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for the desk clerk s benefit, perhaps to warn him that
David had been taken, but Scott needn t have
bothered. The boy only had eyes for Scott and had
barely glanced David s way. Typical, but he didn t
mind, because Scott noticed him and wanted him, and
for the next ten days or so, Scott was going to be his.
The moon s tiny crescent still failed to give off any
light, and the path to the cabins was not well lit, leaving
it dark and dim, if not a little dangerous. David, all too
aware of the possibility of some sort of disaster
happening to him in these sorts of circumstances,
walked slowly and carefully, then as an extra precaution
grabbed Scott s arm. He didn t care that Scott gave
him a puzzled look; he wasn t going to take any
 The kid said our cabin is over there. Scott
pointed to an even murkier section of the park where
black silhouettes melded with the surrounding darkness.
Shadows flickered as night creatures flitted across the
only illumination. In the distance something howled, and
though David knew it had to be a dog, it just added to
the already charged atmosphere.
 Jesus, David declared, rethinking back to his
moment in the car where he thought this place would
have been the perfect setting for a horror movie.  Could
this place be any creepier? It feels like we re in the
middle of nowhere with all manner of things skulking
about. All we need now is something big and hairy to
jump out at us with claws and teeth, snarling and ready
to kill.
 What the fuck are you talking about?
Startled by Scott s exclamation, David jumped,
then burst out laughing.  Sorry, I was just thinking how
spooky this place is. I ve kind of got a weird
 Weird? It s off the fucking planet. Scott shook
his head.  There s nothing skulking about, and nothing
is going to jump out at us. But then he smiled and
leaned in close.  Don t worry. I ll protect you if
anything tries to harm you.
David almost laughed. Despite not looking for
trouble, it seemed to find him wherever he went. It was
part of his life, and he was used to it, but it was nice to
hear Scott offer to keep him safe just the same.
Scott grinned in reply.  Anytime.
Continuing down the path and still clinging to
Scott s arm, David no longer concentrated on where he
was going; his mind now on nothing but sleep. He was
really tired and had suddenly become more so, his limbs
feeling heavy, and his brain a little fuzzy. So when they
moved into an inky black patch of the graveled
walkway and the stuff of David s imagination came to
life and burst free from the bushes beside them, his
reactions were more than a little slow they were
nonexistent. Scott let out a cry of surprise and jumped
back, throwing his arm out, which caused David, who
just barely managed not to scream like a girl, to trip and
land heavily on his ass.
 Davey, shit, are you all right? Scott dropped
down beside him, his expression hidden by the
shadows, but his concern obvious in the way he
grabbed David by the arms and tugged him close.
Heart racing, it took David a couple of seconds to
realized what had happened. Embarrassed, because
quite frankly he thought he couldn t look more like a
wuss, he glanced around but couldn t see what it was
that had jumped out at them.  What the fuck was that?
 I think it was a wombat. Scott was clearly trying
to make his voice sound calm, but there was a hidden
thread of shock in it.
 What the hell is a wombat?
Scott sat back on his heels, leaving his hands on
David s shoulders.  It s a big hairy creature with claws
and teeth.
 Are you serious? David looked around again,
but there was no sign of the wombat or anything else for
that matter. The wan moon was now hidden by a
scudding cloud, and full darkness completely
surrounded them. Something howled again, and just
when David was going to suggest they got out of there,
Scott laughed.
 Yes, but I think it was more afraid of us than we
were of it.
 Tell my heart that.
 Are you all right? Scott ran his hands over
David s body, and David could only guess it was to
make sure he hadn t hurt anything. Other than his ego,
and now a bruised ass, David hadn t been injured, but
enjoying the attention too much to make Scott stop,
David waited until Scott had thoroughly checked over
every inch of him before placing his hand over Scott s.
 I m fine, he said.  Nothing broken, nothing too
 Are you sure? I knocked you over pretty hard.
 I m sure. Now help me up. David put out his
hand, which Scott clasped, but instead of just hauling
him to his feet, Scott pulled David into his chest and
hugged him.
 I m sorry. I guess I didn t protect you very well,
did I?
Sinking into Scott s arms, David rested against
him for a moment before pulling back.  Well, the big
hairy thing with claws and teeth didn t rip me to pieces,
so you must have done something right.
 No, because of me, you got hurt.
 Not your fault, believe me. David grinned though
he doubted Scott could see it.  But if you really want to
make up for it, you can kiss my arse better, he said,
rubbing the spot that probably was going to bruise.
 Can I lick it too? The softly spoken words next
to David s ear had him shivering despite the warmth of
the evening. He nodded, allowing himself to be drawn
back into Scott s embrace. Strong hands slid down his
back before curving to cup the rounded mounds of his
ass.  All of it?
David nodded again, not sure if his voice wouldn t
betray the tight thrill that gripped him at the thought of
Scott s velvet tongue sliding over the entrance to his
body before slipping inside.
 Good. Then let s find the damn cabin, and after
we ve had a nice hot shower, I m going to make sure
your ass is all right before I fuck it senseless.
INSIDE, THE CABIN was woeful. Even with the
light turned on, it was dark and dismal, and it had that
musty, abandoned rankness that indicated it probably
hadn t been used for months. One look around the
cobwebbed interior and Scott was ready to leave. This
place really was the pits, but before he could say
anything, David flopped down on the double bed, hung
his head, and sighed.
 God I m knackered. I think jet lag is finally
catching up with me.
Scott stared at him for a moment, then despite his
disapproval, decided the cabin would have to do.
David looked exhausted, and Scott didn t have the
heart to make him search for somewhere else. He
dumped his bag, then checked out the bathroom. The
green tiled area was clean, for which he was thankful,
but it was stuffy. He opened the window, and as he
stepped back into the main room, he scouted for the
air-conditioning switch.
 Is it me, or is it hot in here? David was lying on
the bed, his eyes closed, one arm flung behind his head,
the other hanging listlessly off the edge of the mattress.
 It s hot in here. Finding the remote for the air-
conditioning, Scott pressed a few buttons and was
rewarded with a loud bang and a sizzle coming from the
unit on the wall above the bed.
David didn t move, but a tired, unsurprised smile
etched his face.  Not working? he asked.
Cursing, Scott quickly turned off the unit at the
main power and threw the remote down in disgust.
 Three star my ass! David, I think we should go find
another cabin, he said, changing his mind about [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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