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Besides, she d made it clear she considered herself superior to me. She might
used my body to discover her female sexuality, but that didn t mean a
between us would work. I was as blind as most males can be, but not that
 Thanks for the trip! I said, heading toward a corridor that led to Russ s
of rooms.
Not bothering to answer, she stalked away in the other direction. When I
reached Russ s suite, I found him in the bedroom or to be more precise I found
Rissa in the bedroom.
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Naturally, I spent the first half hour of our reunion filling her in on
discovery and what it meant to our future. When I finally caught my breath, I
couldn t
help but notice the skimpy robe she wore. The dim light from the walls shone
through the thin material, outlining her lush curves. She smiled at the
change in my
expression and batted her eyelashes.
 Why, Lee, I do believe you ve noticed I m a woman.
 I m not complaining, but I thought you and Donna well, you know.
She jiggled her eyebrows with amusement.  Oh, we ll to get to it shortly,
fear. I ve put it off for a few days because of exciting new developments in
quantum research.
My ears perked up.  What developments?
Her eyes danced as she leaned toward me.  Why are you here and not wi
Rita, Lee?
I drew back, hurt by the question.  You know why. Rita is afraid I ll lose my
humanity if I make too many more trips through the gates. She d be madder than
hell if she knew what I just did.
 Hey! Rissa held up her hands.  I only let you go, because I k
new I was close
to another breakthrough. I ve found a way to prevent mental changes when you
travel through a gate. That means we can travel through the gates whenever we
want. You can return to Earth without risk.
My jaw dropped.  Oh, Rissa! Overjoyed, I swept her up in my arms
planted a big kiss on her mouth. She chuckled when we finally broke apart and
patted me on the back.
 I m glad to see you happy.
 Happy? I m ecstatic. I want to go back and see her right away!
 Don t forget the people in stasis, Rissa interrupted.  We need to solve that
problem first.
Impatience gripped me. I could see Rita again. Nothing else mattered.
 Amanda and I made a good start. We have at least three worlds to put
them on.
 We need more. These people are too dangerous to stay on one planet.
need to find more worlds, and then decide how to divide them up and who
will watch
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over which group.
 Fine. I rubbed my hands together.  Let s make a plan. As s
oon as it s in
place, I can go back to see Rita.
 Yes, a planning committee is exactly what we need. How about Donna,
Randy and Terri, and Amanda.
As I nodded my agreement, Rissa knitted her brows together and squinted.
She looked as cute as a bug. Once the mental summons was sent, she smile
d.  I
know how much this means to you, Lee. I m glad we could be alone when I told
Reverting back to her flirtatious female nature, she batted her eyelashes at
me and smiled, creating a dimple on each cheek. It occurred to me that R
ussell had
a lot of fun with his Rissa persona. Having two bodies certainly expanded a
person s
horizons. Although Russell liked to stay male, he seemed happier as a fe
Another of the many mysteries that came with the sex gates. A trip through one
never simple. You ended up questioning everything your sexual identity and
what it
meant, most of all.
Like many scientists, Russell was a loner of sorts. As a female, she alm
always sought me out first rather than one of the other men. I liked to pride
on my abilities in bed as much as any man, but it was more than that. Th
ere was a
special bond between Rita, Russell, Donna, and me. We were friends, and
and family.
The four of us had been in college, walking home from classes, on the day
the sex gates first appeared. That was the day Don became Donna. Russell
didn t
go through, but he did spend years holed up in a laboratory trying to unlock
gates secrets. The four of us became roommates and later moved to my parents
house in Ruston, Texas. Then, I had to rush Rita through a gate to save her
life after
an assailant stabbed her. We became Rez and Li and learned to love each
other in
our new roles until the horrible day when the United States and Brazil engaged
in a
brief nuclear war. The four of us were exposed to lethal doses of radiation
and had
to chance a trip through the gates. That s when Rita and I discovered
we were
Seconders and Russell and Donna both vanished.
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