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billowed to her chin. The back of her head dropped to the tub s rim. A jet stream
pummeled between her shoulder blades, and she squirmed to get her feet on the edge of
the bench. She wanted deeper and she took it, spreading her knees wide and lifting her
bottom off the bench, driving him hard inside.
Salim and the barely-there dragons shuddered, quiet groans amplified strangely by
the humidity. He flexed his hips and backed up further, but she followed, taking
advantage of the buoyancy afforded by the water. He caught her before she got too far.
 Don t hurry.
 We re not ready yet, he explained and turned her to face away. He covered both
breasts at once, leaving her to hold the edge of the tub for stability.  Put your feet up on
the bench and spread your knees. He spoke in her ear; the command melted her core.
She flushed, realizing his intention a heartbeat before he positioned her in the jet
stream. Sheer power rushed between her thighs, forcing her labia wide and pounding
over her clit, assaulting her entrance as if it were a battering ram at a gate. Salim buried
his face against her neck, the rough shadow on his chin abrading her steam-softened
skin. His cock nestled between her cheeks, driven against that secret spot by the force of
the water hammering her mound. He didn t penetrate, but the pressure was enough to
drive her mad. She couldn t focus on any one sensation; the overload tore her breath
away. She clutched at his wrists for support and shamelessly bucked up into the water
 More, she gasped, greedy, angling to find Salim s mouth and bite at his lips.  I
want more.
He smiled against the corner of her mouth, slight movement that she felt rather than
saw.  Tell me.
Her throat constricted on a moan as the jet forced against her opening. She ignored
his instruction and cocked her hips, trying to find a position that would fill her aching
tunnel, to no avail. Frustration left her breathless; she pulled hard on his wrists.  More.
I want you inside.
He nudged his pelvis against her ass, teasing with the crown of his cock; tight
muscles gave willingly, eagerly to the gentle penetration, and she moaned, low and
primal and in a voice not even her own.
 Here? The question was a growl, and then a groan.
She jerked her head, but lost track of whether it was a nod or a refusal. Her body
decided for her, back arching and thrusting her breasts hard into his palms, and her ass
moved slowly over his shaft. Her nipples tightened, tingled, and he latched onto the
Dragon Queen: Book 2: Dragon Dance
diamond-hard buds. Arrows of sensation shot to her abdomen, burying deep in her still-
empty heat.
The vacancy brought her near tears. Eyes stinging, she squeezed them shut and tried
to work past a sob. He was buried to the hilt in her ass before she managed,  Not
enough. More.
He hesitated, holding himself trembling and still, and kissed her shoulder. He pulled
her back from the water jets. She whimpered at the loss, but Salim released one breast
so he could smooth his hand over her stomach, petting gently. She didn t know how long
he kept her like that. Her only clock was the breakneck thud of her heartbeat. It slowed
by a few beats, and he kissed her cheek, her ear. The petting hand glided between her
thighs, soft and soothing, and he asked,  Are you sure you want more?
He brought her body to a calmer state, but she was still on fire inside. She could
barely think, but she nodded, letting instinct guide the whispered,  Them, too.
Salim stilled. He pulled her further into the middle of the Jacuzzi, where water
bubbled and frothed gently, and slowly eased himself from the sheath she d made of her
Shock dragged her out of her haze. She turned, clutching for him,  no, no, come
back, beneath her breath. His expression knocked the objection out of her; she tried to
connect the mindless passion of moments past with the pained twist of his face. What
did I do? stuck in her throat and she couldn t force it out.
 Not tonight, baby, he murmured, shifting to cradle her in his arms.
Not tonight? Cora squeezed her eyes shut, fighting rising hysteria. She was panting
and confused and oh, God, she ached. She didn t have the strength to force him to take
her again, and desire cooled fast in her uncertainty. The steam, formerly sensuous and
cradling, pushed against her angrily.
Salim held onto her as she tried to extract herself from his grasp. She shoved
roughly, and he let her go, leaving her to crawl from the tub, heavy-headed and drunk
on emptiness, mumbling an excuse about the heat. He didn t follow, and she thanked
God for it.
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