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Everything works as if the revelation were designed to isolate the witness, prophet, or believer from
his social environment. He often becomes an outcast and has to flee. This has been the fate of
numerous UFO witnesses. In France, several farmers saw their fields nearly ruined by curious or
antagonistic crowds. The man in Michigan who reported the Swamp Gas case was jeered at in the
streets, and people came in cars to throw bottles at his house.
The believers, if they seek a climate in which to pursue their new life in accordance with the
implications of their vision, have to create their own sect and move away. Moses did this. So did
Joseph Smith. Often one sees the leader deserted by his wife and family. The spouse is especially
likely to feel rejected and to betray him at the time when he or she most needs comfort. The wife of
Martin Harris burned 116 newly translated pages of the Book of Mormon. The wives of several
American policemen involved in modern UFO incidents divorced them.
Sometimes the specific instructions given to the believers are such that their group continues to be
persecuted for centuries (Jews) and have to endure great hardships before finding a place where
they can settle down (Israel, Utah). The leaders are harassed by crowds (in one town the police
chief's own trailer was destroyed by fire, blamed on arson) and occasionally put to death (Jesus was
crucified; Joseph Smith was lynched by a crowd in Illinois).
I think the stage is set for the appearance of new faiths, centered on the UFO belief. To a greater
degree than all the phenomena modern science is confronting, the UFO can inspire awe, the sense
of the smallness of man, and an idea of the possibility of contact with the cosmic. The religions we
have briefly surveyed began with the miraculous experience of one person, but today there are
thousands for whom the belief in otherworldly contact is based on intimate conviction, drawn from
what they regard as personal contact with UFOs and their occupants. The phenomenon and its
effects are working here as they have worked at Fatima and Lourdes and in other places: as a
spiritual control system.
The table below should make this clear. The first column summarizes the physical effects described
by witnesses of the miracles we have reviewed, in the actual words of the persons who reported
them. The second column contains descriptions of the state of the persons contacted by UFOs, both
during and after the experience; the sighting references are to the catalogue published in my earlier
book, Passport to Magonia. I think the reader can draw his or her own conclusions. I have barely
scratched the surface. Indeed, I invite you to seek other documents in any library to complete this
morphology or miracles with fresh material.
Religious Miracles UFO Events
 A frosty mist, a brightening cloud  They saw a light spreading around them like a
Guadalupe, December 9, 1531 mist
Magonia, case 402
 A shock that affected the whole body  He was found unconscious
 Loss of sense of time  Fainting, amnesia and return to the site in a
 So exhausted he couldn't move trancelike state
 Fell to the ground and remained unconscious Magonia, case 482
Smith, September 21, 1823
 He felt pricklings throughout his body, had to
stop, lost his balance several times
Magonia, case 102
 A pillar of light which descended  He found a strong light beam aimed at him
 A conduit right up to Heaven  A vertical beam of light was aimed at him,
 A light appearing in the room disappeared with a flash
Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, Magonia, case 921
1820 and 1823
 A golden colored cloud  The object went up to a cloud of unusual color,
 A great noise like the sound of a storm which flew against the wind
Lourdes, February 11, 1858 Magonia, case 575
 Took off with a rush of air that rocked the car
Magonia, case 81
 Lost all power of speech and thought  He fell unconscious as a vivid light enveloped
 Knew not where she was him. He was unable to move his arm for three
 Her arm was paralyzed days, and suffered from pain and extreme
Lourdes, February 11, 1858 nervousness
Magonia, case 912
 Left in a trance  The witness felt so weak all of a sudden that he
 Fell from exhaustion had to drop the gun
Fatima, spring 1916 Magonia, case 339
 A transparent white cloud  They saw a large source of light in mid-air and
 White light gliding above the treetops heard piercing whistling sounds
 Rumble of a powerful wind Magonia, case 870
Fatima, April 1915 and spring 1916
 It took off with a swooshing sound
Magonia, case 77
 The power annihilates them  The boy arrived home like a madman. The
 Deprives them of the use of their bodily horse and the dog were paralyzed for several
senses minutes
 No strenght the next day Magonia, case 916
Fatima, summer 1916
 He found himself paralyzed and observed that
birds had stopped singing and that cows seemed
unable to move
Magonia, case 82
 A glowing light almost blinded them  The witness was suddenly engulfed in a bluish-
 A bright flash white light so dazzling he had to stop
Fatima, May 13, 1917 Magonia, case 870
 A cloud rose from the vicinity of the tree  An unusual noise, a whirlwind of flames
 Tree branches were bent coming towards the vineyard
 An explosion  Plants moved violently [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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