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was impossible but it got them so excited, Velvet knew this fucking wouldn't stop until they were both
totally satiated.
"So nice, God, it's great!" the man gasped out. "My wife won't give me head. Says a blowjob is dirty or
something. Oh shit, shit, shit! This is great!"
"Tell me about the embezzling," Velvet demanded. The unspoken threat was that she would stop sucking
on his dick if he didn't give her all the information she wanted. Velvet didn't have to leave the man hard
and hot because he started spewing forth all the incriminating information he knew.
Velvet listened, filing it all away in her mind as she turned her main attention back to the blowjob. He
liked the feel of a woman's lips moving constantly all over his cock, she quickly found out. Whenever she
kissed and lightly brushed her soft lips against the sides of his prick, he moaned and jerked around on
the money bags.
The feel of so much money under her ass as she sucked on the man's cock made her feel both sexy and
kinky. It had never occurred to her that money was the ultimate aphrodisiac. A man's wealth had never
really mattered to her. Now Velvet wondered what it would be like to make it with a guy so stinking rich
he filled his mattress with hundred-dollar bills. She knew this might be as close as she ever got to finding
And she wasn't going to pass up the chance, no matter how much Holmes enjoyed her mouth moving on
his prick.
"Fuck me," she said in a soft, needy voice. "I want this monster inside me fucking away."
"I might hurt you. God, I never felt stiffer than I do now. I could rip you apart all the way to the chin if I
got to fucking and lost control."
"Do it!" she cried, lounging back wantonly and lifting her legs into the air.
The sight of her slender legs parting so enticingly drove the man into an animal frenzy. Velvet realized
now that most of his emotions had been lying dormant, just waiting for the proper key to unlock them.
Her slender, responsive body was that key.
The man didn't even bother removing her panties. He shoved his battering ram of flesh forward and
banged at the gates of her pussy. She felt the thick head nudging into her cunt lips. The thick fuck sauce
leaking from her twat dampened her panties and the top of the man's dick.
"Get them off me. Get those panties off and really fuck me. Drive it in to the hilt!" she cried out. The
words echoed in the stainless steel vault. She moved and felt the millions of dollars under her body
shifting. The girl shivered in delight. Not only was she going to get the biggest prick she'd ever seen
fucked into her pussy, she was going to get laid on top of a fortune in cold, hard cash.
"Can't wait to get 'em off," the man declared. His hands worked feverishly at her twat. Then she realized
what he was doing. He wasn't pulling her panties down and he wasn't going to rip them off. He was
shoving his prick between the legband of her panties and her flesh.
The hot, stiff length of cock surged up and stroked along her hot, humid gash. She sobbed and felt the
tides of passion washing over her. She didn't care what he did to her as long as she got that cock
buried up her cunt.
"Fuck me now. Do it now! Oh, I need it in me so baaaaad!"
His hips swung forward and granted her wish. She felt the huge glans parting her trembling cunt lips. The
puffy ridges of aroused flesh hardly slowed down the swiftly moving cock. He banged into her cunt lips
and then plunged into the seething hot closeness of her cunt.
Velvet screamed in agony. His prick was huge, too big to easily slip into her tiny cunt. The head of his
prick seemed to hang up just inside the clinging, pinkly dripping cunt hole. He twisted his hips, got his
hands under her ass and lifted, then lunged forward again.
This time he got past the hangup in her pussy tunnel. The monstrous cock rushed all the way into her,
filling her completely with pulsating manmeat.
She thought she would lose her mind with desire then. The pain had vanished. He had snugly fit himself
into her most intimate passage. And he was hung like an elephant. The mighty girth of his prick forced
her cunt walls to stretch to accommodate him. She felt like she was a virgin again, getting laid for the
very first time.
That was the only other time she'd felt such intense joy and such an incredibly filled feeling. Her young [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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