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They had some time to kill. The sun was high in the sky,
and they knew they wouldn't be able to sleep. They were both
very jazzed. The thought that they might get a tangible lead
tonight made them feel like they were kids and it was
Christmas eve. They sat out on the patio and admired the golf
course in front of them.
It was green, lush and about the most beautiful thing they
had ever seen. It was hot enough to swim or do other
summer stuff, but it was great golf weather. Kit commented
as to the foolishness of golfers. Despite the reports of animal
attacks, they were out in force. Foursomes of golfers trundled
by their cottage in a regular procession. The carts were
always full of men. Ginger wondered if women golfed in
Florida, or maybe the attacks had scared them off. Kit saw
that many of the carts carried rifles or shotguns in them.
Maybe these golfers weren't as foolish as they seemed at first
A few of them stopped to warn the women about the
dangers of being out alone. Kit was certain that these were
veiled attempts at seduction. Kit enjoyed displaying the
shotgun she brought out on the patio. There was something
about a well armed woman that was very off putting. Kit was
enjoying this more than she should have.
"Have you been thinking about this Kit, I mean have you
stopped to think about what's happened to us in the last week
or so? Back before, well you know, we were just three
working girls living from check to check. Now Debbie's dead
by Jonathan Amsbary
and you and I are living this James Bond existence with a
former monk. I mean we're hunting werewolves and vampires
for Christ sake!"
"What!" It was not a question. Kit was stunned. Through
this whole ordeal Ginger had been this even handed, even
tempered model of submissive perfection. She accepted every
idea, every order of Jean's with hesitation. Without question
and now this.
"Shit Ginger, where have you been? This whole thing's
been beyond my imagination and now you're showing doubts?
I don't know if I can handle this Ginger, you're the one I've
been leaning on emotionally. You've been so damn sure of
yourself, sure of Jean. If you start falling apart, I don't know
what I'm going to do."
"I know, and when he's here I do believe him. I believe
every word. And it has made sense at every stage. But if you
look at the whole thing, it's impossible. Look, my body tell me
that there should be snow on the ground, and here we sit in a
golf course wearing wind breakers. It's January! I've never
been out of Canada before. It's suppose to be cold in winter,
there's suppose to be snow. I'm not the kind of person who
vacations in the sun.
"So now I'm here and we're hunting un-dead monsters.
People just don't live like this Kit." She was starting to cry
and Kit went over and hugged her. It was tough for Kit to do.
Kit had known Ginger all her life and Ginger followed every
lead that Kit made. But there was one thing that they both
knew. They both knew that Ginger was the strong one, the
stable one, in the relationship. Kit was always leaning on
by Jonathan Amsbary
Ginger, always crying on her shoulder. Kit was always the one
that needed calming down. Ginger was always the stable one
the calm one.
This calm, however, was a thin facade over her true
emotions. After her assault, Ginger went into therapy. She
was very mistrusting of her therapist and didn't reveal much
of herself. Her therapist was patient, but eventually told
Ginger that she was wasting everyone's time and was going
to cut her off.
Ginger told the woman that there was something deeply
disturbing about her, that she was afraid to reveal. The
therapist reassured her that Ginger could tell her anything,
and so Ginger finally confessed her submissive tendencies.
The therapist was completely understanding. In fact, she
was a submissive in a deviant relationship herself. She
assured Ginger that behavior, while not normal, was not
necessarily destructive. Just like any relationship, you had to
make sure your needs were being met and that you could
communicate openly and honestly with your partner.
Ginger almost died from the overpowering sense of relief
that she felt when the woman had told her this. Kit was a
little pissed when she heard about it later because it was the
exact thing she had always told Ginger. But Ginger just
shrugged and said, "I always thought you were sicker than I [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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