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you go, just go. I can bear all the rest if I know you re safe. Please promise me you ll go.
Two days. They make their move in two days. She reached for the controls and then
paused.  Don t drink the water. They ll be releasing test runs before they dump it full-
scale. Don t drink anything that came from inside the colonies. And thanks for
everything. She blew him a kiss and her image blinked off.
 All right. That was cryptic as hell. Milo took the seat Cruz had used earlier and
scooted it up to the table.  Do you have any idea what she was talking about?
 Why would she want you to leave?
Emily s tone was so hesitant he hardly recognized her voice. It really bothered
her to think of him with Karah. He didn t want to hurt her, but jealousy was an
unpredictable emotion. At least he made her feel something other than lust.  I don t
know what catastrophe she was warning against, but she believes it s real.
 Why warn you? Milo asked.
 That s none of your damn business. He d had enough of the human s
expectant attitude.  You heard the warning. Do with it what you will. In two days,
someone or something is going to contaminate the colony s water supply.
 We need to warn the clan leaders. At least let them post guards, Emily
 I think it s a waste of time, but you re right. We have nothing to lose by sharing
the information. Let the clan leaders decide what they want to do with it.
 And in the meantime, I m taking Cruz home with me. I ll help him make a
detailed report. After you ve read it, you can decide if you have more questions. But for
now, the inquisition is over.
Cruz grinned. Sweeter words had never reached his ears.
Chapter Six
 Where did you go while I twiddled my thumbs in the skimmer? Cruz
muttered, his dark eyes filled with speculation and hunger.
Emily handed him a glass of wine and smiled, wanting him to relax.  Did you
miss me?
 I was bored. He took a sip of the wine and looked out the window.
She glanced beyond him, but her gaze quickly returned to his tense face. This
section of the city was mostly residential. They were in her apartment on the eleventh
floor of a modest high-rise. Moonlight accentuated his slashing cheekbones and deep-
set eyes. Even surrounded by urban sophistication, he looked primal, only half-tamed.
And she had never met anyone who intrigued her half as much as this man.
 I gave a copy of Karah s message to Tayla. She s an investigative reporter and
she --
 She won t post it to the Cloud, will she? He was immediately on edge, tense
and watchful.
 She won t release it publicly without your consent, but she s going to do some
digging. Unlike Milo, she was immediately intrigued by the possibilities. She thinks we
should have video crews at strategic sites out at the colonies two days from now. See if
we can catch them in the act once and for all.
He nodded, his expression thoughtful, then his gaze snapped back to hers.  But
we can t allow the water supply to be jeopardized. I m not sure what they re planning
to use, but we can t became dependent on humans for& Maybe that s all this is. Maybe
they just intend to foul our water supply so we re forced to buy theirs.
 That s a solid possibility. And as you said, we need to make sure they aren t
able to follow through with their plan regardless of what it is.
Aubrey Ross Alpha Colony: Uninhibited Fire 68
 I like the reporter s idea of catching them at it. We need to talk to Maddox and
some of the others. Find out where they re likely to strike.
 Careful, Cruz. This is starting to sound like a strategy. She took a sip of wine
and tried to focus out the window.  Milo might think you care.
 I don t give a fuck what Milo thinks. He moved closer, resting his hand on the
wall beside her head.  He s damn lucky you found me first.
They sipped their wine in silence for a few moments, staring into each other s
 If Fremont Hillard was your grandfather, how can you work for Milo? Doesn t
that make you the traitor, not Karah?
 You re a morph. Do you really need to ask me that? She didn t take offense.
His attitude was understandable. To many, she was a traitor.  I worked for DOMA for
years, side by side with Karah as a matter of fact. But DOMA has become so corrupt, so
far removed from what Grandfather envisioned. It s tragic. I thought Karah was being
manipulated by people more powerful than she is for a while, but now I m no longer
certain. She could be the puppet, or she could be the puppet-master. I have no way of
knowing. All that matters is that DOMA is stopped, and the morphs are protected.
 And identifying the enemy is the first step.
It was more of a statement than a question, but she nodded.  Not just identifying
them, exposing them. Making sure the threat is clear to the entire world.
He responded with a thoughtful nod and refilled their wineglasses.
 Can I ask a question? Her hushed voice penetrated the building tension.
 Of course.
 You don t have to tell me, but I need to ask. Why did Karah warn you? She has
lots of pets. There had to be something else between you, something more than sex.
He sighed and retreated into his wine. She thought he wouldn t answer, that
she d simply added to the tension. Then he drained his glass and set it aside. He stared
straight ahead as he said,  It was never love with me and Karah. It s important that you
Aubrey Ross Alpha Colony: Uninhibited Fire 69
understand that. The first time she summoned me, I saw the pain in her eyes, the
loneliness, and I understood that we were& kindred souls.
 How can you not love your  kindred soul ? She held herself back, unwilling to
risk her heart until she understood where this was leading. She would not be prisoner
to her cousin s ghost.
 The connection I felt with Karah was not romantic. We were angry. We d both
been betrayed. We used sex as a form of therapy. It was harsh and raw, at times brutal,
always on the verge of violent. It was cathartic, but it became awkward as our wounds
began to heal. When the self-loathing eased, she began to need something I couldn t
give her.
 Tenderness? He looked at her and her heart leaped within her breast. He d
been incredibly tender with her. She d seen glimpses of the raw savagery, but there had
been tenderness too.
His tone grew harsh, and his gaze filled with anger as his tale progressed.  The
last night I saw her, I gave her my dagger and begged her to end my life.
Shocked by the casual confession, Emily automatically reached for him. He
warned her back with an upraised hand, unwilling, or unable, to accept her
compassion. She lowered her hand, aching with her need to soothe him, to share his
 There are harsh penalties if we try to end our own lives, but Karah could claim [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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