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know Coach."
"Me too."
 "Then say something to her, Grandpa!" I exclaimed. "You can if anyone can."
 "Stacy has seen enough of Grizzly to make that choice on her own."
2"Talk to her!" I pleaded.
$He shook his head.
"Mrs. Bean says the advantage of being old is that you can say whatever you
think," I argued.
 "And how often do her children and grandchildren visit?" he asked.
4"Hardly ever," I admitted.
8 "Our job is to stand by Stacy whatever happens, whatever choices she makes,"
he said, resting his hand on mine. "It's what you would want me to do for
I sighed and got out of the car, then turned back, leaning in through the
window. "Grandpa, when you gave up the job at( Sports Illustrated,OE it wasn't
really because you missed covering the home teams, was it?"
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"He didn't answer.
"You came back for Mom and me." He smiled. "Could there have been two better
 Three limousines took all of us to the wedding. People who were walking by
the church stopped and stared as eight nervous bridesmaids, a flower girl in
the middle of a tantrum, her mother, myself, and an incredible bride climbed
out. The driver and I helped Stacy with her train as we climbed the church
steps and entered the foyer.
The ushers were already there, escorting guests up the aisles. The
bridesmaids huddled together, giggling and whispering, checking their lipstick
in compact mirrors. At the doorway to the church my aunt and uncle greeted
late-arriving guests. Stacy suddenly walked away from us to a room just off
the foyer. I hesitated, then followed her.
v"Are you all right?" I asked. Her eyes looked glassy to me.
`"Fine. I'm fine. Keep my parents company, okay?"
J "Sure," I said, and left her alone, figuring that's what she wanted. I
joined my aunt and uncle at the double doors and peeked inside the main
section of the church.
The altar was terraced with flowers, huge sprays of white roses and tall
blue spikes of delphinium. I saw my mother and grandfather seated in the
second row of the bride's side. Mr. and Mrs. Clarke had arrived and were on
their way down the aisle, nodding at guests as they passed. Next to me Aunt
Susan was holding tightly to Uncle Jake's hand, waiting to be escorted.
I searched for Marnie and Angela, whom Stacy had invited to the church as a
favor to me. I needed
B to see their encouraging faces. With my curtain of dark hair swept up and
back and my long legs shown off by three-inch silk heels, I felt both excited
and vulnerable. I wanted Adam to see me like this, and yet I was almost afraid
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of his gaze. When he looked, what would I see in his eyes?
But it was too late to worry about that. The ushers rolled the white runner
down the aisle, the music changed, and the minister, Travis, and Adam walked
out in front of the altar. I peered down the long aisle at Adam--(Breathe,
girlfriend, I told myself---then pulled back quickly when I realized the
guests had risen and were turning toward the rear of the church. I glimpsed
Marnie and Angela, who had slipped into the last row, then hurried back to
*"You ready?" I asked.
She reached for my hand, but it seemed almost like a reflex action, as if she
hadn't really heard me. Uncle Jake joined us.
"Look at my little girl," was all he could say, blinking back tears.
Stacy's friends smiled at her as they lined up. The ushers started down the
aisle one by one, then the bridesmaids.
V"Stacy, are you going to be okay?" I asked.
$ She nodded slowly, as if she were dazed. I glanced at Uncle Jake, but he was
lost in his own world. I had no idea how to get through to my cousin.
It was my turn to start walking. The flower girl's mother was lining her up
between Stacy
vand me. "Go," the woman urged, waving her hand at me. "Go!"
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I took two steps into the church, then glanced back at Stacy. "I love you," I
said, surprising both her and myself.
` As I walked down the aisle, I kept my eyes on the bridesmaid in front of me.
When she veered off to the left as she was supposed to, I looked to my right
and saw Adam. He was already staring at me.
 He stepped forward, and I shakily took his arm. Then he laid his hand over
mine, warm and reassuring. I glanced up at him. He was studying my face so
closely, I felt as if I were once again lying in the mud with him leaning over
me. I was back at the dance, when his mouth had been just inches from mine and
he'd whispered, "Daisy."
( Then he let go and we went to our places, leaving a space between us for the
bride and groom. The flower girl joined the bridesmaids, and Stacy took the [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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