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a jerk.
 I don t like him at the moment for sending me on this mission. We should be
celebrating our family unit approval in my large tub together. Instead we re in this
closet of a room on a tiny bed.
 It s cozy.
 It s tiny.
Wiggling against him, she arched her back.  Cozy. Look how close we have to get
all the time. We can t sleep together without wrapping around each other. While I wish
we had that tub in here if it would fit, which it sure wouldn t, I can happily live with
this. You re all mine and I m all yours.
 You re more than property to me, Mira. Flint stared into her eyes.  I have spent
hours thinking about you and I realized something I have been struggling with for
Burning Up Flint
Her heart stilled at his serious look.  You haven t reconsidered being in a family
unit with me, have you?
Flint chuckled, his dark blue eyes sparkling with amusement.  No. I want you to
know that I feel more than just possessive of you. When you wanted to die before you
were willing to let another man own you I realized how important you are to me and
that I was important to you as well. I knew that I valued you more than anything else I
possess but I hadn t realized why. Seeing you on that balcony today I realized that I
didn t want to live without you in my life. I never thought I could feel so much for
someone but I feel everything for you.
Mira grinned at him.  I love you too.
He cupped her face in his large hand.  Love. Yes. That s what I feel for you. Your
smile makes me happy and your pain makes me hurt with you. Your unhappiness
makes me unhappy. Your body makes me ache and you make me hard with need to be
inside you. You are always on my mind and when I am not with you, I want you with
He shifted his hips, his cock slowly filling Mira. She moaned, wrapping her legs
tightly around his hips.  I m so wet for you and you haven t even tried to turn me on.
 Just being with you, looking at you, and touching you make me need to be inside
you. Flint brushed a kiss on her lips.
 I ve been aching just thinking about you coming to bed with me. Mira raked her
fingernails on his skin where she clutched his shoulders.
Flint lowered his face to kiss her. He moved on her, driving deeply into her as his
mouth savaged hers. She met his passion, locking her legs tighter around him, her
hands gripping his broad shoulders to brace against as she bucked under him in time to
each drive of his hips. He shifted his hips to change his angle of entry. It was all it took
for the pleasure to become too much. Mira cried out Flint s name as she exploded in
rapture. He groaned, his mouth tearing from hers as he emptied his release into her
body that squeezed and gripped him as her muscles held him.
Flint adjusted her legs so that they weren t hooked together behind his ass, rolling
them over so she was sprawled on his wide chest. He cursed and had to lift up, moving
them away from the edge of the bed before collapsing in the middle with Mira on top of
 This bed is too damn small.
She laughed at his grumpy tone.  But we re in it together.
He relaxed under her.  It s cozy. I remember you telling me that. I ll keep repeating
that in my head every damn time we end up on the floor.
 If we fall out I hope you hit first and I land on you. She lifted her head up,
smiling as she gazed at him.
Laurann Dohner
His hand cupped her ass. That hand gave a squeeze and then lifted away from her
body. Flint swatted Mira s ass just enough to make her jump and feel a slight sting. He
 What was that for?
He smiled at her.  You want me to hit the floor?
 You re bigger. If you landed on me I would not only get bruised from that damn
floor but you d crush me.
 I wouldn t want that.
 Me neither.
They stared at each other. Flint suddenly narrowed his eyes.  I have a plan.
 Uh-oh. I don t like that gleam in your eyes.
He tried to look innocent as he smiled at her but he failed miserably at it.  What
 The gleam I see in your eyes. She watched him closely, grinning.  I m seeing total
naughtiness and mischief there, Flint. Don t even deny it.
He laughed.  I was only thinking that I ll replace the bed with the cot. I ll tie you
down like I did before and then you won t be able to fall out of bed. I ll be cuddled
between your lovely thighs so I won t fall off either. It s a perfect solution.
She smiled.  Or I could tie your large body down so you don t fall off and I ll sleep
on top of you. You re big enough to be a mattress.
He laughed.  I doubt that me being tied down would be nearly as arousing as you
being tied down.
She lifted up off Flint so she could take in the sight of his chest, his arms and
shoulders. She studied him carefully. She was getting turned-on just imagining Flint
tied up on a cot bound, naked, so she could do anything to him.
 You d be surprised. I would touch you everywhere with my hands and my
mouth. She put her hand on his chest and lightly raked her fingernails over his nipple.
 My fingernails all over your body like this. I d get you so hard that you would beg me
to make you come but I d hold back. I d take you to the edge and then tease you all over
again until you wanted to break free from the restraints. I d take you inside me then,
Flint. I could ride you or I could take you with my mouth and it would all be up to me.
 Mira, he almost growled her name.
Her gaze lifted, locking with his. Flint s cock hardened under her, letting her feel its
firm presence as she spoke.  I d make you come so damn hard you d feel like your
mind was blown.
Flint groaned. Mira gasped as he rolled them suddenly. He threw off the covers and
abruptly climbed out of bed. In shock she saw him lean down to grab his clothes. She
sat up, feeling confused and alarmed. Flint started to jerk his pants up his legs. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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