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He opened his eyes.  What are you doing?
 Making it last.
His mouth shriveled up.  I don t& 
She leaned over to press a kiss against the tip of his cock, making his words die upon his lips.
He closed his mouth, leaning his head back with a sour look upon his face and a huff of breath.
She d seen that look. On her own face. Bren and she had made love under mirrors before. She d
seen her expressions and had shot Bren a look much like this one, which he d promptly ignored, to
continue drawing out her passions.
Amory and she were more alike than she cared to admit. They both liked to be in control.
She continued her ministrations on his cock, stroking and touching, but not quite hard enough to
bring him ultimate satisfaction. She d build his banking passions, then slide down the touch.
He writhed back and forth on the bed.  Zelda. Sweat coated his face and the flush had increased to
a ruddy red.
 Let me come.
She removed her hands.  I don t know if it s time yet. I want this to last. She hovered her hands
just over his body.
 It has, dammit. Long enough.
She licked her lips, enjoying the show of impatience. Their taking Amory would be an all night
event. One she couldn t wait for. Moisture built up in her pussy, coating her.  Are you sure it s been
long enough? I mean I don t want to rush you or anything. She grinned at his murderous expression.
He snorted, bucking his head back into the pillow like a wildebeest she d seen once in an extinction
exhibit from a planet far away.  I m sure.
She sprinkled her touch over his hips, not touching anywhere long, but spreading it around.  Sit up.
His cock jerked and tilted toward her hand. Shiny under the lamp, his length was covered in lube
and swollen.  What?
 Sit up.
He moved to sitting with her help so that his back rested against the headboard. This way they d
both be more comfortable for what she had in mind. She wanted him to enjoy this as much as he
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His first blowjob.
She lowered her mouth and encased his tip into her full lips. She suckled on his end like she would
a straw.
His entire body spasmed.
There was so much more. So much Amory had never experienced. She sucked him down into her
mouth. Puckering her lips like she was going to whistle, she ran her mouth up and down his length.
Each time he went deeper into her mouth, his hips swiveled taking him down a little more. Finally,
he drove himself in as deep as she could take him without gagging. He didn t give her time to react,
but went in with unrelenting pressure.
She opened her jaws, careful not to settle her teeth upon his length and held him there for a second,
before going up and taking him down into her mouth again.
Out of the corner of her eye around her hair, she could see his hands white knuckled, so tight was
their grasp upon the sheet.
His hips bucked up wildly. His hands left the sheet to tangle in her hair. He held her in place so she
couldn t move back but a fraction.
So close to the edge. Soon enough he traveled over.
His cock jerked in her mouth just before he started to spray. His orgasm hit with a force to be
reckoned with.
She could barely keep up with his spurting semen, but managed to keep from gagging as he pulsed
out his pleasure.
As the throes of his passion calmed, she withdrew him from her mouth. Swiping her tongue across
her lips, she tasted sweetness. He must have eaten candy or drunk something sweet tasting. How
good he tasted. She loved to get Bren to eat a hcaep, a fleshy, sweet, peachlike fruit, before she gave
him oral sex so his cum could taste like it.
 Enjoy yourself? She ran her hand across his flat stomach, which sucked in at the touch. His skin
was still sensitive after his orgasm.
 I think you know I did.
She looked at the man stretched out before her. A banquet of contradictions. Ornery yet gentle.
Tough yet soft. She d spend the rest of her life getting to know him, and he d spend that time getting
to know her. Goddess knew, she was a mess of conflicts as well. Yeah, she wore the label of bitch
proudly.  I know.
 It was incredible. I had no idea& 
 No idea what? She lowered her hips to sit on the bed near his feet. She stroked across them
 That sex could be like this.
 There s even more. Even more than this, Amory.
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