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 How many jobs do you have?
 Not sure. Flick squirmed now the focus was back on her.
 Do you like any of them?
This conversation was heading for shark-infested water.
 I like elements of all of them. The drystone walling was fun until the snake
incident. How is your hand, by the way? She lobbed the ball to his side of the table.
 Hurts like crazy. What else do you do?
The ball came back and she swiped it across the net.  Shall I kiss it better?
 Later. Beck coughed and smashed the ball back to her side.  What else?
 I drive a limo for Yorkshire Television once or twice a week. I enjoy that because
there s always the chance that I ll pick up Johnny Depp.
 What else?
 Underpaid minion at a local gym. The hours are crap, though of course I live in
hope of Johnny Depp popping in for a quick workout.
 What s all this about Johnny Depp?
 I like Johnny Depp.
Not anymore. Flick licked a drop of sauce from her lip.
Beck groaned.  Don t do that.
 Don t do what?
 Lick your lip. It distracts me.
Flick ran her tongue all the way around her lips.  Can I have the last piece of prawn
 I m not that distracted. You ate all the others.
Barbara Elsborg
Flick picked it up and pushed it in his mouth.  I hope you choke, she said,
immediately wishing the words back.
Beck chewed and swallowed.  Sorry, still alive. What about Hartington Hall?
 What about it?
 I know you work there, too.
 Doing all the jobs Lady C s regular cleaning lady doesn t like, plus occasional
work such as the dinner party or granny-sitting Gertrude.
 Maybe you re also pretty good at taping out digs, Beck said.
Flick helped herself to more rice.  Only pretty good?
 It was you, Beck said with a smile.  Thank you for doing that.
She sighed.  The least I could do after my dog-walking disaster.
He reached across the table and took hold of her hand.  I m sorry about everything,
Flick. I think there s been a lot of jumping to conclusions.
 Did Giles really do math at Cambridge?
Beck chuckled.  He wasn t the only one who made two and two equal five.
Flick nodded.  At Birmingham University the first thing they taught us was that
two and two equals four. Cambridge is clearly not all it s cracked up to be. Stef got in
for a start.
 What did you do at Birmingham?
She grinned.  History.
 No wonder you know so much about archaeology. Did you ?
 Finish? Yes. I got a First and don t ask your next question.
 What would that be?
 Why I don t have a proper job.
They ate in silence for a while.
 So what s your relationship with Henry?
Flick dropped her chopsticks.
 Sorry. I wasn t suggesting& I mean& now I m wondering how many feet I can
stick in my mouth at one go, he said.
Flick thought about teasing him but decided not to.  Henry s been very kind to me.
He s an angel, though he pretends he s a devil. What was their relationship? They
played word games. They flirted. He d never touched her in an inappropriate way
though Flick sensed the possibility lurking.  I think he does fancy me but he d never act
on it and I d run a mile.
Beck smiled.  Any more jobs?
 Pub work. I deliver Yellow Pages once a year and then there s the fuel station, she
 I drove along the ring road looking for where you work. Where exactly is it?
Digging Deeper
 Not exactly on the ring road. Flick helped herself to more Singapore noodles. This
was not the time to tell him she was a pole dancer. Not now they were getting closer.
 This is really delicious. Take the hint, she pleaded.
 Yep, it is. Okay, you re bright and multi-talented, what is it that you d actually like
to do?
Her gaze rolled around the restaurant and came to rest on the large aquarium.
 Marine biologist. She liked the sound of that.
Beck laughed.  Why do you have so many jobs? I don t understand why you re not
shattering some glass ceiling with one of your very sexy high heels.
 I don t want the responsibility, Flick lied.  And I get bored really, really quickly
and I think that s enough about my jobs from someone whose career lies in ruins.
Beck groaned.  To think I ve never heard that one before.
 Why did you decide you wanted to spend your life poking around in dead
people s rubbish? Flick tried to shift the conversation back to him.
 Because I thought archaeologists didn t need to shave and spent most of their time
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