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as he headed towards the door. It confused Akaisha when he changed from the tender, loving
Daegan to the serious, cold lord of the castle.
Sucking in the pain, Akaisha exhaled sharply as Daegan slammed the door shut behind him. A
small part of her wanted to cut herself off from Daegan, the stubborn, larger side wanted to not
give up, and fight for what she believed in. Falling backwards, she lay on her back for what
seemed like hours until she finally decided on taking a stroll through the castle grounds.
* * * *
Akaisha bathed and carried the plate back to the kitchen. To her relief, Adelaide was busy
preparing pastries to go with tea.
 Are you cooking again, Adelaide? Akaisha asked in amazement.
 Why yes I am, young lady! Adelaide chimed, happy to be in the kitchen. Cooking was her
world, and she thoroughly enjoyed when people overindulged in her artistic creations. She
cooked not for the vampires for obvious reasons, but for werewolves, slaves, and other
 Cooking is in my blood, Adelaide chimed happily.  Just like for some, writing, or painting lies
within their blood. Like with you, young daywalker, the power to help those in need courses
through your veins. Adelaide confessed, giving Akaisha a very serious stare.  Can I get you
anything else, my dear? she asked.  I m glad you enjoyed your dinner, how about a nice pastry?
You know, you need to keep up your strength, Adelaide prodded.
 I would love to, Adelaide, when I return from my walk of the castle grounds. I need to get out,
stretch my legs a bit, you know? Akaisha stated, giving Adelaide a big smile.
 Well, I ll have a pastry waiting right here for you. I ll be up a tad bit later than usual, so make
sure you come in through the other entrance, she told Akaisha.
 Okay, I ll see you later, Adelaide, Akaisha said, waving her hand.
 Be careful, Akaisha!
* * * *
Once outside, Akaisha began searching for the werewolf that Elizabeth warded off. She knew
she d recognize him once she found him. It was time to get down to the bottom of things.
Someone meant to do Daegan harm, and she needed to put a stop to it, finally!
Akaisha traveled miles away from the castle, deep within the woods. Not knowing where she
was going, she allowed her instinct to guide her, to search for the secret of Castle Daegan. Her
senses heightened, Akaisha heard movement behind her. Turning around, she noticed two red
eyes peering at her through the trees.
 Who s there? Akaisha demanded, sensing werewolf. Moving closer, a figure approached,
growling. It was the werewolf; he approached her on two legs. Fear crept into Akaisha, forcing
her to back away from the werewolf.
Before she could say a word, the werewolf underwent what appeared to be a painful
transformation, turning into a medium sized man, with bruises all over his body.  I ve seen you
in my visions! Akaisha gasped, her heart going out to the man who had been beaten so badly.
 Aren t you the wolf who tried to capture my attention as Elizabeth and I were about to enter the
caste? Akaisha asked desperately.
 My name is Kale, brother of Hysteon, Lord Daegan s magus! I ve much to tell you Akaisha,
come, we must hurry! Kale grabbed Akaisha by her arm, leading her deeper into the woods.
 Where are we going? Akaisha asked, alarmed.  Please, tell me where you are taking me!
 We need to go away from the castle, preventing any possibility of Elizabeth discovering us,
Kale said.  Akaisha, she means you harm, she is not your friend. Elizabeth is out to do us all
harm. She works with Valaris, Daegan s brother. They are both evil, soulless beings.
 By Anubis, you mean my instincts about her were correct? Akaisha gasped, her heart sinking
into the pit of her stomach.  Kale, tell me all that you know! Daegan s life is on the line.
The pair walked until Kale led Akaisha into a dark cave, secluded by trees, the entrance
protected with a small, pure white crystal. Dim lighting spilled through the small cave.
Eventually, Kale led Akaisha to a frail man with white hair. He was young in appearance;
however, his entire head was covered with white hair.
The man s pale blue eyes looked up at Akaisha, grateful she was there.  Hysteon, this is
 I know who she is, Kale. I was the one who sent Daegan back into time to obtain her, the man
 You re Daegan s magus? Akaisha asked.
 Yes, Hysteon said, sitting up on his haunches. Kale covered his brother with an old tattered
blanket for his comfort.
 What are you both doing out here? Hysteon, Daegan has been searching for you high and low! [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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