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in that porn-star way, Peter found that it wasn t the action on screen
that made him quiver. It was the way Chris moved almost
imperceptibly closer.
 Not grossing you out? Peter whispered. The guys on screen
were kissing and rubbing each other s arms and chests.
 Nah. Same as any other porno, I guess. Chris leaned in even
farther, and his breath tickled Peter s ear. His shirt feathered against
Peter s bare back.
42 Daisy Harris
Peter closed his eyes, feeling the desperate tension winging
through the air. He was swollen with want and lightheaded from
holding his breath. His skin prickled with nervous sweat. He didn t
think he was imagining it was mutual but he couldn t tell.
He tried once again to control his heartbeat, to chill the fuck out
and just watch the damn video, but the guys on-screen kisses went
deeper, their cocks crushed together, and Peter couldn t stand it
anymore. He shook his head to clear the maelstrom of emotions and
turned to Chris.  Dude, I really do have to go to sleep. Midterm s in
five hours.
Chris flushed from his smoothly shaved face down his neck. The
crimson shade bled down to the notch of his collarbone showing
above his blue, crew-neck shirt. His pupils were wide and his lips
damp, and Peter needed him to get the fuck out of his room before
Peter kissed him down to the mattress.  Seriously, you ve gotta
leave. He knew he sounded annoyed, but he didn t know how else to
say it. He needed Chris gone, with his smell and his innocent eyes and
his too-good-to-be-true body.
 Oh, yeah sorry. Chris bounded off the bed. His jovial manner
from earlier switched to something awkward and apologetic. His
shoulders slumped.  Didn t mean to barge in.
 Er, no worries. I just need to catch some sleep, Peter said to
Chris s back.  Maybe some other time. He pinched his mouth
closed, not understanding why he d said that. But apparently, Chris
hadn t thought it weird, because he didn t bother looking back before
he said,  Good luck tomorrow, and slipped out the door.
College Boys 43
Chapter Four
Peter flicked on the stereo, snapped shut his computer, and
reached down his pants. He was so hard he couldn t bring himself to
touch the tip right off the bat because it would be too sensitive. Lying
back on his bed, he fumbled with the bedside lamp and thrust the
room into darkness. Then, tugging on his shaft in quick little jerks, he
used his other hand to rifle in his drawer for his moisturizer.
He felt pens and condoms but couldn t locate the bottle one-
handed, so reluctantly, he let go of his throbbing pole to squint
through the blue darkness into the drawer. He opened it wider,
reaching into the backmost depths.
Then he heard a gasp. It was so quiet he might have imagined it,
so he strained to listen. There was a squeak of a bed frame and then
another sound, halfway between a moan and a grunt. Peter knew
Chris had made the noise but couldn t tell if Chris had wanted Peter to
Peter spied the bottle lurking behind an old candy bar wrapper and
snatched it out of the drawer. Quick as his fingers could work the cap,
Peter poured some on his hand and fed his palm down the sheets.
When his fingers wrapped around his heated cock, he heard another
moan through the wall, and before Peter could squelch the urge, he
groaned in response.
He arched his back, reveling in the knowledge that Chris was next
door touching himself at the same time. Even if Chris hadn t meant to
be heard, even if he was freaked out or disgusted that Peter was
making noises, too, at least they were in this together.
44 Daisy Harris
 Fuck yeah&  Chris s whisper carried through the wall. And
Peter couldn t help answering with an,  Oh God, as he twisted his
crown, smoothing the moisturizer through his pre-cum in a sloppy
He wanted to ask Chris what he was feeling, what he liked, but
Peter bit his lip. Instead, he whimpered loud enough that he knew
Chris had to be hearing.
Chris was doing the same, though his sounds were more
guttural growls rather than moans.
Peter s thighs shook and his balls clenched with need, but he
gripped his base to stop from coming too soon. It was too good, too
quietly intimate. He d rather be with Chris like this than with any
other guy he could think of, even bare and pressed flesh to flesh.
 Gonna come&  Chris panted.
Peter wished he were brave enough to tell Chris he was coming,
too. Instead, he let his whispered chorus of  Oh God, oh God, oh
God, oh God explain as Peter sped up his strokes. His hand vibrated
over slicked flesh smearing the sheets with hand cream and
dribbling arousal.
 Fu-uck&  Chris s voice was a heart-wrenching, ball-twisting
growl that sent Peter spinning into orbit. He clenched his eyes,
wanting to feel every pulse of his body, hear the sound of Chris s
pants. Peter dragged his sheets down just in time to shoot long ropes
of cum across his chest, the last lash falling hot on his belly.
In the moment that followed, their rooms went silent. Peter
thanked the lord his stereo was still playing so there was enough
background noise for him to mop up without feeling awkward.
When he was done and had rearranged his blankets so he wasn t
sleeping in a sticky patch, Peter stared at the wall separating his room
from Chris s. Peter wanted to tell Chris good night. The words were
poised on his lips. He could practically taste their sweetness. In a
long, painful second, Peter realized he wasn t going to say it, and his
heart shrank in his chest.
College Boys 45
But right when he was turning over to fall asleep, Chris said from
next door,  G night.
Peter inhaled a quick breath, as if he d caught a butterfly in his
hand. But of course Chris had said good night. It was those damned
country manners. But that didn t stop Peter from feeling like dancing.
 Good night, Chris. Peter grinned into his pillow. Though he
knew he should sleep, he stared at the wall between them until the
morning light turned his room golden.
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