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attention on this world, unless he has some specific task to complete, and it is even more
difficult for an ordinary man to support that contact.
"Interaction with these beings is gratifying for warriors, but terrifying for others, because an
inorganic sorcerer is not a ghost, but an intense source of aware and implacable energy, able
to damage those who come near him through recklessness. That kind of contact can be even
more dangerous than an exchange with a live sorcerer."
"What does the danger consist of?"
"It is the nature of energy. If you believe sorcerers are friendly people, you are mistaken; they
are naguals!
"There is a very morbid feature in our constitution that impels us to use any means necessary.
It is something natural, we cannot avoid it. That feature is exacerbated in a sorcerer, and
magnified after his departure, because there are no longer any inhibitions to counteract it.
When the sorcerer becomes inorganic, he returns to what he always was: A cosmic, predatory
Cyclical Beings
Before I met Carlos, influenced by my oriental readings, I had been in favor of the doctrine of
reincarnation. It seemed a logical alternative to the Christian belief in the resurrection of the
body. However, in one of his conversations, he observed that the dogmas of Christianity and
of the Eastern religions were suspiciously similar, because they start from a common
denominator: The fear of death.
His comment threw me into a slate of perplexity. It was a totally new focus on something that
had always fascinated me.
When I asked his opinion, Carlos tried to deviate my interest to another topic, as if it were not
worthwhile to speak of that matter. But later, changing tactics, he told me that all my beliefs
about the survival of the personality were the result of social suggestions.
"They have told you that we have time, that there is a second opportunity. Lies!
"Seers affirm that a human being is like a drop of water that separated from the ocean of life
and began to shine by itself. That shine is the point of assembling perception. But, once the
luminous cocoon is dissolved, individual awareness disintegrates and becomes cosmic. How
could it return? For sorcerers, each life is unique, but you are hoping to repeat it?
"Your ideas originate in the high opinion you have of your own unity. But, like everything
else, you are not a solid block, you are flowing. Your 'me' is a sum of beliefs, a memory;
nothing concrete!"
I asked him why religions preach their very different doctrines. He
"It is easy to understand; they are answers to the ancestral fears of human beings. Each culture
generated its own explanatory propositions, but only seers were beyond beliefs, corroborating
those aspects of emanations of the Eagle for themselves."
He explained that there are energy clusters in the universe, to which we are hooked like the
beads of a rosary are hooked to each other. We are cyclical; we are the result of a luminous
stamp, and every time a new being is born, he embodies the nature of that pattern. But the
chain that unites us is not of a personal nature; it doesn't imply transfers of memory or
personality, or anything like that.
"To survive death, it is necessary to be a sorcerer. By satisfying the Eagle with a living
replica, sorcerers are able to keep the flame of their individual awareness burning for
eternities. But that is a feat. Do you think this greatest achievement of a warrior should be a
free gift?"
I commented that recent studies had demonstrated that some people, under very special
circumstances, are able to remember events of a past life.
He insisted that it was an erroneous interpretation of facts.
"It is true that anyone can tune in to certain living emanations that look place in other times,
and feel that he has lived not only one, but many lives. But that is only one alignment among
millions of possible alignments."
The Sorcerer's Alternative
I asked him if an ordinary person has any chance of surviving death.
He answered that there is always one possibility: The way of the warrior.
"If you want to understand this, don't look at it in black and white. See it more in terms of
movements of the assemblage point. The challenge of a warrior is to fix his attention, and
fight to maintain the awareness of his individuality even after his departure.
"When we reach a certain threshold of perception, we see that physical death is a challenge.
Just as there are two ways of living, there are two ways of dying; in both we can act as
impeccable warriors - or as unconscious idiots. That difference is everything."
"Do you mean that what happens after death depends on how we prepare for it?"
Perceiving the intention of my question, he answered:
"Yes, but not in the way you want to interpret it. The idea that being good or complying with
certain commandments will facilitate things is a fallacy which has been transmitted to us by
the social order. The only preparation that is worthwhile is to take on the rigors of the way of
the warrior, which teaches us how to save energy and be impeccable.
"Since there are two forms of living and dying, there are also two kinds of people: those who
feel immortal, and those who are already dead. The first ones harbor hopes, the last ones do
not. A warrior is somebody who knows that his time is already up, but still continues to fight,
because that is his nature. If you look into his eyes, you will find emptiness."
"But then what is the sorcerer's alternative really about?"
"There is only one way for a man to be ahead of his own end: Through managing his energy.
That work consists of dreaming, stalking and recapitulation. These three techniques together
give one result: The completion of the energy body.
"In a general sense, the duration of our existence depends in great measure on how we treat
our energy. We leave this life filled to the brim with everyday concerns, we are eroded by the
things we see and touch, and for that reason we die. But if we call back to ourselves all that
vital force through recapitulation, death can no longer be the same, because we will have our
"From the seers' point of view, a warrior who has recapitulated his life does not die. His
attention is so compact that it is one continuous and coherent line; it is not dispersed. His
recapitulation never ends, it continues for eternity, because it is the work of retracing his
steps, of existing on his own and being complete.
"Just like we need a certain quantity of experience to function as individuals, a sorcerer
requires sufficient practice in the second attention to be a true sorcerer; otherwise, he won't be [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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