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council would have selected me over your brother. But I discovered he intended
to kill you two also. I couldn t have that."
"Too much for your conscious to handle, huh?" she said sarcastically.
He glared. "I'm not a child killer."
"So you just waited for me to grow up?"
"I thought you would prove more& malleable. When you didn t I led Oscar
to believe you should be taken care of."
"You smuggled him into the embassy. How?"
"It was easy enough. You were all looking for someone to come over the
wall. There are tunnels all over that compound."
How the hell had they not known that? Before she could ask more about
tunnels, he went on.
"It should have been easy enough to kill you. I warned him but he always
was a cocky bastard," he said bitterly.
"Then what? You'd kill him, or let Galinn do it, and put Ivy on the
throne? She's no more malleable then me."
He scoffed. "Poor little Ivy would have had an unfortunate accident."
She saw red. It was one thing to threaten her. Another entirely to go after
her baby sister. Fuck no. She couldn t kill him quite yet though.
"So you would have made yourself king," she speculated.
He shook his head. "That's not our way. Besides, I prefer to stay behind
the scenes. No. Christa would have been crowned. She is a distant cousin after
Very distant. Sophia hadn t even considered the possibility.
"Why did you shoot Stig?" Galinn interrupted.
"He realized we were on opposite sides. I killed him before he could kill
Neither one of them bothered to tell him Stig would be fine. Galinn drew
his weapon and she shook her head slightly, a signal to wait. She had one last
question and she dreaded the answer.
"Did you kill your wife?"
For a second she thought she saw regret cross his face and she knew
she'd guessed right.
"I don t know how she found out. I couldn t have her telling anyone about
me or divorcing me. She would have ruined all my plans. I expected the poison
to work quicker. At least it destroyed her mind before she could warn anyone."
A single shot rang out behind her and small red hole appeared on his
forehead. Sofia spun around to see Christa standing there, stunned. The
weapon was still pointed in the direction of her father. Galinn gently took it
from her trembling hand. She turned a horrified expression towards Sofia, then
turned and hurried from the room.
"No. Let her go," Galinn said when she would have followed. "I'll warn
Stig. Thrane will keep an eye on them. Let's see if anyone needs our help."
It was already over, though. The Delroi had either killed the rebels or
taken them prisoner. Several servants were found hiding on the upper floors,
and after Sofia questioned them focusing her truth sensing talents, they were
released. She started on the prisoners next. There was no denying they'd all
fought for Oscar and Michaelson, but she needed more information. Needed to
know how deep the rot went.
Thankfully, it wasn t as bad as she'd feared. The royal guard was a total
loss. She'd have to rebuild it, probably from the ranks of the army. Most of
those soldiers had surrendered as soon as they heard Oscar was dead. It would
take months to sort out but she didn t have to do it alone. Galinn would be at
her side.
In the end, there was very little destruction and only the diehards were
fatalities. Sophia stood on her private balcony and watched the celebration on
the streets below her. The lights were off, the balcony shadowed. No one saw
her or the man who stepped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her
"You'd look sexy as hell wearing your crown and nothing else," he
murmured close to her ear.
She laughed. She'd been crowned as the sun rose, barely twelve hours
ago, and then the crown was returned to its safe. She was exhausted--neither
of them had slept yet--but she knew sleep would elude her if she tried.
"C'mon, princess," he teased, tugging her inside. "I know just what you
The hot lascivious look he gave her turned her insides to jelly and made
her quiver. He undressed her slowly then went to work on his own clothes.
After he had his boots and shirt off, she pushed his hands away. She toyed
with the snap on his pants, rubbing her palm over his erection. She wanted to
explore. Wanted to taste him and see how he felt in her mouth. She was still
getting used to their bond, figuring out how to share things with him, and
knew she'd succeeded when he groaned.
"Me first," he said.
"No. It's my turn."
She opened his pants and pulled them and his underwear down. She
didn t wait for him to step out of them before dropping to her knees and
wrapping her hand around the base of his erection. He jerked at her touch, his
thigh muscles tight and bunched with tension when she leaned forward to lick
the tiny drops from the head of his cock. He tasted salty and she wanted more. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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