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against hers, his tongue invading her mouth. He tasted so damn good, the
mint of toothpaste mixed with his own seductive flavor. Duncan ravished
her mouth, and Kimberly feasted on him while their bodies strained to get
 I don t understand this world, but you, Kimberly, are something more
precious than any gem I have plundered, he muttered against her lips.
He cupped her breast in his big, warm grasp and took her nipple into his
mouth instantly. Kimberly gasped in pleasure. She arched her back, pushing
her smooth globe deeper into his mouth.
 Oh, yes, she moaned, and he echoed her response. She was now
gloriously naked and open to his touch. His caress only heightened her
pleasure.  I m so sorry I was mad at you. I should try to understand how you
 No, it is I who should apologize. After all you ve done for me, I
disregarded everything like it meant nothing. He shook his head.  I should
never let my anger cloud my feelings for you.
 There are feelings? She felt her heart beat faster. Since she d found him
in the surf, Kimberly had fallen head over heels in love with Duncan
 Aye, there are feeling. He gave her a slow smile.  I hope with you as
 Yes, she replied.  Can t you see it in my eyes, when you kiss me or
hold me?
 I have to taste you. I m addicted to your taste. His voice was thick with
Kimberly scooted up the bed and roamed her hands down her body,
cupping her breasts and pinching her nipples while he watched. Her hands
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moved down the smooth skin of her stomach, and his eyes followed her
hands to the apex of her thighs. While he knelt on the bed, he watched as she
spread her legs, tantalizing him with the view of her moist wetness. She ran
her fingers along the slick folds of flesh, parting them slightly.
 Taste me, Duncan, she whispered.  I want to feel your mouth on me.
Duncan moaned as his head descended between her legs with her
aroused invitation. His tongue licked and his fingers touched and penetrated,
sliding into her over and over again. Voracious with his loving, Kimberly
could only hold on as her hips moved restlessly, seeking more pleasure
against his lips. She cried out as each sensation assaulted her body. Her
fingers grabbed at his hair while he increased the pressure of his tongue. She
came in a blinding rush under the onslaught of his mouth.
 I want you inside me, she demanded.
Duncan moved over her body, and the hard length of his cock pressed
against her stomach as he loomed above to kiss her. Their tongues fought for
dominance in a fight neither could win while passion took them over the
edge. Duncan pulled her legs up high around his waist before pressing his
cock into her waiting pussy. He groaned in ecstasy as her moist core accepted
every inch of him.
 God, yes, that feels so good, having you inside me! She grabbed his
hair and pulled his head from her breasts.  I ache for you. Fuck me hard.
Duncan thrust himself inside her in deep strokes to the hilt. He was hard
and slid against the walls of her snatch slick with the wetness. Her hips rose
to meet him, and she tightened her legs around his waist. Their bodies were
damp from the intensity of their coupling, and the sounds of their
lovemaking filled the room.
 You are so hot and tight. A shudder rolled through him.
 Duncan, I m going to come. She could feel herself reaching for
It was as if the dam broke and Kimberly screamed as she shook from
the power of her orgasm. He was still above her while her body shivered in
pleasure. He didn t let her come down from the sexual high. Instead, he
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flipped her over so she was on top and began his thrusts in a new, tempered
 You ll come for me again, love. His voice was a low growl.
 Oh, I don t know if I can, she gasped out as he moved under her,
filling her slowly.
 You will, he said, and thrust deeper until she cried out.
She didn t know how he lasted this long, withholding his release with
such control. She could feel herself flying higher with the pump of his wide
hips against hers. He pulled his cock from her wet cavern and moved her so
she lay on her side while he was spooned behind her. He pressed the head of [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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