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back of her mind, a tiny voice nagged that it wasn't right or proper, but she was too tired to listen.
"Don't hate me," he breathed.
"How could I?"
"I took you out of wedlock."
"I offered myself."
"Did you? Or did I simply back you into a corner and take the choice away from you?" He lifted his
head to search her eyes. "Will you mind if I made you pregnant?"
"There probably wasn't much risk," she murmured shyly.
"The way we made love that last time, there was most definitely a risk," he said.
She nuzzled her face against him. "Will you hate me if that happens?"
"Babies can create problems."
His arms tightened. "Babies are little tiny breathing miracles. Now shut up and go to sleep. I'm so
tired, it's all I can do to breathe, you insatiable little witch."
"I'm insatiable?" she burst out.
He only grinned and folded her closer. "Go to sleep. If you're able, I'll make love to you again when
we wake up."
She sighed. "What a delicious incentive to sleep."
"I thought so, too."
It seemed like no time at all before the sounds of farm equipment outside the window brought her
eyes open. She looked down at King, smiling at his nudity, at the vulnerability of his powerful body in
"It's morning," she whispered in his ear.
"Is it?" he whispered back, smiling. He opened his eyes and reached for her, his intentions obvious.
"Are you up to this?" he asked solicitously.
She pressed down against him. "I want you," she whispered before bringing her mouth to his.
He took a long time with her, despite his overpowering hunger, and it was late morning before he was
satisfied enough to get up. He stretched grandly and looked down at her sprawled facedown on the
"You miracle, you," he breathed. "Roll over. I want to look at you while I dress."
She did, smiling at him, watching him open drawers and the closet and get into jeans and a chambray
"It's even exciting to watch you put clothes on," she confessed, laughing.
"I'd rather watch you with yours off, angel," he murmured, bending to brash hungry kisses on her
breasts. "I want you all the time, lately. It's all I can do to stop." He lifted his head, searching her eyes.
"You flinched a little that last time," he said gently. "It wasn't comfortable, and you should have told
me in time. I'll leave you alone until you're sure it won't be an ordeal instead of a pleasure."
"You're very perceptive," she murmured
"You're very generous," he whispered. "So eager to please me, to put my desire first. But that isn't
what I want. It gives me no pleasure unless you share it"
"Oh, but I want to give you everything, to make it sweet for you," she said fervently. "I don't care what
I feel-"
He stopped her tirade with his mouth, smiling against it. "I care. Come on downstairs when you're
dressed, and I'll take you for a nice, comfortable ride in the Lincoln. No horseback riding just yet." He
grinned, and she flushed.
He lifted her hand to his lips, studying her over it. An innocent, and with all her inhibitions, and yet
she'd given herself to him with wild abandon. She cared more than a little; he was almost sure she
loved him. That thought was sweetly disturbing. Could she? He looked at her hungrily. All night, and
still he wanted her. She was under his skin, driving him mad. Bess and his problems with her had
faded to insignificance. Whatever he and Elissa had, it was something far removed from lust or
infatuation. He wanted to take care of her, to be there when she cried. He sighed softly. What was he
going to do about Bess? Or did he need to do anything, now that he was marrying Elissa? He thought
about marrying Elissa and smiled slowly. She'd be in his bed every night, making magic with him. His
chest began to swell.
She saw that look and smiled at him. "Don't feel guilty," she whispered. "I don't."
"Don't you?" he asked quietly.
"Not in the least," she said, ignoring her conscience.
"Anyway, I wasn't thinking about guilt," he confessed. "I was wondering if you loved me," he added
bluntly, watching her flush. "Somehow, I don't think you'd be able to give yourself to a man you didn't
love. You're not the type." He touched her cheek, teasing her face up to his. "Don't hide it," he
whispered, finding the evidence of love in her face wildly pleasing, exciting. His breath caught in his
throat, and he wondered why it should suddenly matter so much that she loved him. "That was why
you were so uninhibited, wasn't it?" he asked slowly. "That was why I gave you pleasure the first time.
And you did enjoy it."
"More than you'll ever know," she confessed. "Do you mind?"
He shook his head. "You're very special to me."
"Even when we aren't lovers anymore," she began, her eyes wide and worried, "will you still be my
That hurt. He sat down and lifted her across his knees, cuddling her close. "My God," he ground out,
his arms wrapped tightly around her. "You little fool. You don't have some crazy idea that I was just
satisfying a whim last night, do you?"
"I hoped it wasn't that."
"I'm going to marry you," he whispered. "This isn't a one-night stand. For God's sake, Elissa, you're
part of me now."
She trembled a little at the urgency in his voice, at his warmth and fervency. She turned her mouth
against his throat and kissed him. "Thank you," she said.
"I don't want thanks." He lifted his head and looked into her eyes, his expression both thrilling and
puzzling. His dark gaze went over her slowly, lingering on her breasts. "I'm more old-fashioned than
I realized," he said unexpectedly. "If you ever let another man touch you like I did, I'd break his neck!"
"Well!" she gasped, but his mouth covered hers fiercely, blotting out the world.
"You're my woman," he whispered against her responsive lips. "You belong to me. We're going to get
married and enjoy each other for the next eighty years or so."
Her arms linked around his neck, and she savored the pressure of his mouth for a long, spinning
minute until he finally satisfied his hunger and lifted his head.
"Get dressed," he whispered. "I can't take much more of that without laying you down and ravishing
you again."
She smiled softly. "I adore you." [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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