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wait for her to finish, and then hit her as she was coming out the door, but
that would be lame, and kind of scary for her.
Well, I did a little mental exercise that really helps me when I'm stumped for
what to say. I made a picture in my mind of myself, sitting in the barber chair.
Then I saw picture of myself standing a few feet a away, watching me sitting in
the barber chair.
Somehow this kind of "mental distancing" myself from a situation always helps.
Sure enough, the right words came to mind.
I said to my target, "Let's see. You're a knock-out in the looks department, you
have the great taste to laugh at all my jokes, and you're also very sweet. And
life is so unfair that it's got to be the case that you're either married or
have a boyfriend, or both."
This got a laugh from everyone present, most importantly her. "Actually, I
don't," she said.
By this time, instead of being an embarrassment, it had turned into great
entertainment for everyone present, and she was enjoying being the star of the
show. You could have cut the silence in that place with the barber's straight
razor, as everyone waited to see what the outcome would be.
"Thank you, God", I said, looking heavenward, holding my hands together in mock
prayer. Another laugh from all assembled. Then I looked at her, smiled, paused,
then said, "I'd be very flattered if you'd have dinner with me tonight." She
said, "I'd love to." We set the time, and she gave me her address on a piece of
paper and it was one of the most enjoyable and romantic evenings I'd ever had.
And her legs felt as good as they looked.
A Last Ditch Method That Will Almost Always
Get You A Date Even After A Woman Has Said "No" To Going Out With You
This method will work 9 times out of 10 and really knock a woman out. You should
use it only after she's refused your initial offer for a date. I've seen it melt
women who had no interest in me whatsoever and initially refused to go out with
It works like this. Find out when your waitress, or store clerk, or other
working girl is on shift. Go to your local florist and get a nice bouquet of
wildflowers and such made up. Don't go for a dozen red roses; that is way too
Write on the card, "To (Her name), from your secret admirer."
Then have a buddy deliver it on or before her shift. If you can't get a buddy to
do it, try to talk a passerby into doing it. People usually enjoy helping out
when it is a matter of love. Corny, ain't it?
Wait a few days, before you go for the piece de resistance. Go to your local T-
shirt store, and have them make up a T-shirt. It should say, "I AM YOUR SECRET
ADMIRER." Put this shirt on under a button up shirt or jacket, and then walk in
on your honey pie's shift. Waltz up to her, tap her on the shoulder, and open
your shirt or jacket.
Now, that will make an impression. You were clever, different, unique, and went
to all that trouble just for her. (Never mind that you only have to pay for the
shirt once, but can use it over and over again. Just make sure it stays clean,
so it doesn't look used - that will really blow it for you!) After she gets
through hugging you, or even kissing you, tell her you'd like to see her, and
you're willing to go to some effort to do it, and then some. Then ask her out.
If she's got any smarts and heart at all, she'll go for it. This is a great, fun
method, and it really works like a charm!
By the way, if you don't have a local T-shirt shop, and want to try this, you
can order a shirt from me. Specify Small, Medium, Large, or X-tra large, and
whether you want the girl's name put on the shirt, so that she knows for sure
you did it specially for her, or whether you want the plain, "I AM YOUR SECRET
ADMIRER" message. It's twenty bucks, to the same address and same name you sent
your original payment for this book.
Chapter Ten
Women are not always sweet and friendly, dying to meet you, and eager to fulfill
your every desire as a man. At times they can be downright nasty.
Who says you have to put up with it, fellas? Here are some wicked replies to her
bitchy putdowns, to let her know just who's in charge!
HER: I'M REALLY NOT INTERESTED IN MEETING YOU. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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