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to do things. I deliberately stay away from casting spells but, well, you saw what
happened just a little while ago. Sometimes all I have to do is have a thought, and
poof& something happens, and not even something relative to what I was thinking
 Oh man, that has to suck, as in big hairy donkey balls suck.
Bobby grinned, and the effect was utterly charming. He was one sweet, luscious
little morsel. I looked at Tyler who was sitting to my left. He too seemed mesmerized by
Bobby s pure and natural allure. Turning his gaze toward me, our eyes met and
Kate Steele Soul Familiar 2: Unpredictable - 40 -
complete understanding passed between us.  It almost makes me wish we were all
bonded, Tyler admitted.
 I had the same thought, but then you know that. We re both utterly shameless.
Tyler grinned and I laughed at the wicked twinkle in his eyes before turning back to
Bobby.  You re lucky Tyler and I are mated or you d find yourself the object of a very
determined seduction attempt.
 I wouldn t mind, he answered with a shy smile.  You guys are nice. I thought
you d be all stuffy and stuck up like& um& Elder Thomas.
Bobby s hesitation raised a frisson of unease within me. I was just about certain
the stuck up person he was referring to wasn t Elder Thomas. Though it was something
that required some thought, I put it away for now.  There s a question that just begs to
be asked at this point and that is how is the power link broken between you and
whoever you become attached to?
 Mostly by accident, although it can be deliberately transferred from one person
to another if the other person will agree to accept it.
 I take it that doesn t happen very often?
 And do you have to be attached to someone?
 No. It s supposed to be a deliberate and voluntary thing but with my powers
messed up the way they are, sometimes a link just happens.
 Were you attached to someone before you came to us?
 Um& no.
As soon as the word left his mouth I knew he was lying. Bobby is not the kind of
person who can get away with blithely spouting falsehoods. He gives off  I m lying
vibes. I can say for certain he d be a terrible poker player.
 Bobby, what aren t you telling us? I gently prodded. I had a feeling that
whatever the reason was that brought him to us, it wasn t his idea.
Biting his lip, Bobby looked up at me. The smiling young man of a few moments
ago was gone. This one was filled with fear.  He made me. I didn t want to, but he said
Kate Steele Soul Familiar 2: Unpredictable - 41 -
he d put a proposal to the Elders Council to have me put in stasis  cause I m a danger
to every magic practitioner worldwide. He said my incompetence could expose us all.
He ordered me to come here and attach myself to either you or Tyler. I m so sorry. I was
scared. I didn t know what to do.
The root of suspicion that had earlier been planted in my mind produced a
bloom fully formed.  Lucas Tarrasen.
With his eyes going wide, Bobby whispered,  How did you know?
 It s just the sort of underhanded trick he would pull. And you re right, he is
stuffy and stuck up. I m sad to see he s also become cruel. I m sorry, Bobby, you
shouldn t have been pulled into this.
 You re not mad at me? Bobby looked so subdued and hopeful my heart went
out to him.
I m an only child, but I was beginning to think that what I was feeling now was
something an older brother might feel for a younger one. I wanted to protect the little
squirt.  No, we re not mad at you. It wasn t your fault. None of this is. Lucas has
decided to try and disable us before we have to face him and his partner in magical
combat. I went on to explain our circumstances to Bobby and the upcoming trial we
 You ll never be able to win with me attached to you. What are we going to do?
I smiled at the way Bobby selflessly took on Tyler s and my problem as his own.
 I m going to try to do what you were hoping I could. I m going to fix your powers.
Chapter Three
Have you ever heard the untamed cry of an overconfident idiot? It sounds
something like,  I m going to fix your powers! That s right, the overconfident idiot was
me. A couple of days after making that lofty pronouncement I still had made no
progress. We d managed to keep the Bobby-induced disasters to a minimum.
Bobby had been outside on several occasions helping Tyler with his watering
chores and I suppose his imagination was overloaded by images of flower beds and
sprinklers. The second night he was here, when Tyler and I attempted to go to bed for
the night we discovered our bed was filled with flowers. Roses, daisies, iris, daffodils,
tulips& you name it, we had it. Fortunately they were cut flowers, no dirt to get rid of.
The second incident happened the next day. I just happened to be in the kitchen
when the rain started& indoors. Lucky me. At first I was startled as hell but it didn t
take long to realize who was responsible. Calmly I summoned an umbrella and yelled
out the window for Tyler and Bobby to come in. Bobby looked suitably guilty and
chagrined, but can you believe Tyler laughed at me?
 What is so funny? I growled.
 I just had this image of you suddenly breaking into song. Singin in the Rain
would be appropriate, don t you think?
I tried to remain serious, but I couldn t stop the twitch of my lips.  You guys are
just lucky my powers are unaffected by this or you d both be in here with mops
cleaning up this mess.
At that point the rain stopped. Bobby s magical hiccups never lasted long.
Considering my options, I spoke a few words and the water disappeared from the
kitchen. It then manifested over one of the flower beds where it rained down exactly
where it was most needed.
Kate Steele Soul Familiar 2: Unpredictable - 43 -
 What did you do with it? Bobby asked.
 Look out the window.
He did, then looked back at me with frank admiration in his eyes.  I wish I could
do that.
I wanted to say,  So do I, but knowing it would hurt his feelings I restrained
myself. Instead it came out,  You will. Honestly? I had to wonder about that. My two
days of researching his problem hadn t been totally unproductive. Bobby s magical [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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