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"Not like you," she replied huskily, her eyes wide and curious.
He smiled.
"No last-minute reservations?" he asked softly, moving the last flimsy piece of fabric from her warm,
pretty body.
"No," she said. She watched him smooth a lean hand down her bare flesh, watched him smile tenderly
as his dark eyes enjoyed her for the first time without clothing. It wasn't embarrassing at all. It was
He bent and pressed his mouth gently to her soft belly, moving lazily onto the bed with her as his lips
traveled up and suddenly began to suckle hungrily at her breast. Her soft cry of pleasure made him
ripple with delicious anticipation. Her hands caught in his long hair, tangled in it as she held his
mouth to her body, frightened that he might stop.
He smiled against her damp body. It was going to take a long time, but he wasn't worried about it
anymore. She wanted him. It would be all right.
He slowed the rhythm of his caresses to suit her inexperience, teaching her how to touch him, how to
give back the pleasure he was giving her.
She clung to him, fascinated with the newness of physical pleasure, overwhelmed by the mastery of
his lean hands as he gave her little tastes of fulfillment that lifted her completely off the bed in
mindless delight.
Finally, when she was trembling with unexpected urgency, her eyes wide and dazed with the tiny
bursts of pleasure he'd already coaxed from her taut body, he eased down against her. He saw her eyes
widen more as he positioned her.
"This is a rite of passage," he whispered as he nibbled at her lips, moving his hips into stark contact
with the threshold of her innocence.
"Don't be afraid of it. If I have to hurt you, I'll make up for it.
All right?" She nodded, and as his hips moved down tenderly, she looked straight into his eyes. Her
hands contracted around his strong fingers where they pressed into hers at either side of her head. She
tensed at the first tiny stab of pain. She'd never dreamed that he'd be looking into her eyes when it
happened. Or that having his eyes on her face would excite her so much.
"Are you afraid?" he whispered softly.
"Oh, no," she whispered back lovingly, surprised that they could talk during such intimacy. Her legs
trembled as he pushed against her once more. It was. incredible, the way it felt. She moved her legs to
accommodate him, watching his face tauten as he eased closer and she felt the sting of his soft, slow
When she gasped and her fingers clutched wildly at his, he smiled. He moved sensually and felt her
body lift toward his.
"There? Right there?"
"Yes she cried, gasping again.
He shifted with muted passion and laughed deep in his throat at her soft, throbbing moan, a predatory
sort of delight that echoed in the rough kiss he pressed against her open mouth. His eyes glittered as
he lifted above her and looked down the length of them as they joined.
She gasped again. She couldn't see him clearly, but she felt him move deeper with every sharp thrust
of his hips. She felt him, deep and powerful and so. welcome. in the hungry emptiness of her body.
She arched sensually as she felt the stab of ecstacy come again and again with each movement of his
lean hips. She clung to him, sobbing.
She hadn't dreamed that it would be so pleasurable.
"I've never enjoyed anything in my life so much," he whispered to her, clenching his teeth as the
pleasure shot through him, too. His eyes met hers. He was breathing roughly, raggedly. His hand
swept down, tracing her soft thigh as he increased the rhythm. Her eyes closed and she cried out as he
touched her. His mouth ground into hers. His eyes closed too, finally, as the glory of their intimacy
washed over him like fire. Deep, and soft, he thought, deep and soft and slow, like a river of molten
lava flowing, flowing, flowing.
His body began to shudder. He could feel her twisting under him, reaching for fulfillment, desperate
for fulfillment, her gasping pleas lost in the fierce thunder of his own heartbeat. Her name pulsed out
of his tight throat as he drove against her desperately in search of that hot, sweet, oblivion.
"Cecily... Cecily... Cecily!"
She cried out and she didn't even recognize her own voice. The pleasure was unbelievable,
unbearable! She couldn't let it go, not yet
. oh, not yet! She arched up to him with failing strength, whispering to him, begging him. Her body
was a roman candle with the fuse burning, burning, and there, yes, there, was. the. explosion!
"Tate!" She heard his name pulse out of her mouth in startled triumph as what her body had been
searching for was suddenly, shockingly, found. Waves of pleasure throbbed in her legs, her belly,
waves that lifted her, that convulsed her. She stared at his face above her with blind ecstasy, saw it
contort and clench as if in a dream.
He cried out hoarsely as his lean body arched down violently into hers.
It corded and stilled above her. A sound like a hoarse sob accompanied the harsh convulsion of him
above her. He shuddered and shuddered.
For a second his eyes opened, black as night, stabbing down into her own.
"Never... this intense..." he bit off, shivering over and over again.
"Oh... God... never this deep, never...!"
He convulsed, as she had. She held him, comforted him, while the waves made him groan hoarsely,
momentarily helpless in her soft arms.
She whispered to him, kissed his face, his eyes, adored him with her mouth.
It was a long time before he was still. She felt his eyelashes, thick and soft, against her cheek. They
could have made a baby, she thought suddenly. He hadn't asked if she was protected. She hadn't asked
if he was protecting her. She wouldn't say a word. He would never have to know. Then she
remembered Senator Holden who had a son that Leta had never told him about, and felt guilty to her
He stirred slowly, moving against her in remembered pleasure, his body throbbing deliciously in the
aftermath, every movement rekindling the delight.
His hand swept down the side of her, lingering on her soft skin, exploring lazily. He lifted his head
and drew slowly away from her, watching the faint shock and embarrassment in her eyes, smiling at
her fascination. For a first time, he thought, it had been fairly volcanic.
He rolled over onto his back and stretched a hand to catch her waist.
"Come down here."
He drew her against him with possession, smoothing a hand down the length of her hair. He was
satiated, and he wished he could feel guilty about what amounted to pure seduction, but he couldn't.
She loved him. He'd enticed her in here and made beautiful love to her.
Now he knew what it meant to love a woman physically, and he was shocked and awed and frightened
by the ecstasy she'd given him. That he'd given it back was pleasing, but he felt as if he'd taken
advantage of something she couldn't help. He hadn't used anything. He hoped that she was on the pill.
He hadn't asked. He didn't want to ask.
He'd been irresponsible and she was too green and far too aroused to realize it. Amazing, he thought,
that he was such a fanatic about birth control, and he'd had this sudden lapse. With a virgin. His virgin.
His woman. He drew in a long, slow breath, amazed at the pride he felt. Of all the men in the world,
she'd chosen him.
Considering her traumatic past, it humbled him to realize the magnitude of her gift.
"Guilt. Torment. Sorrow. Shock. Which?" she asked against his chest.
"I'm trying," he murmured on a weary chuckle.
"But all I can manage is pride," he added softly.
"I satisfied you completely, didn't I?"
"More than completely," she murmured against his damp shoulder. Her hand traced his chest, feeling
the coolness of his skin, the ripple of muscle. "Hold me close."
He wrapped both arms around her and drew her on top of him, holding her hungrily to him, their legs
lazily entwined.
"I seduced you."
She pressed a soft kiss to his collarbone.
"Mmm- hmm." [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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