorrow s another day and, I
know he ll be at it again on New Year s. And if not that holiday, then he s sure to kill on
Valentine s Day. All I have to do is wait.
 Valentine s Day? Cam asked, not catching the connection.
She lifted her chin.  Yeah, Valentine s Day. Oh, you don t have that in your
country, do you? She laughed.
He blushed.  Course we do. I just never had a woman I liked enough to notice the [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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