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He played with her clit, rousing her passion, not giving her a chance to let a new kind of pain take
away her excitement. With one hand on her belly he worked himself deep into her channel. She was taking
him much easier than he could have imagined.
 Can you feel us both? Hunter s voice was strained.
 How could I not?
Mason rocked forward. Claire moaned and dropped her head onto Hunter s shoulder. The line of her
spine called to Mason and he placed tiny kisses on every vertebra he could reach. She arched back into him,
stretching like a cat and pushing her breasts toward Hunter s waiting mouth. Hunter suckled her.
There was nothing more erotic than a flush woman between her two men, taking them both at the
same time.
Mason couldn t stand it any longer.
 Move with me, baby. He pulled out of her and lifted her at the same time, dragging her off Hunter s
cock, then set up a rhythm where he would enter as Hunter exited. Her head was thrown back in ecstasy,
her teeth imbedded in her lower lip, her eyes closed.
He wasn t going to last.
 Hunter, you almost there? He wanted his friend at the same place.
 Ohhh yeah.
 Good. Sweat dripped from Mason s brow to the small of Claire s back. He watched his cock
emerge then disappear into her perfect body. She d shared herself with them and nothing could ever please
him more.
Except, of course, if they could continue on as her lifetime lovers.
Last night he d believed it was possible that day would come.
Her body bowed, and she cried out.  Please let me come.
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Annmarie McKenna
Mason pressed on her clit, bringing her closer to completion. He waited for the moment of her release
then slammed himself deep into her channel and came with her. A growl from Hunter said he d done the
They stayed that way, tangled up in each other s arms until they could breathe once more. Their sweat
glued them together but Mason had no desire to move. Only Claire s discomfort made him do so.
He carefully extracted himself as did Hunter. She lay on Hunter s lap, exhausted.
 I m going to run a bath for you. Mason willed his legs not to collapse when he stood. He grinned
when Claire could only nod.
Then he turned and left the woman that he loved with his best friend, every inch of his soul cracking
in despair.
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Chapter Eight
Hunter twirled a lock of Claire s hair around his forefinger. She sighed and snuggled deeper into him.
Her skin was soft, slick with sweat, and the air smelled of their shared sex.
When Mason returned, Hunter lifted her and carried her to the bathroom and the hot water awaiting
her. He lowered her into the tub and knelt beside it, Mason next to him.
 You make me happy. She startled Hunter with her announcement.
He swallowed.  You were unhappy? He hated thinking how she would feel when they told her things
wouldn t work.
 No, just& I guess part of me was missing. But I didn t really know it. And it s only been one night,
for goodness sake, yet I can t imagine you guys leaving here tonight and me going back to the way things
Hunter hung his head. This was exactly what they d wanted and now they were just supposed to let
her go?
 Wait. She held up a hand, a stunned look on her face.  Wait. If this is where you tell me you had
fun but that s all it was, just leave. Leave now before this goes one second further.
 That s not it. Mason spoke before Hunter could.
 Then what? You both seem like someone you love just died. I m not stupid. It was stupid of me to
blurt out my feelings when I knew you didn t feel the same way, yes, but I am old enough to realize this
wasn t forever.
Hunter growled.  We wanted it to be, lady. We came to that party last night fully intending to make
you ours forever. To make you see things the way we did.
 Great. So I didn t hold up to your ideal woman. She sank into the water and closed her eyes.
 Goddammit, Claire. That isn t what we re saying at all. Mason s words were punctuated by a tear
slipping down Claire s cheek.
 Trust me, we want nothing other than to hear you say you want to stay with us  til the end of time.
Hunter reached for her leg and washed it with the soapy washrag, gently working his way up to the area he
knew would be the sorest.  You have to know by now how we feel.
Annmarie McKenna
She looked at each of them from beneath her lashes.  Then why the hell do you appear as though you
can t get out of here fast enough?
Hunter felt like shit. He eyed Mason and sighed.  We decided we couldn t do this to you.
Her arms went across her chest, her eyebrows came down.  Do what, exactly?
Mason rubbed the back of his neck.  Make you uncomfortable.
 How do you figure you re making me uncomfortable?
 Come on, Hunter cried.  You saw the way that lady reacted to us together at the parade. No way
could we put you through that kind of thing on a daily basis. I want you and Mason wants you. Neither of
us would be okay with standing in the background when we were out in public.
 So because you guys think I ll be uncomfortable in front of other people you re going to take off?
 We re going to let you go. Let you have a normal relationship. Hunter eased his thumb over her
instep. She had to understand before they left this apartment that they were leaving for her sanity, not
because they didn t want her.
 You two are full of horseshit. You know that, right?
Mason straightened from his slouch.  What?
 I told you when we left the parade that people shouldn t stick their noses in other people s business
and I meant it. What I do or don t do with my life isn t of anyone s concern except my own. And yours, I
guess, if you decide to man up and give it a chance.
She scowled for a minute but Hunter couldn t care less. His heart soared.
 We were trying to make things easier for you.
 And you think that by storming into my life, making me feel special for the first time ever, then
running out like a couple of babies is making things easier for me? I live in a fictional world, boys. She
glared at both of them.  A world I create where everyone has a happily ever after no matter how many
people are involved. If I didn t think a threesome would work, I wouldn t write about it.
 God I love you. Mason leaned over and kissed her, hard and deep.
 Maybe that bitch was jealous that she didn t have her own two men to share, Claire whispered when
Mason backed off.
Hunter barked out in laughter.
Claire smiled and dragged her toe up her bare leg in a sensuous movement, the warm water sluicing
down her thigh as it lifted above the line of the water.  So you all started this last night. I guess if I want it
bad enough I ll have to persuade you to stay?
The pretend pout did him in. Hunter took her lips in the same fashion Mason had and devoured her
When he finally let loose, she was panting. Big blue eyes peeked at him.  Is this for real now?
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Make Mine Midnight
Hunter hated the fear he heard in her voice.  For us it always has been, but neither of us could fathom
making your life awkward.
 One hundred percent real. Mason echoed Hunter s reply and cupped one of her breasts, thumbing
the nipple.
 It s so weird.
 Why? Because there s two of us? [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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