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cock nudged Dev s crack, skin hot and satiny.  Be sure.
Dev arched his back and wiggled. The cock against his ass pulsed. Castillo s breath
hitched and his hold on Dev tightened.
Dev held up the condom he d fished out of his jeans pocket.  I m sure.
 Middle of the bed, Castillo growled.  Ass in the air. He slapped Dev on the ass
then moved away, disappearing into the bathroom.
Dev did as ordered, fire raging on his skin, heart thudding. He got on all fours, face
buried in the soft pillows as his sensitive cock grazed the sheets. God. He shivered,
anticipation a knot in his craw. His erection drooled, his balls ached, and his ass
clenched at the empty air.
God. He was coming out of his skin. He turned his head when he heard Castillo
come back in, watched with parted lips and heavy eyelids as the other man suited up
with the condom then used the small bottle of lube he carried to slick up.
Dev s teeth chattered. He curled his numb fingers around the sheet as he watched
Castillo stroke himself.
Root to tip, all leisurely, as if he didn t see Dev on his knees on the bed, wanting.
Needing. Dying.
Fucking torture.
A whimper escaped him and Castillo jerked his head up. Motion was a blur then
Castillo was on the bed, on his knees behind Dev, blunt nails sinking into his hips as he
grabbed him and yanked him back.
Dev s shivers turned into full-on tremors.
 You hungry, pretty boy? Castillo s low snarl heated Dev s nape. His cock nestled
between his crack as Castillo humped him, nice and slow.
Not enough. He wasn t inside.
Sinner, Savior
Dev clawed the sheet, pushing back, frustrated sounds leaving his throat.
 This what you want? Castillo positioned himself, cock head at Dev s empty
entrance, teasing.  Speak your piece, tell me what you want.
 Fuck me, you bastard. Dev pushed back against him.  Just& fuck me. Please. It d
been too long since this. Since Castillo.
 Like this? Castillo slammed into him.
Dev pitched forward, face mashed in the headboard. His ass hurt. But Castillo was
inside him. And he d taken all Dev s air.
 This is what you want? Castillo reared back and rammed in, again and again.
 Me pounding into you? Me using you like this? A sharp gasp-inducing thrust
accompanied his questions.
Dev s tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth, he couldn t speak. He could only make
loud, needy sounds, but in his mind he was yelling, Yes! Fuck me. Use me.
 Cat got your tongue, pretty boy? Castillo railed away at Dev, canting his hips,
hitting his spot, creating flashes of light behind Dev s closed eyelids. Castillo circled his
throat with an arm pressed against his trachea. Using that hold as leverage, he yanked
Dev upward until he was kneeling.
Dev felt Castillo s thudding heartbeat where the man pressed up against him, his
back to Castillo s front, both of them already slick with sweat.
Castillo licked his ear, nipped him.  Thought you wanted me to fuck you, pretty
boy. A minute ago you were demanding it. He stopped moving and Dev clenched.
Castillo grunted.
 You know you got the tightest ass? Castillo whispered.  It s strangling my
fucking dick and I love it. Love how needy and hungry you are. He pulled out slowly,
exquisitely, then drove back in.
 Ah. God. Dev anchored himself to the arm around his neck and moved,
attempting to ride the cock trying to split him in two.  Castillo, he panted.  Please.
 Please what, Dev? Castillo surged into him over and over, banging on his
prostate.  Please what?
 Please&  Dev licked his lips.  Fuck me. Take me. Make me Make 
 Make you come? Castillo asked. He cupped Dev s balls, squeezed.
The fire intensified. Spread.
Dev threw his head back, lolling on Castillo s sweaty shoulder.  Yes. Castillo
stroked Dev s dripping cock in time with his thrusts. Dev alternated between riding the
cock in his ass and fucking Castillo s fist. The other man s thumb swiped over his wet
crown, then his pinky dipped into Dev s slit.
Avril Ashton
Dev couldn t stop shaking, couldn t stop babbling, begging Castillo to fuck him raw
and mark him, as that pinky split his cock down the middle and Castillo drilled his
Orgasm was right there.
 Yes! God, you fucker. He bowed and Castillo had him. Wide open, sobbing like a
girl as the climax took him.  Bastard, he shouted.  Don t stop. Castillo s pace sped
up, Dev s cream spilling into his palm. Castillo didn t stop, his movements didn t falter.
His grunts surrounded Dev, his arms, his body, sweaty and slick, held him caged
in. Kept him prisoner as Castillo took what Dev gave so freely. What he d never given
anybody else.
Dev s eyes burned. He reached down, fumbled for Castillo s hand and brought it to
his mouth, licking away his cum, sucking on those fingers flavored with his salt and
bitter, and Castillo.
He rocked back, clenched, and Castillo s breath hitched. He felt Castillo s heart rate
speed up as his cock jerked inside him and liquid heat teased at his senses. And there,
lips pressed to Dev s nape, Castillo let go. Dev collapsed onto the bed and Castillo fell
with him, on top of him, still inside him and Dev caught it, that helpless, strangled
sound Castillo made.
A vulnerable sound that dampened Dev s eyes.
Castillo had demanded Dev s sounds the last time they went at it, but it was Dev
who d become addicted to that one glimpse into the real Juan Pablo Castillo. He had no
doubt Castillo had no idea he d allowed a chink in his armor to show.
Dev wanted to blast down those walls around Castillo and find the real man
beneath it all. And he was the worst sort of hypocrite, talking about smashing down
walls. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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