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Chapter Twenty-Three
Jude half-woke to the sound of his phone bzz-bzz-bzzing on the nightstand and slapped at
it to shut it up. It stopped. Satisfied, he rolled toward Libby and nuzzled the back of her
neck. She gave a contented sigh, but otherwise didn t stir.
They d wiped each other out last night, making love until he barely had enough energy
left to drag the blankets off the floor and cover them before sleep overtook him. He, for
one, was one-hundred-thousand percent okay with that. He wasn t hearing any
complaints from her either, and he thought he might even be ready to do it all over
Make love.
That was exactly what they had done last night. It transcended sex and had proved
more satisfying and more exhausting than anything else he d ever experienced in a
bed. His cock couldn t wait for more and stood at rigid attention, prodding at the cleft of
Libby s lovely ass, ready for action as a good soldier should be. But the rest of his body
was so not on board, still too physically exhausted to act on the urge. Another hour of
zzzs, he told his lower half, and then all bets were off because he definitely needed to be
making love to Libby again soon.
He nuzzled his face in the long silk of her unbound hair, inhaled her scent, and drifted
toward sleep with a smile until the phone started ringing again.
 Goddammit. He reached for it and rubbed his eyes before checking the screen.
Camden. Grumbling, he answered.  Man, you know what time it is?
 No idea, Camden said and he sounded exhausted.  But listen, K-Bar s dead.
Jude blinked, his mind running sluggishly, still fuzzy with sleep, and he wasn t sure he d
heard that right.  Wait, what?
 He s dead. As in he s no longer living. Decapitated and hacked into pieces dead.
 Okay, okay, I got it. Wide awake now, Jude glanced over at Libby and told himself to
man up as a heaviness centered in his chest. It was over. All of it, including their affair.
Goddammit.  Hey, that s great news.
 Not even close, Cam said.  He s been dead a while. At least a week, probably ever
since he went missing. There s no way he could have flown to Key West and followed you
Slowly so as not to wake Libby, Jude slid his arm out from underneath her and sat up
on the edge of the bed. He kept his voice low.  What happened?
 We re still trying to piece it all together, but we think Kenneth Burke killed him.
 GQ? Pruitt s lawyer? Squeezing his eyes shut, he pinched the bridge of his nose as a
tension headache started to throb in the center of his forehead.  He s called me nonstop
every day. I just thought he was doing it on the Colonel s behalf.
 No, Pruitt s been dealing directly with us, Camden said.  The lawyer shouldn t even be
involved at this point, but his credit card shows a recent one-day trip to Key West. Best
guess is he saw your iguana video online and flew down there to find Libby.
 Does he know our cover identities?
 He must, otherwise he wouldn t have found you at the boat charter place on Big Pine
 Shit. Where is he now?
 We don t know.
Jude groaned.  Cam, that s not what I want to hear.
 Sorry, his brother said,  but you haven t heard the worst yet. The blue car that almost
ran you and Libby over? The pregnant woman it was stolen from lives in the same
apartment complex as Burke. Same floor, even.
So he d known the woman was on bed rest and wouldn t report it missing. Oh, this just
kept getting better.  Did you search his place?
 Eva did.
Although Cam s former partner with the Metropolitan PD homicide division was
thorough, Jude wished his brothers had conducted the search instead.  What did she
Cam exhaled slowly.  Hundreds of paper dolls and a few pairs of what Eva assumes are
Libby s underwear.
A chill scraped across the back of Jude s neck.  Jesus Christ.
 He has notebooks filled with letters to her and pictures of her that date back to her
law school years. I don t think she realized she was being photographed in most of them.
Jude reached over and shook Libby awake. She blinked up at him and started to smile,
but the look on his face must have been grim because she bolted upright.  What s
 You told me you dated one man during law school. Who was it?
Her forehead wrinkled in confusion and she fumbled for her glasses.  I don t see how
that s relevant to anything.
She stared at him for a long moment.  It was Kenneth. But I told you the break-up was
mutual and we re still 
The front gate buzzer sounded. Once. Twice. Three times. Four, five, six& nine times in
Libby started at the sound.  What s that?
 Shit, Jude said into the phone and shot off the bed, grabbing his weapon from the
bedside table.  Cam, someone s at the gate. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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