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Pulling her against him, he said in a low voice,  Julia, I wish. . .
She leaned over and kissed him, effectively stopping all conversation.  Don t say it. Not
right now. Okay? Then she curled against him and closed her eyes.
They didn t sleep, just dozed. Luke woke to find his body doing things he d thought
impossible just a while ago. Warm sensations were flooding through him, snapping him to
attention. He tried to clear his head, and suddenly realized what was happening.
Julia looked up at him, her eyes hot and demanding. She had wrapped her fingers around
his shaft, sliding them up and down the skin covering the hard core, coaxing a response, while her
lips swallowed the tip and liquid drops of cum from the slit. Watching her was one of the most
erotic experiences of his life. Luke could not have protested if he wanted to. The sensation was
exquisite torture, rousing him when he d thought no reaction was possible again.
 Just lay back and enjoy it, she told him.  Now it s my turn.
And so it was. As he d done for her, she took her time, drawing it out as long as she could,
letting her hands slide so tantalizingly along his now-hot erection, cupping the heavy sac between
his legs, her tongue sliding across the soft velvet tip.
When she licked the tiny drops of moisture that spilled out, he nearly lost it altogether. If
he d been able to, he d have reached up, moved her on top of him and thrust inside of her. But
she was too determined. He finally gave himself up to the sensation, and when she drew him over
the edge, he lay there and shuddered in unbelievable ecstasy.
They slept spooned together, but not restfully, despite being spent physically. They were
glued skin to skin, unwilling for space to come between any parts of their bodies. Julia woke
while it was still dark and snuggled back against Luke, wanting just a few more moments of his
warmth and the feel of his wonderful body.
His arms wrapped around her again and she could feel his arousal pressing against her. His
hands began moving over her, and they made love one last time, slowly, gently, savoring every
moment of it because they knew it was probably the last time.
Eventually they dozed, and when the phone rang, Julia cursed wakeup calls in general and
this one in particular.
She fumbled for the receiver and mumbled,  Hello? two or three times before realizing it
was her cell phone ringing.
Instantly she sat up, swung her legs over the side of the bed and punched the talk button.
 Yes? The readout on the bedside clock said four in the morning. Who would be calling
her at this hour?
Oh, God, not the kids. Please don t tell me something happened to one of the twins.
 Who is this? She rubbed her face, trying to wipe away the vestiges of sleep and make
her brain work.
 It s Claire. Julia, are you there?
 Claire? She wrinkled her forehead, then grabbed at her heart.  Oh my God. Claire. The
children. Are the twins all right?
 Yes. I didn t have another number for you, so I called your cell. I know it s always on.
 What s wrong? Why are you calling?
Luke was awake now, sitting up on the edge of the bed next to her, his big, warm hand
soothing as he stroked her back and shoulders.
 Miranda called me a few minutes ago and asked me to get hold of you. She thought it
would be easier if I told you about this rather than having it come from her.
 What do you mean? Damn, Claire, what s going on?
 It s Charles. He s had a massive heart attack.
Chapter Nine
 What? At her shriek, Luke tightened his grip on her and pulled her close to him.
 Apparently it happened around midnight, but it wasn t until a little while ago that one of
his partners, who happened to be with him, thought to get hold of you.
 Of course. Her voice was bitter.  Everyone knows about the divorce. I guess they didn t
think his children needed to know. She raked her fingers through her hair.  Oh God, Claire.
 I came right down to the hospital so I could find out what s what. Claire made a sound
like a snort.  That asshole partner of his acted like I was carrying cyanide or something. Anyway,
the doctors are with him now. I ll see what I can find out and call you back.
 The children. That was all she could think about at the moment.  I ll have to tell them.
 Let s find out what s going on before you do. How soon can you leave? Can you come
right to the hospital when you get here?
 Of course. Absolutely. I& I ll have to call the airlines. I ll have to& Oh, God.
 Call Miranda, then call me back when you have your reservations. And pull yourself
together, kiddo. We ll get through this together.
 I ll call the airlines then order you some tea. Luke held her gently to him, trying to ease
the tension that gripped her body.  Go take a shower.
 It s my fault. She felt such a heaviness she almost couldn t breathe.
 Stop that. He tilted her face to look at him.  Nothing is your fault, and I refuse to allow
you to take the blame for this.
 We ll talk about it after you re dressed. Go on. He patted her gently on the rear end,
urging her toward the bathroom.
By the time she was dressed, Luke had new reservations for her and a pot of tea was
waiting on the night stand. She gulped the hot liquid gratefully.
While Luke showered quickly and dressed, Julia called Claire back with her flight
information, then spoke to Miranda.
 The children are still sleeping, she sighed.  I m just glad he wasn t here when it
 Me, too. Julia could imagine how that would have affected the twins.  I ll call you when
I get to the hospital and find anything out. Why don t you try to go back to sleep? [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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