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to the waves breaking on shore, cats, and most of all girls night.
Christina loves to write stories. Most times, they only appear as
a few paragraphs and nothing more. However, those small gems that
grow into something larger is where her passion can be seen. She
draws from her mind and her best friend, who happens to be gay.
They pass around ideas and thoughts for stories; what would work,
terminology, language.
She has been writing for almost a decade and finally had the urge
to send some to a publisher. Her very first contract was for Break and
Enter. And her second was for a running series, the first story called
Turned. Check out her Books page for more details on those.
Visit her at ChristinaLoren.com
Other Books by
Christina Jade Loren
Break and Enter
Eternity [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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