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warmly around her toes. The Atlantic down here was an entirely different ocean from the gray water of
Long Island Sound near her parents home. It would be great to strip bare and simply float in it for a while.
This place was too gorgeous not to take advantage of it for the brief time she was here.
Why not stay through the weekend? She could learn more about Kaspan and when she returned home,
write an expos about him as she d planned. Of course, she d have to edit out the vampire stuff& and the
bloodline stuff& and the crazy baby-making plan. That didn t leave much juicy gossip to spill. Without
those elements, there was only a wealthy businessman hanging out at his tropical retreat.
She squatted in the sand and dug with half of a clamshell, watching the water fill the pit she made.
Her mind careened all over the place, trying to fix on one aspect of his crazy tale and have it make sense.
As shocked as she was about vampires existing, what really got her was the idea of Ra, a god, for God s
sake, as her ancestor. It was preposterous but utterly fascinating. Maybe she needed to learn more about
this prophecy thing.
 I m sorry.
An unexpected voice beside her made her screech, drop the shell and leap to her feet. She slapped a
hand to her chest.  Are you trying to give me a heart attack?
 I apologize. Jacob s eyes reflected the sunlight, making them bluer than the ocean.  I lost my
temper, something I rarely do.
She believed that, having gotten the impression he was usually firmly in control of his emotions.
 That s okay. I press buttons. It s what I do. I shouldn t have said that about Hitler. I m sure Kaspan is a
great guy. He supports about half the charities on the planet.
Her head was tipped back in order to look up into his face. The angle, coupled with their bodies
proximity, made it feel like she was waiting for him to lean down and kiss her. Their gazes locked while
the surf rhythmically washed the shore and seagulls screeched overhead. There was no denying the
Vampires Consort
attraction between them. She d felt it that night at the supermarket and again from the moment she saw him
at the airport. A subtle thread stitched them together every time they were near each other.
Akila reached out a tentative hand and rested it against his chest. His heart beat as steadily as the
incoming waves. Thud, thud, thud, filling up her senses and drawing her closer still. Her toes dug into the
sand as she rose up.
His eyes widened and he seemed suddenly younger and uncertain, a man who perhaps wasn t used to
women coming on to him surprising, since he was so attractive. She liked his hesitation. It gave her the
courage to slide a hand around the back of his neck and pull his head down to hers. She heard his small
gasp before she fastened her lips over his and softly plucked at his mouth.
Jacob s hands encircled her waist, holding her steady as she leaned into him. For a moment, he
acquiesced to her kiss, then his mouth opened and he kissed her back.
Their tongues met, slicking around each other, and electricity shot through Akila. The taste of him left
her hungry for more. Her body thrummed with the low voltage that passed between his body and hers.
She d never experienced anything quite like the rising need inside her, a sudden flare like a spike in a heart
Jacob s hands moved below her waist, cupping her ass and pulling her tighter against him. She felt his
hardness nudging her crotch, escalating the heat there. He groaned quietly into her mouth and their kiss
deepened from sensual exploration to passionate hunger.
She gripped his shoulder with one hand and drove the other through his hair to cup the back of his
head. Her tender breasts smashed flat against his solid chest and her entire body throbbed. It was too
intense, too soon, too crazy.
Akila broke it off, pushing her hand against his chest to propel herself back from him. She stood in the
moist, cool sand, panting. His lust-glazed eyes seemed as shocked as she felt. He wiped a hand over his
lips, as though wiping away or capturing her kiss.
 I m sorry, Akila said.  I don t know why I did that.
He shook his head.  No. It s& 
God, she was humiliated. She could sink into the sand right now and let the tide wash her away. But
even in the midst of embarrassment, her body still clamored for more. More of those kisses, more of the
way he d held her, the solidity of his body in her arms, more of his scent, his taste. His cock. She wanted to
see his erection, not just feel it pressed against her. Another shudder of lust passed through her.
Akila crossed her arms over her chest and began to walk down the beach.  Maybe you should show
me the rest of the property. Or the house. Or maybe she should go to her room and hide, get entirely away
from this man to whom she seemed to have an uncontrollable attraction. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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