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 I m sure.
 We could set the record straight if we chose, but as you know,
the community prefers secrecy. His hands moved along the front of
her body, languidly bringing her simmering heat to the surface.  Tell
me& do you have a lover? In the human world, I mean.
 No. A warm sweat broke out on her forehead.  I mean, there
was a man once& in college. Our relationship didn t work out. He left
 That hurt you.
 Yes. Very much. Lindsay found herself startled by her own
honesty, considering how much else she d learned to fib about.
Somehow, Gabriel had touched a particularly sensitive spot in her
 He was a fool, then. I m glad.
Gabriel bent lower, running his lips down the curve of her neck.
The flat of his tongue stroked the same path, darting in rhythm with
her quickening pulse. The slight graze of his teeth stirred the usual
rush of physical desire. Lindsay readied herself for a more intimate
His hardness swelled against the back of her thigh, prompting her
to grope for his zipper. She found his thick, denim-covered mound
and began to knead. Gabriel moaned, pressing his mouth deeper into
the hollow between her throat and shoulder.
Then, with the speed and fluidity of a sea wind changing course,
he stepped back and away from her.
 No. I don t want to feed on you. I can t.
 Why not? Before her lips had finished moving, Gabriel had
gone. She caught a glimpse of his silhouetted form, stalking off
through the trees and then disappearing from sight.
Loving Two Vampires 83
How had he moved so quickly? The powerful mixture of night air
and hormones must be toying with her senses. Caine hadn t been
joking about the darkness bringing on new experiences.
 His petulance is becoming tiresome, Caine said, offering his
hand and helping her down the gazebo steps.  He ll be better once he
 It s all right. I m a little overwhelmed myself.
Caine turned her hand upward and placed something small and
delicate in the center of her palm. Lindsay looked down to find a
paper-thin white flower, its milky petals spread like the powdery
wings of some exotic moth. The breeze made it seem to pulse in her
 In case you desired further confirmation that beautiful things do
bloom at night, he said, cradling her fingers in his.
 I never doubted it. This is lovely. The flower and the walk. I
understand now why you don t get bored.
 Dangers lurk, too. Never forget. He dropped her hand.  You
said you wanted to learn about us, and you ve been an enthusiastic
pupil thus far. Gabriel and I have plenty more to teach you. But first, I
must ask you a question. Could you love him?
She blinked.  You mean Gabriel?
 Yes, of course. Who else?
 I expected you to ask if I could love you.
 Immaterial at the moment. If you can, well and good. Gabriel is
my first concern. You see how he is. I can survive without the softer
emotions intruding on my life. He cannot.
 Does that mean you would reject love?
His jaw stiffened.  We are not speaking of me, but of Gabriel.
Have you an answer?
Lindsay frowned. Certainly she found Gabriel physically
appealing, not to mention sexually exciting. Caine was both of those
things, too. How could she ever consider forming deeper emotions
84 Cassandra Pierce
with a man or even two men whose entire identity was based on at
best, a fantasy, and at worst, a deliberate lie?
 I d& have to say it s a bit too soon to decide, she compromised.
 I don t know enough about him& about either of you.
 Time will remedy that. He motioned for her to accompany him.
 I want you to go to him now. He needs to feed. The painting
represents many things that disturb him.
 I m sorry, Lindsay said as they started back toward the house,
Caine walking just behind her.  I didn t realize my pulling it out
would cause such a ruckus.
 Never mind. He needs to face his emotions where that subject is
concerned. A single century of brooding is more than enough, in my
His take on psychoanalysis amused her. Yet Caine had a point.
Whatever had happened between Gabriel and the woman in the
painting had damaged him emotionally, perhaps shaking his
commitment to his vampiric delusions. Lindsay felt certain she could
help him work through his misgivings, or at least begin the process.
Not only would a successful outcome provide the perfect final chapter
for her dissertation, it would be a good way to get her feet wet
putting aside all other body parts for the moment as a psychologist.
Loving Two Vampires 85
Chapter 8
 I know the painting upsets him, which is why I stashed it in the
closet in the first place, Caine said as they walked back to the house. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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