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the front pockets of his dark jeans, his expression one of open pleasure. Quite the opposite of
Scarlett s
pissed off scowl.  Yeah, you found me. I m definitely still here.
 I thought you left with Scarlett.
Trevor snorted.  Fuck that.
 I thought that was your plan. Drake smiled at his own joke.
Trevor smiled too.  She ditched me. She was kind of& mad. I think she hates me. The
understatement of the year.
 Really? Drake raised his brows.  I think she s nice.
 Of course you do. Everyone does. And she is nice to everyone. Everyone but me. Trevor shook his
head.  Besides, she s definitely going to be nice to you because she wants to get in your pants.
 She does? Drake appeared honestly surprised. His mouth fell open a little.
 Hell yeah she does. She s been chasing you for months.
 Huh. I noticed she d been hanging around, but I didn t think anything of it. Drake paused, studied
him carefully.  I m interested in someone else.
 Oh yeah? Well don t tell her that. She ll probably scratch your eyes out. Damn, he hated how bitter
he sounded, but she d stomped all over his self-confidence tonight and left it in tatters.
He hated this feeling, hadn t felt this way in a long time. Back in school he d been such a nerd that it
hadn t taken much to make him feel like shit. His self-confidence had been in the toilet, no one had
any attention to him.
Until he got on that stage his sophomore year of high school. Then they d taken notice, and he d
never looked back.
Tonight, with Scarlett and her shitty words, it felt like high school again.
 She really pissed you off, didn t she? Drake s voice was soft, slightly seductive, and Trevor cut his
gaze to his, shocked to find his body reacting to it. To him.
 She did, Trevor admitted.
 Don t let her bother you. Drake took a step closer and they both leaned against the wall, their gazes
locked, their bodies seemingly reaching toward each other.  You need a distraction.
Hell yeah, he did. He had a feeling Drake was about to offer one too.
Should he take him up on it?
 A distraction, huh? He reached out and let his fingers trail down Drake s arm. He was lean, finely
muscled, not too bulging. Attractive with those intense pale green eyes and a full mouth that would
mighty good wrapped around his cock.
Jesus. He was an utter shit. Just like Scarlett accused him of. Minutes ago, he d wanted her. And now
he wanted Drake.
Frustration. I m looking to replace her because I m just so damn frustrated.
Or maybe he could actually be attracted to two people at the same time.
 I ve heard the stories. Drake smiled.  The rumors about you.
 There are rumors? That was news to him, and he wasn t sure if he liked it. He liked to keep this
under wraps.
 Very hush hush. Not many people talk about it. But I heard you like to experiment.
Trevor took another step closer to Drake, so close that he was in his personal space. They were of
equal height. He figured Drake was at least six foot since he was six-two, and their lips were so close
breath mingled together.  I do.
 I ll be upfront. I heard you like to get your dick sucked. Drake trailed his fingers down the center of
Trevor s chest.  By another man.
 Well& it s true. Are you making the offer?
Karen Erickson
Drake nodded once, his gaze meeting his and it was all Trevor needed to see. Grabbing his hand, he
led Drake to the bank of private rooms, choosing another one versus the room where he had been with
He didn t need her memory assaulting him. With his luck, the room would still smell like her and,
well, that would piss him off too much.
He d rather focus on Drake. The very willing and able Drake.
The room was larger and had a bed. A giant bed with a plain black comforter covering it was set in
the center with two simple black painted end tables on either side. A stark white bowl sat on one of
tables, filled to the brim with condoms.
Perfect. Fully equipped with everything I need.
 Strip, Trevor commanded as he snicked the lock closed with a twist of his wrist. He focused on
Drake, saw the unmistakable lust on his pretty face, his hands automatically going for the hem of his
 Come over here and help me, he drawled, revealing a slice of perfectly toned abs.
Trevor wasted no time. He went to Drake and yanked the shirt up and over his head. Drake s lightly
tanned skin gleamed golden in the subdued light, his eyes glittering when they met Trevor s. Unable to
resist, Trevor kissed him, hard and punishing, letting all of his aggression and anger over the situation
Scarlett pour out in his kiss.
Drake took it with a gleeful groan, his mouth going wide, tongue slashing against Trevor s. Trevor [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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