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had immediately taken up stations at the main entry as well as in the upstairs and downstairs
hallways of the house. She tried not to notice the bulge where the man's automatic was tucked
under his armpit in a side holster.
As she turned to go back toward her room, Maria came out of the elevator and carried a
lunch tray to the desk beside him, and Chris smiled at her.
Maria approached Chris with a concerned look on her face.  Seora, you did not eat
breakfast, and your lunch sits untouched, as well. You will make yourself ill if you do not eat."
Chris shrugged.  I really have no appetite. I am just so worried. And having an army of
scary looking bodyguards here isn't helping. Mr. Blake is going to get me in to see Antonio as soon
as possible."
The tiny woman smiled at her and said softly,  Do you think the seor would want you
fainting away from lack of nourishment when you go to visit him? He will think I am not doing
my job."
Chris managed a smile.  I'll eat what's on my lunch tray, Maria. And don't fret I love
cold chicken."
She returned to her room and walked to the little breakfast set beside the fireplace.
Forcing herself to eat, she cleared the covered plate and drank the milk without tasting it.
Her phone rang, and she answered.
"Seor Blake is in the library, seora."
"Thank you, Jose. I'll be down in a moment."
Blake glanced up as she stepped into the room, and he cleared his throat.  Mrs.
"Mr. Blake. She smiled and nodded and gestured for him to have a seat on the sofa
opposite hers. He sat and opened his case to pull out several sheaves of paper.  When can I see
"Your husband has ordered me to have your pre nup altered slightly while he is working
his way through this legal mess. I will need your signature here and here. He handed her a pen
and indicated the lines she should sign.  And I will try to have a visit set up for you this
afternoon, at 3:30."
Chris swallowed and then read the document thoroughly before she signed. She frowned
and looked at the attorney.  What is this? Slightly altered? This looks like an annulment."
Blake lifted his brows.  Er, yes. He felt that, under the circumstances, it would be wiser to
remove some of the restrictions from the pre-nup in order to expedite the annulment."
She blinked and re-read the document. Her heart was pounding wildly in her ears.  This
says that the pre-nup is null and void. What does that mean, Mr. Blake?"
He cleared his throat. He seemed very nervous for some reason.  It means that he no
longer expects you to abide by the existing agreement. An annulment has been arranged, negating
the 24-month requirement. He has authorized me to deposit in your bank account the sum of the
originally agreed-upon $250,000.00 he offered you if and when the marriage ended, and he has
stipulated that you are free to return to your apartment."
Chris looked at him in horror.  He can't! I mean, I can't! No, please. I can't do this!"
Blake forced a smile.  Of course, he will expect me to appoint a new business manager in
place of Mr. Damien, but all in all, he is entrusting his estates and money to me, Mrs. Rodriguez.
You will be a free woman in less than a week. This is the way it must be to prevent his cousin
from getting a court order to gain control. He met her green gaze and held the pen out once
She inhaled deeply and prayed she wasn't going to pass out. If Antonio wanted her out of
danger he didn't have to go to such lengths. He had filed for an annulment? Her stomach felt like
she'd swallowed acid.
She flushed with anger.  I suppose I have no choice then. I certainly don't want that leech
to take any more of his money away. You know, the jerk tried to tell us that he was already in
control of Antonio's affairs and he had the legal right to evict us!"
Blake stiffened and frowned.  When did he say this? His voice sounded strange.
"Yesterday, right after Antonio was arrested. He walked into my bedroom and made out [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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