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was enjoying himself as well, wasn t he?
He continued to shave Dent s pubes, moving the hard, sounded cock whenever he needed
 I don t need to be shaved. Naked. I don t. Fuck.
He scraped the last bit of hair from Dent s skin.  It will feel wonderful. Every touch of
my fingers, of my tongue, will be magnified, magnificent.
 I look ridiculous. Silly.
He cleaned the excess soap away and stood back, took a long look. He shook his head.
 No. No, my dear. You don t look silly at all.
Dent closed his eyes, face turned, hidden against one arm.
 In fact you look quite sexy. Bending, he licked along the newly exposed skin. So
smooth. So soft. Dent didn t move, didn t make a sound. He slid his nose along Dent s skin, his
cheek rubbing the hard cock. He laughed.  So wonderful!
Dent groaned, took a deep, ragged breath.  Let me go.
 Oh, no, not yet. We haven t finished here. Lutrell chuckled and licked some more,
tongue tracing random swirls over Dent s skin. He slid a finger up along Dent s cock and moved
the rosebud tip of the sound.
 Oh & Fuck. Stop & 
 That s it, my dear. Feel . He wrapped his lips around a bit of skin near the base of
Dent s cock, pressed the bumpy edges of the top of the sound a little harder against Dent s slit.
Dent groaned, chains rattling, shaking.  Fuck. Fuck. I need.
 Oh, yes. You do. I know. He laughed, beaming up at Dent.  You do. He kept licking
along Dent s bared skin. Just a moment longer.
 Let me go & Please. Please & 
 Oh, no. Not yet. You re mine for some time longer. He placed a kiss at the base of
Dent s cock and another in the middle, another near the tip, tongue flicking out to jostle the head
of the sound.
Dent groaned, arched, tried to fuck his lips.
 So greedy. He took the head of Dent s cock into his mouth, tongue sliding around the
tip of the sound, moving it. His fingers slid over the bared flesh, keeping the stimulation to the
newly exposed skin going. Sharp, deep little noises filled the air, Dent submitting and giving
himself over. He hummed around the flesh in his mouth, giving Dent more and more to feel. He
bobbed his head, careful not to hit the top of the sound with the back of his throat. He scraped
one nail along Dent s pubic bone.
 P & please. Please. Dent twisted, screamed.
Oh yes, that was what he was waiting for, that desperation, the note that came right
before the pleasure bent, slid into something that was too much. He pulled off Dent s cock and
whipped the sound out with a quick, careful motion.
Heat poured from Dent, cock pulsing, entire body convulsing with the pleasure.
Lutrell half laughed, half moaned, and began to lick Dent s come from his skin. Sharp
and salty, the flavor exploded in his mouth.
Dent groaned, still moving, still feeling it.  Please. Don t stop.
 I never will, my dear. I never will. He kept licking, tongue dragging over Dent s
stomach, over the shaved area and up along the man s still-hard cock. Dent was his. His, here
and now, focused on nothing but their pleasure.
His own prick throbbed with need, but he focused on Dent s pleasure alone, on lapping at
the newly bared skin, playing with Dent s balls.
 Yes &  Dent tugged on the bonds, using them to brace himself. It was beautiful, to see
Dent moving with his need.
Lutrell let his happiness out, his laughter filling the air as his fingers pressed against
Dent s ass and his slit. The sounds escalated, growing louder, sharper, more desperate.  Such
He mouthed Dent s balls as his finger pushed right into the tight little hole, pressing deep.
So hot. So tight. Gripping him. Dent moaned, pulling away for a heartbeat and then
bearing down. Oh, yes. Dent had so much need it was so exciting to see it being released.
Lutrell found his hips moving against the air and he had to pull back, to stop himself. He
would take his own pleasure after Dent had expended all of his.
 Please. Please. I need.
He took Dent s cock back into his mouth, tongue swirling around the head, flicking into
the super sensitive slit. Dent almost screamed, hips pushing into his lips, over and over. Yes.
Yes, beautiful.
Lutrell took Dent deep, letting him control his own pleasure. The heat and hardness of
Dent s cock felt so good in his mouth. The need that each desperate movement revealed felt even [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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