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John%20-%20The%20Jagged%20Orbit.txt rubble, the last white Lord Mayor of
Manbeing driven out barefoot and in chains to a waiting government skimmer,
Lenigo himself in Birfamous old Bull Ring, surrounded by grinknees.
"Come to kick yoh lazy nigras off yo' asses!" the voice said sternly. "When
yo' gone drahve them buckras outa N'yohk hey? Tonaht? Could be! You get at it,
broze an' sis! Ev'y metah an' centimetah o' those tawllll towahs, those deeeep
basemen'ss, they been watered with BLACK BLOOD "
Convulsively Lyla tore the leech away from the wall and the set died.
They let in Morton Lenigo? They let in Morton LeniThey let in MORTON LENIGO?
Impossible. Incredible. No, they couldn't. She looked at herself in the faint
gray light which seeped through the windows on the side away from the street,
seeing her summer tan fishbelly-
pallid, thinking honky dont let the sun shin on you head it make you an easy
"Dan," she said in a trembling little-girl voice. "Dan?"
But he wasn't there. In darkness, silence except for the distant racket of the
fighting which grew louder and softer by unpredictable turns, she waited
passive as the Lar for someone or something to rescue her from the
insufferable real world.
Conservative perhaps because elderly Marcantonio Gottschalk the grandfather of
the clan based on the traditional Mafiareas of the New Jersey seaboard; not so
Anthony or Vyacheslav or any of the other tranyounger generation. For them the
ultimately defensible heartland, the Nedesert: indrawn like a closing
sea-anemone, waitfor the sooner-or-later moment when boom.
And here, right on schedule, boom! Anthony Gottwhose picture had not for five
years found its way onto any official file, whose polysyllabic praenomen was
not household knowledge like
Marcantonio's but who was already thinking of possible extensions to suit the
eventual dignity of headship (current favorite: Anlying second: Antoniescu for
no particular reaexcept he liked the sound of it), in his Nevada forwith
noises underfloor to signify work proceeding ace-apace on apace-in-the-hole
Robert Gottschalk name deliberately chosen to mislead since it was impossible
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ABC Amber Palm Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abcpalm.html
to hide the project completely from the scrutiny of Fedcomputers, capable of
interpretation as some pregifted new recruit vulnerable to a gun or a grenade&
But Robot Gottschalk was vulnerable to virtually nothing. At his quasi-father
Anthony's fortress home he grew like an embryo seventy meters below the lowest
basement, deep in the living rock;
sounds from work on him were channeled via tunnels which would later be closed
with armored doors;
you'd have to risk conor firing the whole western half of the conto make sure
of shattering his solid-state circuitry.
Thick-set, dark-haired but very pale with milky eyes, Anthony Gottschalk stood
breathing the clean desert breeze wafting off his estate, scented with
oranges, lemons, bougainvilleas, frangipanis, uncountable varieof lovely trees
and shrubs. Coup after coup shed rosy glows in his mind: sales to
Blackbury of weapons stick-in-the-mud old Marcantonio wouldn't risk for fear
of Federal clampdown
(and who among that gang of clowns would risk action when they found out?
asked Anthony
Gottschalk) hinting in Detroit how to solve the Morton Lenigo impasse solved
today and coming along nicely, with insurrection almost on Marcantonio's
doorstep by God, wonderful! and stacked up in the pipeline the biggest and
most profitable of all, of all, of all&
His mind calmed a little; he had been growing manic on no stronger drug than
knowledge of his own impendsuccess. Marcantonio was eighty count the years
eighty! Should have been retired years ago.
All very well to head the cartel in days of bow-and-arrow, now in modern age
useless, short-
sighted, over-cautious. Refrom Robert already to hand, installation nearly
complete, partial evaluations already recoverable by punching the proper code
on the keyboard here&
Turning, he bent to the board and checked on late developments. Probability of
sales tomorrow in
ged%20Orbit.txt (56 of 153) [2/1/2004 3:07:23 PM]
New York State: $12,000,000 plus or minus $1,500,000. Sales index for whole
country 35%. Grand
Project realizarating up by three points in the past hour!
Anthony Gottschalk performed a little tapdance of joy. The Lenigo revolution
was well on the way.
If only one could arrange for Marcantonio to catch a misdishot&
But no. Alas no. There in his New Jersey estate he was at least as well
protected as Anthony here, Vyachesupstate, any other polly. It would take [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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