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Midnight Playground 99
 Yes. She nodded.
 Yes, what? Chase knew she d know what he meant, and now seemed as good
a time as any to start reinforcing it. She had no idea how badly he wanted to
discipline her for her ridiculous comment.
 Yes, Sir. He recognized the obvious hesitation and let it go for now. They had
plenty of time to keep working on protocols.
 Now as I was saying. The photographs I ve taken so far represent some of my
best work. I ve had a project in mind for a long time, and this is the first time I ve
come across a model who fits what I m looking for.
 But as you pointed out, I m not a model.
Chase shook his head. If she wasn t careful, she d be going from the willful
category and straight into bratty. And bratty subs did not enjoy his brand of
 The fact you re not a professional model is what has made you the perfect
subject in this case. Despite your insistence that you aren t submissive, your
expressions and movements and even actions speak a totally different story.
Chase covered her mouth with his hand.  Just listen, beautiful. Stop fighting.
While they d been talking, Murphy had rubbed the spot he d smacked, where a
perfect red streak had appeared. He d noticed more than once Eve widening her legs
and giving Murphy better access to her cunt.
 You have fantasies. I dare to guess deep, dark ones you ve never shared with
anyone. Am I right?
 We can help you with those. Give you a safe haven for exploration.
 And you want to capture that on film?
 Yes, I do.
100 Eliza Gayle
 That sounds kind of& I don t know. Disconnected. Her upper body shuddered
on the last word. Murphy had gone back to finger fucking her, and his wicked hands
were starting to get to her.
 Taking pictures is what I do, Eve. It would be an honor to capture your
expressions as you experience them.
Chase bit down on the shell of her ear just hard enough to give her a quick
thrill of pain to add to Murphy s movements.
 What would I have to do?
 Anything and everything I command. You d be ours to do with as we please. If
you want a safe word, I ll give you one. Although I d caution you to use it wisely.
Our intent will be to push your boundaries. To test you beyond your normal limits.
There is a lot to explore, and everything I ve seen so far makes me believe you need
this too.
Chase swallowed past the lump forming in his throat. The perfume of her sex
filled the room, and the thick wave of lust pushed at his patience.
Eve shivered against him.
 What questions do you have?
 I m nervous. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips. His cock throbbed at the
sight. Damn, he wanted to take her mouth. Watch her mouth stretch wide as she
worked to make him fit. Not the time. Chase steeled himself against his stray
Chase licked across the lobe of her ear.  I d be worried if you weren t a little
afraid. Try to relax. Let us help you. He bit his way along her jawline until he was
inches away from their mouths touching, their breath mingled.
 Come, Eve, come now.
Her eyes grew wide and her pert mouth opened to scream, but no sound came
out. Her body shuddered and jerked against him, every muscle spasming with her
Midnight Playground 101
Murphy moaned and moved to lap at her slit. When Eve would have jackknifed
forward from the extreme pleasure, Chase held her down and made her ride it out
while restrained. As much as he wanted to fuck her again, he d make himself wait
until tomorrow night. The buildup from need and anticipation would serve his
purposes well.
Spent, Eve collapsed against his chest. Murphy dislodged his fingers and
smiled wickedly when he brought three soaking-wet fingers to his mouth. Oh yes,
their little submissive wouldn t live in denial much longer.
Chase brushed the wet hair from her face and lifted her gently.  Murphy is
going to take you home tonight. Tomorrow is Saturday and I expect you to get some
rest. Drink lots of fluids as well. At midnight, we will pick you up. You can wear
whatever you like because you won t need it for long. Until then, everything else
will be a surprise.
Chase turned her at an angle and cupped her cheek.  Do you understand my
 I can t help but think 
He gripped her tighter.  That s your problem right now. You think too much
when all you really need to do is obey. Trust us to take care of you.
Eve nodded.
 Good, now turn around and give me a proper kiss good-bye.
102 Eliza Gayle
Chapter Twelve
Eve rushed around her apartment cleaning up the mess she d made trying to
get ready. She d indulged in every girly ritual she could think of to keep her mind
off the nerves. Of course none of that worked. But at least she looked good. She d
fluffed, colored, primped, and even removed every strand of hair from her private
parts. That had been the coolest part. Without hair covering her skin, everything
seemed more sensitive.
She hadn t thought to ask if they would mind, but considering every single
model she d ever witnessed had no body hair, she suspected it was one of those
expected things.
Since they d given her complete freedom to wear what she wanted, she d opted
for a simple summer dress. It was light and airy and left her completely accessible.
She d given so much thought to every word Chase had spoken and still couldn t
quite reconcile what they wanted with what she wanted. Sure the sexual aspect of it
thrilled her, but anything beyond that seemed frightening restrictive.
Fortunately, Chase had not mentioned anything beyond another photo project,
so she d taken him at his word and talked herself down every time her mind
wandered to something bigger. Looking for anything more was the sure path to a
broken heart. Something she d had enough of.
The knock on the door announced their arrival. Eve threw the last of her
rejected clothing into the closet and slammed the door. Just so long as no one looked
in there, nothing would be out of place.
Eve yanked open the door and grinned at the sight of Murphy and Chase
lingering in her doorway. Both men wore snug jeans that rode low on their hips, but
Midnight Playground 103
that was where the similarities stopped. Chase had chosen a black T-shirt that did
little to hide the defined muscles she now knew resided under his shirt. Murphy, on
the other hand, had gone with a royal blue button-down. Already her fingers itched
to help him out of it. Eve knew this was the moment to sink or swim. Go for it and
deal with the broken heart later when it was over, or back out and always wonder
what could have been.
She already knew she was going for it.
They continued to stare at each other for long, charged moments before Eve
spoke.  Would you like to come in? She stepped back and waited for them to enter.
They walked in, filling the space around her. Murphy cupped her chin and
brought his lips to hers for a quick kiss.  Nice place. Did you do all this yourself?
He motioned around her apartment.
 Yes, it s pretty much the only way I could stand to stay here. Surrounding
myself with pretty things helped a lot.
 You don t like it here?
 I like the building. It has good bones. Luckily they didn t press her further.
Chase and Murphy both nodded.  Are you ready to go? [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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