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I do, as if my body listens to his commands.
I feel Muff slip out of my mouth as I close my eyes and shudder. He wraps his arms around my
head, pressing it to his stomach, causing my ass to rise up higher and take Jackson s thrusts deeper. I
am still screaming when Jackson comes again, hard and deep inside me. As soon as he s stopped
pumping, I feel my body collapse in content exhaustion, and Muff wraps his arms around me, holding
me to him while Jackson pulls out. I feel Jackson collapse beside me, but I m too content to move my
body from Muff s.
 Get over here, baby, Jackson orders.
I shake my head.
 Jealous? I murmur, opening my eyes to meet his green gaze.
 Yeah, now get over here.
I shake my head.  Muff is comfy.
Muff chuckles, and I feel it rumble through my cheek.
 Darlin ... Jackson warns.
 Jackson, I murmur.
He leans over, swatting my ass with his hand, hard. I yelp, and my mouth drops open.
 Want another one? he growls, his eyes blazing.
 You bully!
 Here, he says, pointing to his chest.  Now.
 Better go, princess, Muff laughs.  He ll get all caveman soon and throw you over his shoulder.
I grunt, and lift myself from Muff. I kneel between the two of them, looking down and admiring the
very impressive view. Jackson points to his chest, and I grin, shaking my head.
 I m still hungry, are you going to make me some food?
He shakes his head.  Nah.
 Then no after sex cuddles for you.
He goes to sit up, but I quickly leap off the bed, giggling.
 Careful, darlin .
I roll my eyes at him, and then lean down to find one of his shirts and a pair of panties.
 I m hungry, I say again.  I ll be back.
I flash them both a smile, before turning and heading out and down the stairs. I check the pizza box
first. Cold. Yuk. I grumble and walk to the fridge, opening it. There s not a lot in there, so I pull out
some cold turkey and decide to make some sandwiches. I m just about to lather them with mustard,
when I hear my cell phone vibrating against the counter. I stare down at it, and see Janine s number. I
quickly answer it.
 Where have you been? she cries.  I ve been trying to contact you for hours.
 Sorry, I ve been...um...busy.
 He threatened me, didn t he?
She sounds frantic.  He threatened me, that s why you re doing this. I ve been wracking my brain
trying to figure out what would possess you to actually listen to him, and I finally figured it out.
She s talking about Hogan.
 It s...more complicated than that.
 Did he or did he not threaten me? she demands.
 Not...exactly, I whisper, peering at the stairs to make sure I m still alone.
 What do you mean, not exactly?
I groan.  I can t...
 Oh god... she rasps.  He threatened Eb s?
I m silent, and I know it s her answer.
 Oh, oh god! Oh my god! I need to get out of here.
 If Derek finds out you try and leave him, there s going to be a problem.
 Fuck Derek, he doesn t care about our daughter. I am not risking my baby.
 She s my daughter, Serenity! she screams.  I m not risking her.
 Ok, I whisper.  Ok...
 Where are you?
 I m with Jackson, at his house.
 Can I...I mean...can we come over?
 Please? her voice trembles.
 Ok, look, ok...come over. I m sure Jackson won t mind.
 It s just...Derek won t find me there.
My heart breaks for her; I can t imagine how she s feeling right now. I give her the address, and
she assures me she ll be here in twenty minutes. I give her a quick cover story if Jackson asks, so we
don t get put on the spot. I hang up the phone, and my fingers tremble. I put it down, and grip the
counter, trying to take a deep breath.
 Everything ok?
I hear Jackson s voice, and turn to see him and Muff, both wearing only jeans, staring at me. I
burst into a fit of tears that are going to make no sense to these guys right now, but I can t hold them
back. Jackson walks over, taking me into his arms and wrapping himself around me. I bury my face
into his neck.
 Is it what just happened? he whispers.
 No, I croak, shaking my head.  It s my friend...
 What s happened? he asks, pulling me back and gripping my face, swiping my tears away.
 Her... God, I have to lie.  Her husband is abusive, and she s scared for her and her daughter.
They have nowhere to go.
 They can come here for a few nights; I gotta go on a run anyway.
 What? I rasp.
 Hey, he says gently, cupping my face in his big hands.  You re goin to be fine here.
 I...It s just...
 Your friend can stay, and you won t even notice I m gone. She ll be safe here. No one will
bother you. I ll send the guys past to watch the house every hour.
 I can t put you out anymore, I whisper, shaking my head.
 Hey, listen to me, he orders.  I have a house that s far too big for me, and plenty of space. I m
going away, I won t even notice. It s ok, I m sayin it s ok.
I nod, biting my lip. Muff walks over, rubbing my back gently and then he walks into the kitchen to
finish the sandwiches. When he s done, he offers me one, but I feel too sick to do anything but nibble
on it. I can t stop thinking that I have to tell Jackson about all this. If Hogan finds out I m hiding this,
then it s only going to end in disaster. He s going to hit the roof as soon as Janine disappears, which
doesn t give me long to explain this to Jackson. He s going on a ride, which means I have to shut my
mouth until he gets back. It s too dangerous without him here.
I hear a knock at the door, and I jerk my head up. I feel my heart hammer; I stand and quickly rush
towards the laundry room to find some decent clothes. I throw on a pair of shorts and a tank, and
quickly tie my hair up before rushing out. I rush past Jackson and Muff who are staring at me with
concern. I swing the front door open to face a red eyed Janine and a bouncing, beautiful Ebony. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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