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demand that I go back to work right away. I planned on using the couple of days' grace to do a little
investigating into just what ARMPIT was up to.
If you promise never to refer to me as a snuggle-bunny again, I will allow you to investigate with me.
Allow? Allow?
It is a dangerous undertaking. I cannot allow you to put your life in jeopardy for my friend.
Allow, Christian?
His sigh brushed my mind.I will withdraw the word if you promise not to pursue any investigations
without me.
I thought about it, and decided that he could be of help investigating.Deal.
The car bumped into a small building that served as Christian's garage. He had mentioned to me earlier,
on the way todinner, that the only time he kept a driver was inLondon . He said something about the
annoying lack of available parking. It seems Dark Ones have issues with parking lots. He helped me out
of the car with a solicitous arm, Guarda following behind as we crossed the small alley separating the
garage and his house. I looked up to the top of the three-story building.
Big house for just one guy.
I require both space and privacy in my living quarters.
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Don't worry; you'll have both just as soon as Guarda leaves and I can slip back to my hotel.
There are always exceptions to be made in times of necessity.
I glanced over at him as he held the door open for me, wondering if he meant what I thought he'd meant.
I refused to be swept up in his arms and carried up the stairs to the bedroom. "No, lamby-pot-pie, it's
much better if I walk.Slowly. It serves to settle my nerves."
You realize, of course, thatlamby-pot-pieconstitutes a declaration of war.
I gave him a mental snort, just to see if I could do it. Evidently I could.
"As you desire, most beauteous of all lotus blossoms.If you will take my arm, I will allow your nerves to
settle and yet reassure both myself and Mrs. White that you will not come to any harm in your journey up
the stairs."
Have you ever thought of going into politics? You're a natural.
Guarda followed us into a huge room done all in shades of sapphire and midnight. A massive curtained
and canopied bed dominated the room, drawing the eye and refusing to release it. I stood stupidly and
blinked at it a few minutes, wondering if it felt as heavenly as it looked.
Perhaps you will find out for yourself. Christian's voice danced in my head.
I ignored him and tottered over to sink down in a blue silk-draped armchair. "Thank you so much for
accompanying us home, Mrs. White. I feel much better just being out of that building. I'm so very excited
about the plans you have for the trust. Might I pop in for a visit tomorrow and have a chat about what
you see for the future, and how I might fit into it?"
Guarda's smile didn't even come close to reaching her icy blue eyes."Of course. There is nothing I would
like more. Just give me a ring at thatnumber, and my secretary will set up a time." She handed me a card.
I smiled at her. Christian raised an eyebrow. She looked as if she wanted to say something further, but
realized that to do so wouldn't be in keeping with her pretended concern. "Well, then, I shall leave you
alone so you might rest."
"You may be assured that I will see to it that my little kumquat spends the entire night in bed," Christian
said with a smoothness that put the silk bed hangings to shame.
You and what army?
"Oh, you silly Mr. Fuzzy-wuzzy," I chirped in return, making myself faintly nauseated in the process.
Guarda looked between the two of us, then nodded her head and allowed Christian to escort her out of
the room and, I assumed, the house.
As soon as the bedroom door closed, I leaped out of the chair and commenced pacing and hand
wringing, ignoring the great behemoth bed and all that it represented. Christian, I knew, was planning a
seduction. It was in every warm caress of his mind against mine, every touch of his body to mine, every
sultry-eyed, heated glance. What was worse was that after the kiss that ended with me almost sucking
the tongue from his head, I could no longer trust myself to stay calm and cool, as I had been with every
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other man. Somehow more than just my mental guards failed me when it came to Christian. All my
honorable intentions, all my determination never again to let a man have any part of me, just seemed to
evaporate under of the influence of those dark, tortured eyes.
The solution to my problem, I decided a few moments later, was to not let myself be alone with him. If
he did what I expected him to do insisted I remain in his house for the evening I was in grave danger
of succumbing to the siren lure of his desire. Therefore, I simply wouldn't put myself in a position where
temptation could raise its ugly head. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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