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touched the pillow. Tomorrow would be soon enough to cope with
thoughts of Frazer Holt, tonight she wanted some uninterrupted sleep.
When the door was flung open Nicole struggled up on one elbow;
blinking dazedly as the light snapped on, her sleepy eyes trying to
focus on the man who had come " into the room.
"Who are you?' she asked, instinctively pulling herself together and
starting to think even as she muttered the startled question. 'What are
you doing in my room?'
He didn't answer; he was staring at her fixedly, his eyes narrowed.
Nicole stared back and felt her body tense; still dazed from sleep, she
hadn't recognised him for the first few seconds, he had changed so
much. Eight years is a long time in anybody's life, and a good deal
had happened to Frazer during those eight years; she saw the grim
maturity in his harsh, unsmiling face, and confusion held her
immobile, she wasn't able to think with any clarity.
'My God,' he said on a husky breath, 'how you've changed! I wouldn't
have recognised you.' His eyes kept moving; over her hair, her
features, the half concealed shape of her body under the sheet.
'I don't know who you are or why you've broken into my room, but
you'd better get out now before I call the police,' Nicole said, forcing
herself to concentrate on staying cool. He had taken her by surprise;
which gave him an advantage she did not mean him to keep.
She saw the flicker of surprise in his face, the narrowing of the hard
blue eyes, and while he hesitated she reached for the telephone beside
the bed, one hand clutching the sheet around her.
'If you're not gone in ten seconds . . .' she began, picking up the
He took three steps and this time it was Nicole who was taken by
surprise. His sinewy brown hand flashed down, clamped her wrist
and forced the telephone back on the stand.
'Let go of me!' she exclaimed, hot colour sweeping up her face. 'I
don't know who you are . . .'
'Like hell you don't!' he muttered, biting the words off with his teeth.
Nicole tugged at her tethered hand. The last thing she wanted to do
was make a scene, attract attention to herself, and as she glared into
his eyes she suddenly saw that he was aware of that, that the blue eyes
were mocking her coldly, daring her to do anything about it.
'You wouldn't want me to scream,' she said, and one eyebrow rose, he
half smiled but without humour.
'Wouldn't I?'
She trembled with rage. 'Get out of here, damn you!' Then her mind
cleared and the confused feminine reactions to his unexpected
appearance drained out of her. Her face smoothed out, her green eyes
glowed, she was still for a moment as she pulled herself together to
act. Slowly she relaxed backwards, smiling, pulling him downward
towards her. She saw his face a second before she moved again. He
was staring at her, every muscle tense. Then Nicole's free hand struck
sideways, and Frazer Holt rolled before she could connect, swinging
off the bed in one easy movement. He was on his feet when she
looked up at him.
'Well, well, well,' he said very softly. 'Now where did you learn that?
Is that a nice way for a lady to behave?'
'Get out of my room!' She was annoyed with herself for failing to take
him by surprise, she was furious with him for the sardonic
amusement in his stare.
'Not until you tell me what you're doing here, Nicole.'
^ She mimed surprise. 'Do I know you?' Eyes wide, she "frowned.
'Have we met before?'
'Cut the comedy,' he advised her drily. 'You hadn't been on the island
five minutes before I'd been told about the beautiful blonde English
lady who'd sailed all the way from Athens alone and whose name was
Nicole Lawton. Now it is possible that there are two Nicole Lawtons
in this world, but the likelihood of them both being blonde and both
loving to sail is remote, wouldn't you say?'
She gave him a sweet smile when he paused to survey her. 'You're
doing the talking. I never answer rhetorical questions."
'You're going to answer some of my questions.' he promised.
'Make me,' Nicole mocked, sitting up, then wondering if perhaps that
had been a mistake since her nightdress was vefy low cut and she
found the flick of Frazer's blue eyes as he glanced over her extremely
'Oh, I will.' he assured her. 'Starting with this one what are you
doing on Mykonos?'
'Having a holiday?' she suggested.
He smiled tightly, shaking his black head in a distinctly menacing
way. 'Try again.'
'Sailing around the Greek islands for a holiday,' she said, and could
well believe that Bevis's Greek detective had retreated hurriedly if he [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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