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Groaning, he licked along Pan's neck, nose sliding on the warm skin, putting away his
worry and breathing in the scents that meant Pan was alive.
"Love." That single word echoed through him, over and over. It made his skin shiver, and
his prick grow harder, his heart thumping loudly in his chest.
"Yes," he whispered, lips finding Pan's pulse point, sucking the skin over the flickering,
constant beat that matched his own.
Pan's spirit whispered inside his mind, promising him eternity, promising him a world of
pleasure. He continued to pull at Pan's skin, worrying it between his teeth. He would pull
up a mark for everyone to see, so everyone would know that Pandreas was well, whole,
Ton'al's hand slid down his back, adoring him, loving him before his dear one pulled
Chulu close, sharing their love. Groaning, he let Pan's skin go, kissing the mark he'd left
before leaning back and wrapping an arm around Ton'al's neck. Bringing his beloved
novitiate's face close so their mouths could meet.
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Ton'al opened for him, lips parting, hand cupping his cheek. He pushed his tongue into
Ton'al's mouth, sweeping through and bringing the taste of his novitiate back into his
mouth. So different from Pan, and yet also strong and male and familiar.
He could feel Chulu, against his hand, adoring Pan, loving on Pan. He stroked the skin of
Pan's sweet novitiate, completing the circle, all four of them sharing pleasure, doubling it,
trebling it, quadrupling it. The sun was hot on their skin, but the heat they generated
together was even hotter. And it was theirs.
Three hands were on Pandreas' prick, sliding and stroking, encouraging Pan to harden, to
orgasm. He met Chulu's eyes, joy pouring from the sweet lad. He encouraged them to
move faster with him as the two of them bracketed him and Pan. He urged them to stroke
harder so they could feel Pan's pleasure, and smell Pan's scent.
"My brothers..." So weak, so tired, but still eager, still with them here.
"Master." Chulu whispered the word, kissing Pan and moving against the long, lean
Brash beamed, thumb sliding over the tip of Pan's cock, pushing into the slit. He could
feel Pan's pleasure, feel the white light reaching up toward him. "Come for us, Pandreas.
Let us share your joy."
"Brash..." Those fingers opened and closed, gripping him.
"Yes, my love. I am here. Come for us now." And then he would take Pandreas into the
Heat sprayed over their fingers, Pandreas' cry seeming to crack the world itself. The scent
filled him, made him almost cry from the power of the emotions that ran through him. It
was life and love and Pan himself.
Chulu eased Pan back onto the blankets, soft tongue sliding down to lap their fingers
clean. His dear Ton'al's cheeks were wet, pleased tears shining in the sunlight. He brought
Ton'al's face to his own, licking the salty taste of joy from Ton'al's cheeks.
"Master." The words were whispered against his lips, so soft, so quiet.
"We are complete, my sweet Ton'al." Brash tilted his head back and shouted it to the sky.
"We are complete!"
Dozens and dozens of voices answered him, calling out to the gods, their victory and
worship ringing out. Brash laughed. He laughed as he hadn't in so long. Pan pushed into
his arms, wrapping around him. He held on tight, pressing laughing kisses over Pan's
Carved from Gold - 75
"Home." Pan smiled for him, holding him close. "Brother. I need a bath and I'm hungry."
He beamed at Pan. "I can take care of both. Shall I carry you, brother, or do you wish to
walk?" Whatever Pan wanted, Pan would have.
Pan's arms wrapped around his neck, trusting him implicitly, forever.
He stood, careful of his precious burden. "Ton'al, Chulu, would you leave some
refreshment for Pan and myself in the kitchen of the Onyx Shard, please? Then the two of
you may come back and rejoice with our brothers."
There would be a several days' long orgy to celebrate. There would be feasting and song.
And above all there would be prayer and joy. So much joy over how they all held tight to
each other, how they all accepted each one of them in their hearts, from the newest
novitiate to Pan, the oldest and most constant of them.
"Yes, Master Brash. Yes."
Chulu nodded, grabbing Ton'al's arm and tugging him toward the Shard. "He's hungry!
My Master wants food and a bath and more love!"
"I know!" Laughing, the two of them skipped toward the low building. Such joy in that
Brash laughed again, carrying Pan at a much slower pace. Everyone wanted to see for
themselves, to touch Pan and confirm what they already knew. Each one wished to touch,
just briefly, to feel that life for themselves. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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