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The woman poked a needle into one of the wires hanging from her arm, while a man held her
hands down so she couldn t unplug herself. She felt an instant calmness wash over her. She was still
fearful, but the panic was ebbing.
 Where am I? Who are you? she croaked, the words hurting her throat. She winced. The
door opened again and a man walked in. He quickly glanced her way and their eyes locked together.
She felt like she should know him, but she didn t.
 Bree? he asked questioningly, like he didn t know if it was her. She looked at him blankly.
Was he talking to her?
 Bree, you re awake, he practically shouted as he stepped forward. She flinched when he
reached down and brushed the hair from her face.
 It looks like she may have amnesia. We ve called for the doctor, the woman said when
Chad looked at her.
 Hi Bree, I m Dr. Bailey. I know you re a little scared right now, but I m going to see if I
can help you, okay? the man said. Bree nodded her head, reassured by the tone of his voice. He
slowly approached the bed and started checking her vitals while continuing to ask her questions.
After about twenty minutes, the door opened again and more strangers stepped inside. Bree
turned toward the doctor, not knowing what she should do or say. The room was too crowded  too
many strangers.
 Everything will be okay, Bree. This is your family. I m going to step outside and speak to
them for a few minutes, okay? The doctor said. Bree had no choice but to nod. She watched as they
all left the room. The same woman, who d originally come in, stayed with her, reassuring her. She
didn t want to be alone.
 It looks like your daughter is suffering from amnesia, which isn t unusual in a coma patient.
I m going to run more tests, but the good news is she s awake, Dr. Bailey said once they were in the
George and Chad were both speechless for a few moments. The doctor let them have some
time to work through their thoughts.
 How long? Chad finally asked. It seemed the only words he could get past his throat.
 There s no way to know for sure. She could regain her memory at any time, or it could take
months. She may even lose some memory all together. There was no permanent damage to the brain
from the bullet wound, but I m unable to give any definitive answers, Dr. Bailey said apologetically.
 Can we take her home? George asked.
 I need to run more tests. What you need to remember is that you can t force her memory to
return. She needs to come to it on her own. If you push too much on her at once, it can make her retreat
further. I know you ve had a trying time over the last couple months, but she needs to heal. I ll have
more answers for you once I ve run those tests, he said before turning and walking away.
 What do we do? Chad asked, feeling helpless.
 As much as I don t like it, we wait, George answered. Neither man was the type to wait
for anything, or anyone, so they both took a few moments to compose themselves before walking back
into her room.
Upon their return, Bree s eyes were shut and Chad felt like he was going to throw up. He
shouldn t have been gone so long.
 It s okay, she s only sleeping. I know it seems like that s all she s been doing, but this is
different. She will wake up again, but she s only going to be awake for short periods, the nurse
reassured them.
George sat by her side for a while before leaving to make phone calls. Chad refused to
leave. He wanted to be there when she woke again. The doctor came in a few hours later, but didn t
have positive news. There wasn t a physical reason for the amnesia, and all they could do was wait it
out and pray she regained her memory.
Chad fell asleep with his head resting on her bed and her hand held securely in his.
Bree woke again in the dimly lit room but she didn t feel as panicked as the first time. She
looked down and noticed the same man who d walked in earlier, was sleeping close to her, with her
hand gripped in his.
She took a few moments to study his face, which seemed softer in sleep. He had short hair
and was built like a tank, but for some reason he didn t scare her. She felt safe with him, which
confused her, considering she didn t know who he was. He had to be a good guy, though, if the
hospital allowed him in her room.
She lifted her free hand and brushed her fingers against his cheek, which had a few days [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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