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tits and pulled them up.  All over. He sucked and nibbled on the hard peaks, and Tory moaned, unable to
hold back the flood of heat. Devon grabbed her hips and slammed into her, fucking her. Dominating her.
Claiming her body and soul.
Within moments, the men exploded. Tory felt every jolt of Devon s cock inside her ass and the
pulsing heat as Con came inside her pussy. Both men shouted her name. Tory felt fingers flicking her clit,
she wasn t sure which man touched her, nor did she care, because she too burst wide open as an orgasm
tore through her, destroying her.
Con littered her face with tiny kisses. Cheeks, lips and eyelids received special attention. Tory merely
lay there, exhausted, sweating, spent. Devon praised her as he came down on top of her, blanketing her
body with his larger one. He sucked on her shoulder, leaving a stinging love bite behind, his dick, now
semi-erect, still imbedded deep.
 Merry Christmas, sugar, Devon whispered against her ear. Con kissed the top of her head and said,
 Yeah, Merry Christmas, baby.
Tory grunted. It was all she was capable of in that moment. She wanted to say something to ease the
tension she could already feel rising in the room. Something witty, something cool, but damn, she was just
too tired. As Devon s weight lifted off her, his cock slowly slipping from her body, she wanted to protest. It
couldn t be over. Not yet. Not so soon. When he gently placed her on the bed beside Con and started
murmuring sweet words to her as Con caressed a palm over her belly, Tory relaxed. Okay, it wasn t over.
That was good.
Or was it?
Tory should think more on that question, really, but succumbing to exhaustion was way easier, so she
chose sleep.
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Chapter Five
Devon watched as Tory attempted to feign sleep. He knew she would hide forever if she could, but he
wouldn t let her. He and Con had waited too long to get Tory right where she was wedged between them.
Naked. Warm. And so damn soft it made his hands itch to touch. Again. No touching, he reminded himself.
Not until they had a little chat.
 Come on, sugar, he coaxed.  I know you re awake.
One pretty eye popped open as she peeked up at him.  Well, yeah, I m awake now because you won t
shut up.
Con chuckled.  You ve been awake for the last half hour, baby. You ve just been playing pretend.
Devon wanted to strangle Con. He might want to joke, but Devon felt like the rest of his life was
hanging in the balance. If they handled this wrong, things could go bad. Real bad. Devon and Con had
waited too long. They couldn t screw this up. Telling the sexy imp how they felt about her was happening
now. No more waiting. Not even another minute.  We need to talk about this, Tory.
Tory sat up, dragging the sheet with her as she went. Covering her nudity? Devon hid a smile at the
display of modesty. It was so out of place, considering she d just let the two of them bring her to orgasm
not once, but four times.
 What if I don t want to? she said, pushing a tangled lock of blonde hair out of her face.  Maybe it s
better not to ruin the glow.
Devon propped himself up on his side.  The glow?
 The afterglow, she said, as if he were thick in the head.  Which is wearing off, I might add.
Con sat up straight and glared down at Tory.  You came four times, little girl. No way is the
afterglow wearing off already.
Tory pointed a finger at Devon.  Hey, blame him. He s the one who wants to dissect what we just
 We had sex, Devon stated bluntly, knowing she was only attempting to rile them so they would lose
focus.  It s pretty clear cut, sweetheart. That s not what I want to talk about.
She bit her lip and clutched the sheet tighter.  You aren t going to let it go, are you?
 No. A knot formed in his chest. It happened every time he was forced to tell Tory no. From the day
they d met, Devon had had a hard time not giving in to the beguiling woman.
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 Fine. You want the truth? I don t know where this&  she made a back and forth gesture,  & us, is
headed. All I know is that I ve spent a glorious night with the two most important men in my life, and it has
my head all mixed up.
 It doesn t need to be mixed up, he whispered as he covered the hand that gripped the sheet.  I want
more than sex from you, Tory. Con and I both do.
 We care about you, baby, Con said, adding his two cents to the pot.  We have for a long time.
Tory looked down at the mattress, not speaking for several seconds before finally saying,  I think it s
time for me to go. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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