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lurked beneath her skin. It wanted her. Period. Full stop.
 Keen? Ty s eyebrows rose, eyes wide.
 Get. The fuck. Out.
 Ty? Keen? It was a voice he recognized, one soft and sweet. His Itana. She could come in.
Maybe she could calm Trista. That would, in turn, allow his bear to quiet so he could reassure the
woman behind him.
 Mia&  Ty s voice held a warning tone, but that didn t stop Mia from pushing past her mate.
The woman seemed to take in the scene in a single glance.  Well, then. She propped her hands
on her hips.  First things first. Mia turned on her mate and shoved at his chest.  Out you go. I can t
believe you broke down a door in your own house. Why would you do something like that?
Ty frowned.  I heard a scream.
Keen didn t see Mia roll her eyes, but her exasperated sigh told him enough.  And you think big,
bad Keen can t handle one little woman?
Keen wanted to correct his Itana. Trista wasn t  one little woman. She was lush and curved and
his. The thought, combined with Mia s presence and corralling of Ty, soothed his bear. Mia poked and
prodded Ty, pushing and nudging him from the room until his eldest brother was no longer visible.
His scent still lurked, but he was at least out of sight.
The moment Ty disappeared, Mia turned on him.  And you, she pointed at Keen.  What s with
the fur? And the cursing! I d yell at you for your language, but Ty s the same way when I get all teary.
She propped one hand on her rounded hip while the other went to her protruding belly.  Now, is
everything okay here? Keen? You re still rather furry. Mia peeked around him, her gaze dropping.
Trista coughed and cleared her throat, but her voice still warbled when she spoke.  I m&  She
swallowed, the sound audible in the quiet room.  I m fine.
 Do you need me to  Mia stepped forward and froze when he growled. That earned him a dark
glare.  Really?
Keen closed his eyes and swallowed the sound while mentally whacking his bear on the nose.
 Sorry. Just& sorry.
Trista was his, his, and his again. He didn t want anyone near her.
 I had a nightmare. I m fine. I m sorry I woke up the house. Trista s voice shook and the rustle of
cloth followed her words.
He glanced over his shoulder and found that she d stood. The moon shined its pale light on her,
highlighting her rumpled clothes and messy hair. Her tear tracks were easy to see, as were the scrapes
and bruises she d caused herself.
 Keen? After reaffirming Trista was okay, he turned his gaze back to Mia.  Are you okay?
He cracked his neck and urged the bear back, begging it to retreat so everyone would just get the
fuck out already. He wouldn t truly be calm until he had Trista alone and safe. His inner-beast saw
reason and slowly retreated. Fur receded while his face and body returned to its normal, human
 I m good. He shrugged.  Just got surprised.
And enraged, but he didn t have to reveal that to Mia. She d seen the evidence for herself.
 Okay, then. I ll leave you two for tonight. Mia nodded at him and then looked at Trista once
again.  You remember what I said?
Keen glanced at Trista, caught her nod, and he wondered what the women had talked about during
the short time they d been left alone.
 So, no more cursing and maybe it s best if you two bedded down in your room, Keen. I m sure
it d make Trista feel safer since someone, Mia glared at Ty,  busted down her door.
He wanted that more than anything in the world. He d love to have her close even if it meant he
slept in a chair while she took the bed. The bear wanted her safe and nothing would calm him more
than having her in his den.
Den. He d have to think about moving. He couldn t have Trista in the clan den. They needed a
place of their own.
A new scent drifted to him from the woman at his back. Worry tinged with a flare of interest. He
wouldn t call it arousal, the aroma wasn t even close, but at least she wasn t indifferent. Plus, it was
true worry and trepidation, not fear.
When she stepped forward and leaned close, gently brushing him, his bear calmed with a soft
rumble of pleasure.
Yes, they definitely needed a place of their own.
But first, he needed to convince her that she didn t want to be anywhere but at his side.
Staring down at her, at the vulnerability in her gaze, he didn t think it d be too difficult.
Trista could do this. It wouldn t be difficult. The animalistic part of her urged her to take his
comfort and she didn t have the strength to deny its wants. She could lean on him for a little while.
Just one night and then she could go back to being alone. Depending on someone only led to heartache
and pain. So she d take what she could, tuck away the memories, and move on.
The past still attacked her even though she d snapped awake. While she stared at him and listened
to Mia, it continued playing through her mind. She still saw Heath s arm burst through the glass, the
feel of his claw-tipped fingers wrapped around her throat and squeezing tight.
The blood& the poison& the scars&
 Trista? Keen s tone no longer held the angry rumble of his bear and she noticed fur no longer
coated his skin. The animal had retreated.
She d been startled when he finally freed her from her blankets. First by his presence and then by
the lightning-fast partial shift as he squared off against his brother.
Over her.
No one had ever defended her before. Well, her mother always stood against her father and other
hyenas, but a male had never put her first. He d put himself between her and the Itan.
And he hadn t backed down. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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