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him stay right here, wrapped up tight in her wet oblivion. If she d let him take her the way he needed to,
hard, fast, now.  Madeleine, he rasped out.
 Do it, fuck me. She undulated her hips, inflicted sensual devastation on him.
Unholy Hell, that was it.  Yes, he growled. She was throwing so many emotions at him right now, he
couldn t distinguish one from the other. Sparing her nothing, he unleashed all his frustrations on her,
slamming into her as if he could fuck it all away. Her head tipped back, exposing the pale, graceful column
of her throat, her writhing emotions dissolving into bliss. All of them. The fear, the pain, the numb shock of
her earlier trauma. Wiped away.
This was the only truth between them.
His gaze wandered over her pink, swollen lips, her closed, fluttering eyelids. He shoved a hand under
the shirt she still wore and worked until her bare breast was in his palm. Soft, heavy, the nipple hard as a
little pebble for him. He remembered sucking them until she came and almost lost himself.
It wasn t enough. It never would be. Angry at his impending loss of control, he wrenched her legs up
and over his shoulders, turning his head to bite the inside of her calf hard. The position seemed to give him
access to new depths in her pliant body, and he groaned as he sank inside her to the hilt. He needed every
inch of her.
 Oh, she gasped.  God, you re& 
 Tell me, he said when her words trailed off into a moan.  I m not hurting you, am I?
 No, just like that, please, don t stop, don t& 
His grin couldn t have been anything short of feral. Obviously she had him mistaken for someone else
if she thought anything could tear him away from her at that moment. He looked down at where they
joined, lost his breath at the sight of her stretched around him. Her internal muscles gripped him, quivered,
tightened until he could hardly breathe. She had to come or she was going to kill him.
He stroked his thumb across her slick clit, feeling her jerk in reaction.  Yes! she cried.  Please,
As much as he needed to see her release, feel it milk him of the rest of his control, he wanted to draw
it out. It wasn t to be. A couple more caresses and she was lost, her fingernails digging crescents into his
biceps, her hips grinding on him. He nearly folded her in half with his need to push as deep as he could into
her, absorb every ripple of her pussy along the entire length of his cock. Her sweet, lilting cries circled in
his head, dying away as the last of her contractions faded and she went limp under him.
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Far from Heaven
He gave her no time to recover. Rolling to his back, he pulled her on top of him, still hard and
throbbing inside her. She squeaked but didn t protest, instead dropping her forehead to his shoulder. Ash
grabbed her ass with both hands, held her steady and open, and continued driving into her.
Madeleine s face turned toward him, nuzzling his neck. She gave it a little bite and pushed her fingers
into his hair, her panting breath hot against his skin. He groaned and pulled her up for a kiss, her taste
flooding his mouth as their tongues teased and dueled. He would never forget how she tasted as long as he
prowled the caverns of Hell.
It was that realization and the ensuing agony as much as the feel of her slick pussy clamped tight
around him that drove him over the edge. It was his turn to dig his fingers in, denting the soft globes as he
ground her down on him, spilling his seed into the hated barrier between them. He wanted to thrust it so
deeply into her that he would be a part of her being forever. That she would belong to him from now to
He didn t expect her to come again so quickly, but she did, his pleasure a trigger for her own. She
cried out into his mouth and rocked against him as he growled his wordless reply.
Fuck, she was exquisite. He hadn t expected this. Hadn t thought it would make a difference one way
or the other if he had a taste of her before he struck. But it had made all the difference.
She sighed as she came down from whatever heights he d taken her to. Her body relaxed, gently
draping over him. He slid his hands up her sweat-slick back and hugged her close.  After last night I never
thought I d feel this way again. Never thought I d see you again.
 I couldn t stay away, he whispered.
Another truth between them.
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Chapter Ten
It was hard to brush one s teeth with someone else s teeth nibbling at one s neck. Maddie giggled and
slapped at Ash, managing to dislodge a bit of toothpaste foam from her mouth. Despite her squealing
efforts to catch it, it dribbled down her black nightshirt.
She dabbed at it with her free hand, pulling her toothbrush from her mouth.  Ah! Look what you did.
 How tragic, Ash said, strolling from the room now that the damage was done.
 I m going to get you for that. Now I m stained for the night.
 As if you re going to be wearing it for very long, he commented from the bedroom.
She shuddered in anticipation. Nearly a week had passed since the incident on the street, and every
night, Ash had come over. Every night, he d given her the best orgasm of her life. Which meant,
frighteningly enough, that it was only getting better.
She didn t know what was happening, but she wasn t complaining. How could she? The sex was
absolutely astronomical she found herself floating up there around Jupiter every time he so much as
touched her.
It couldn t be that she d found the one. Not like this. Not when he still hadn t said one word about
what might happen after he went home. This probably wasn t good for her; she constantly swung between
moments of elation and uncertainty, but hell, when had that ever been any different?
Those moments of uncertainty really only seemed to plague her when he wasn t here with her,
though, and he was now. She wasn t going to ruin what time they had.
Grinning goofily at her reflection, she stuck her hands under the warm water running from the faucet
and leaned over to rinse out her mouth and came up with a scream caught in her throat.
Blood poured from her faucet, red and obscene in the white sink. She yanked her hands back, nearly
choking when she saw that it covered them both and dripped from between her fingers to splatter on the
countertop. She reeled backward, catching a glimpse in the mirror as she did so of a silently screaming gray
face and her own shriek finally tore free. She threw herself forward again, whirling around and slamming
her butt against the counter.
Of course, nothing was behind her. And nothing came from her faucet now except clear water that
swirled harmlessly down the drain.
Ash appeared in the door with a frown in place as she stood there trying not to fall down, her eyes
wide, her chest heaving.
Far from Heaven
 Are you okay? he asked, his gaze raking her from her bare feet to her pale face. She knew it was
pale because she always looked like death itself after one of her episodes. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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