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you in my arms. And you will know that you have nothing to fear of me."
There was no way she could say no now, not to a simple request for closeness. She knew she wouldn't
sleep, she was wound up with too much sexual tension, and getting close to him again was just going to
increase it. But she gave him her hand anyway and let him pull her back into his lap, where he positioned
her for maxi-mum comfort.
For a moment she felt like a child again, curled up in the lap of one of her parents. The lights were still
on, and the TV droned on at low volume. It was silly to try to sleep in a chair when there was a perfectly
good bed nearby. She almost mentioned it, but caution prevailed and she said nothing.
He said nothing more either. But his hand pressed her head to the bare part of his chest, where his tunic
spread wide. And she didn't know how she did it, but she fell asleep listening to the steady beat of his
Chapter Fourteen
BRITTANY WOKE AT DAWN WHEN THE BIRDS ON the two trees in front of her apartment
building began their morning greetings. She didn't stir immediately, just opened her eyes and absorbed the
fact that she was laying sprawled across a Very big body and was utterly content to be there.
Dalden had moved down in the chair at some point in the night, to where he wasn't actually sitting in it
anymore, was spread at a near prone angle, which was why she wasn't sitting either. She was actually
laying on top of him, one leg bent across his hip, the other lost with his somewhere under the table in front
of the chair.
She wondered what Jan had thought when she had come home and found them like that. The lights and
TV were off now, showing that Jan had quietly passed through the room without waking them. And
Brittany and Dalden would probably be gone before Jan got up to go to work, since her job started
much later in the morning than Brittany's-which reminded her she had to call Arbor and the spa to let
them know she was taking a short vacation.
"Did you sleep well, kerima?"
She lifted her head to find those lovely amber eyes on her. "The birds wake you, too?"
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"No, it was the sound of your purring."
She gasped, sputtered, and chuckled all at once. "I did ... no such thing!"
He smiled at her. "Perhaps it was myself, then. I believe I could wish for no other thing than to wake
with you in my arms every rising. "
Brittany was a little shocked-actually, a lot. Those words spoke of permanence, of forever after, of
never being parted. They were something a woman might say or think, but a man? When men tended to
go through a heck of a lot of agonizing before they even came close to thinking about commitment? But
then he'd used the word "wish," which could put the statement back into perspective. He wasn't really
saying, Let's get hitched. He was just being fanciful.
That conclusion annoyed Brittany somewhat, enough to have her pushing off of him. "Careful, big guy, or
you might get your wish.
She didn't get very far in the pushing. His arms around her tightened, and she quickly found it pointless to
try to squirm out of that. So she gave him a look that said release me or ... actually, she couldn't think of
an "or else" in his case, but she was sure he got the point. Not that it worked. He wasn't letting her move
off of him yet, and that was all there was to that.
"What has annoyed you?" he asked.
"I'm not annoyed," she grouched.
"What has annoyed you?" he repeated, refusing to accept her evasion.
"Okay, you asked for it. I really dislike how men forever say things they don't mean."
"And women do not?"
"Not nearly as much, and besides-"
"Did you not just say something that you did not mean when you said you were not annoyed?"
"No. That was a flat-out lie. That isn't at all the same thing. I'm talking about things that get said between
a man and a woman that can affect feelings, that can build hopes and dreams, that will finally shatter a
relationship when it's realized that it's been nothing but BS."
"All this resentment over a wish I am inclined to grant?" There was suddenly a lot of screeching coming
out of the earphone that
I attached to his ear, reminding Brittany that they weren't [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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