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His eyes darkened in a way that said he would be all over her again. Soon. Her body shivered in
anticipation, her skin humming with need of his touch.
 Of course you are. I simply didn t expect that you would.
 Not to put a damper on things, but they re not a testament to any girls-gone-wild leanings. I keep them
on hand because it s wise. Pregnancy would be a big and risky deal for me. She grabbed her purse
from beside the piano bench and whipped out a tiny pink zipper pouch.  You owe me for being
He filched the pink bag from between her fingers as he lowered his body over hers again, making his
intent known.  Yes, ma am.
She teasingly reached to snatch it back. He held it farther from her grasp while taking her mouth with his.
They rolled along the carpet, again and again, until he stopped with her beside him.
Under the piano.
She plucked a condom from his hand. His eyes turned from brown to a molten black as he stared back
at her. She tore into the packet and rolled the protection inch by tantalizing inch over him, watching his
eyes slide to half-mast.
He gripped her hips, shifting the balance of control his way again. He positioned her against him, the
carpet a tantalizing abrasion against skin suddenly supersensitive. Carpet, for crying out loud. This man
had her twisted in knots.
The thick nudge against her core sent delicious shivers over her that beat any shower. His hold eased on
her hips as he left the next move up to her. Without hesitation, she hooked her knee on his hip, urging
their bodies closer until he filled her, stretching, adjusting, settling in place.
His smile echoed hers. Ah, she d definitely chosen the right path to forgetfulness.
She rocked against him, and he met her stroke for stroke, his eyes intent on her the whole time. He
caressed her shoulders, arms, along her side, dodging her scar in favor of reclaiming her breasts. She
writhed against him, her back arching. He cupped her head and brought her closer to him, safe under the
confines of the piano. Would she ever be able to play again without thinking of this? Of him?
Pleasure swelled inside her to a near-painful crescendo, fuller, until her skin felt too tight for her body. He
slowed, delaying her release, until she nipped his shoulder, demanding, rolling her hips against his harder,
harder still, until . . .
Release shuddered through her. Again and again. She squeezed her eyes closed to draw in all the colors
sparking behind her eyes. She glided along the after-echoes while his raspy shout of completion rumbled
in her ears.
She sagged against him, and he gathered her closer. The forgetfulness she d wanted, the escape, was
fading. Reality seeped back through her mind in whispery bursts much like the air conditioner puffing
away overhead. Her fingers played along his back, forcing her to process what she d shied away from
when she d touched him during sex.
She felt the knotted skin, reason insisting on a dawning horror she desperately wanted to deny, but
couldn t. The pads of her fingers registered dime-sized scars. Jimmy had been burned by cigarettes or
cigars. More than once.
What the hell had happened to him? Here she d been concerned about how he would deal with her
transplant, little knowing he still held deep secrets of his own.
She wanted to cry, except he wouldn t want that any more than she would want sympathetic tears for
herself. She ached to ask him, though, but she understood how scars had a way of going deeper into a
person s soul. Sometimes it helped hearing others share their own vulnerabilities. But still, his secrets
were his to spill when he was ready.
Would she even be in his life long enough to find out?
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Jimmy tugged on his pants, the rustle of Chloe sliding into her panties and bra echoing in the small
rehearsal room. He didn t consider himself Captain Sensitive, but even he could feel the weight of her
unasked questions hanging in the air.
He should have thought about the fallout from her finding the scars on his back. He d dealt with the issue [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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