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Lucas the true idol of Hidden Idol Bay was Tyler, he would have no trouble believing that
pirates past and present had fought over obtaining him. He would believe it of Adam, too,
except in the firelight Adam looked more like a hunter than prey. Where Tyler reflected the
light, Adam's darker skin and hair seemed to absorb it, as if he had to possess everything he
encountered, even light.
"Your tongue's hanging out," Tyler warned. He idly palmed his stomach, smirking as
Lucas zeroed in on the movement. Tyler traced the ridges of his six pack. "Bonfires get you
going, new guy?"
"You two get me going," Lucas told them. "You'd get anyone going who had a pulse."
"Not interested in anyone with a pulse." Adam took a swig off his beer, his eyes on
Lucas. "Interested only in you."
Lucas smiled. "Then I guess the right people are here."
Tyler stretched his long legs in front of him and crossed his legs at the ankle so his
crotch was slightly pushed up. "So now that we've established that we're all hot as fuck, what're
we gonna do about it? This is supposed to be a nonstop orgy."
"What are your suggestions?" Adam finished off the beer and tossed it near the growing
trash pile that they'd bag up later.
"This is your birthday." Tyler gave him a sultry look from head to toe. "Whatever your
wish is our command. Lucas and I are all yours tonight."
A flash of white as Adam grinned. Lucas loved how free Adam was with his smiles.
The man didn't feel the need to act macho and tough. He didn't believe that being an alpha male
meant he had to be serious 24/7. He was happy and he made the people around him happy. He
made Lucas very happy to be in his orbit.
"I'll have to be careful," Adam said. "So many options might cause my brain to
explode." He glanced at Lucas, still smiling. "Get me another beer, will you?"
Lucas scrambled to obey, hoping it would lead to something more. He dug the beer out
of their cooler and stood beside Adam, holding it out. The position put his groin at Adam's eye
level but the big man only accepted the beer with a nod of thanks.
Lucas lingered, hopeful. He watched Adam's lips tilt up into a smirk before he raised his
eyes to Lucas.
"Something tells me you want something," he teased.
"How about a birthday kiss?"
Dark eyes twinkled. "Another one?"
"Sure. Unlimited birthday kisses. That's how it is." Lucas touched Adam's hair, lightly
stroking the soft, sleek strands. "Besides, I don't think you can stop me."
"Thought never crossed my mind." Adam leaned his face into Lucas' cupping palm.
"Lay one on me. Make it a good one."
They're always good ones when they're with you, Lucas thought, but he'd never say
something that corny aloud. Instead of speaking, he straddled the other man and sank down
onto his lap. Adam settled his free hand on Lucas' ass as Lucas leaned in.
He kissed Adam chastely at first, teasing brushes of his lips over Adam's, savoring the
sensation of their stubble scraping lightly together. Occasionally he would slip his tongue out to
slide it along the seam of Adam's lips. When Adam opened for him Lucas nipped at his fleshy
lower lip before sealing his mouth over Adam's and sliding his tongue inside the other man's
mouth. Adam's tongue met his, played and danced with his, and the kiss grew wetter and gained
a rhythm.
Lucas wrapped his arms around Adam's bulky shoulders and dragged his fingernails
across the nape of his neck. When Lucas felt a shiver pass through the big body beneath his he
groaned into Adam's mouth. He loved turning Adam on, loved knowing he could affect him as
much as Adam affected him. He shifted, bringing their lower bodies together, and rolled his
hips to grind his cock against Adam's lower abs. Beneath his ass Adam's cock was a thick rod
of steel, not yet rocking, but throbbing with growing need.
The kisses turned hotter, wetter. Lucas found himself thrusting against Adam and
realized the other man was using his grip on Lucas' ass to encourage him to move.
"Want you," Lucas gasped, pulling away from the kiss. He sucked on Adam's earlobe
and breathed into his ear, letting Adam hear how excited he was. "I'll do anything for you.
Anything at all."
"Yeah?" Adam murmured, his voice thick and deep. His other hand found Lucas' ass --
he'd either dropped the beer or Tyler had taken it from him. Fingers squeezed the fleshy globes
of his buttocks. "Anything?"
"I can be a demanding guy." Adam pulled him down and thrust up at the same time,
driving his cock against Lucas' ass. "I want to own this ass, Lucas. I want to own you." He
nuzzled Lucas' throat, using his head to force Lucas' chin up. "Waited a long time for you. I
think you got a kick out of torturing me. Well, now it's my turn to torture you. Gonna torture
you so bad, baby."
"Ah, fuck," Lucas groaned, throwing his head back completely.
"You like that?" Adam licked a stripe across his throat.
"Yeah. Can't believe how much."
"I feel the same way. Watching you and Ty together..." Adam groaned and buried his
face against Lucas' chest. His lips found Lucas' left nipple and he teased its peak with the tip of
his tongue.
Sensitive, Lucas writhed against him, dragging his fingers through Adam's silky hair.
"Right there, oh, god. Suck it."
Adam teased him instead, drawing a concentric circle around the nub. Lucas groaned
and tugged on his hair, trying to guide him.
"This a party for two or can anyone join in?"
Tyler crawled up behind Adam and swept his hair aside so he could bite the nape of his
neck. Raising his head, Tyler whispered into Adam's ear, "You're such a stud. You've got both
of us ready to beg you."
"Kiss each other," Adam ordered, half-turning his head so he could watch.
Tyler didn't say a word, just reached over Adam's shoulder and caught Lucas by the
back of the neck to pull him forward. He thrust his tongue between Lucas' lips, revealing his
hunger in the aggressive pump and slide of his tongue.
Lucas did his best to give as good as he got, grabbing Tyler's shoulder in return. He tried
to kiss back just as hard but Tyler was clearly in the mood to dominate. His kiss forced Lucas'
mouth wider and soon Lucas had no choice but to suck on the tongue that plunged again and
again down his throat. His hips rocked in time with Tyler's thrusts, grinding his cock against
Adam's body.
"Naked," Adam growled roughly. "Now."
Lucas laughed at having driven Adam to grunting out single words but that amusement
quickly vanished as Adam dumped him sideways onto the blanket and tore his shorts off his
legs with an aggression that temporarily stole Lucas' breath. Adam flung the shorts somewhere
behind him, narrowly missing torching them in the fire. Tyler stripped himself and tumbled
eagerly onto the blanket beside Lucas. Adam stood up, towering over them.
"Take it off," Tyler said hungrily, eying Adam's bulge-strained shorts. "Show us that big
cock of yours." [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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