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pable of filling the largest halls without effort, yet not too loud for the
smallest; but Mercury in Leo, a bestial sign, and Saturn in Libra, a sign of
voice, are obstructive of perfect vocalization, therefore the gentleman has
at times a certain halt or hesitancy of speech.
It follows as a matter of course that disabilities of speech are more
easily remedied that those that are organic; patience, practice of vocal and
breathing exercises such as teachers of voice culture give, (these are en-
tirely different from the dangerous Hindu breathing exercises) are almost
sure to restore normal conditions.
Horoscopes Nos. 9, 10, and 11 have Saturn and Neptune conjoined in Tau-
rus; as a consequence all have throat trouble, and also a disorder of the
genital organs. Nos. 10 and 11 have both undergone operations for removal
of certain parts, and Mercury in Scorpio centers the thoughts of No. 10 upon
sex, causing intense torture, as it is impossible to gratify the craving.
Saturn in a fixed sign is certainly a sore afflicter, the reaper of fruits
from a past life, and if there is to be any solace it must come through
knowledge of the cause, prayer, and the patience engendered thereby.
Before closing discussion of maladies peculiar to the head, mention must
be made of insanity, though the underlying causes can only be hinted at in a
work of this kind; but the student is referred to THE ROSICRUCIAN
COSMO-CONCEPTION for a thorough explanation, and a key to the astrological
correspondences. Here we only give the essential facts.
The brain and larynx were first built by the angelic host from the Moon
(Luna), who used part of the sex force for that purpose, hence the intimate
connection between these organs. "Lunacy" is often induced by misuse of the
sex force, and "lunatics" frequently have a flaw in the speech. When boys
reach puberty the voice changes; the speech of a fast woman becomes coarse,
and degenerate men acquire effeminate voices. In Italy singers anxious to
cultivate high tenor voices have become eunuchs to achieve their purpose.
Into the system thus built by the lunar host under Jehovah, rebel Angels
led by Lucifer, the Spirit of Mars, insinuated themselves, and inculcated
passion, sex abuse and rebellion against the rulership of the Angels of Je-
hovah. To offset their influence our Elder Brothers from Mercury were com-
missioned to foster reason that many may in time learn to guide himself.
All the great Hierarchies work in our bodies constantly, but the three men-
tioned have particular dominion over sex and sense; each invests one of the
three segments of the spinal cord. The sublimely spiritual hierarchy of
Neptune works in the spinal canal and cerebral ventricles to awaken
spiritual senses, which when evolved, enable the imprisoned spirit to pierce
the veil of flesh and contact super-physical realms. The Lucifer Spirits
dominate the left cerebral hemisphere, which will come into activity in the
future and elevate mankind to a higher, nobler plane of life, give us the
power over the lower nature and make us Christlike. The lunar Angels hold
sway in the cerebellum which is the instrument of coordination. In this
veritable "Tree of Knowledge" the fight is fought between forces which make
for emancipation of man and agencies which aim to keep him dependent, as
explained in Rosicrucian Christianity Series, Lecture No. 14, "Lucifer,
Tempter or Benefactor?"
Such are the teachings which explain the deep reason back of astrological
dicta, and any qualified seer may easily perceibe the various agencies at
work in the human body; such are few, however, and the student of Astrology
has reason to thank God day by day for the blessed science which is of
greater benefit than any measure of spiritual sight. Though the writers are
firm believers in the law of compensation which gives to each exactly what
he has earned, neither more nor less, we cannot free ourselves from the
feeling that our measure of spiritual faculties has been heaped and shaken
down. We feel very, very grateful for the privilege and added usefulness in
service which this gives us. Nevertheless, were the alternatives placed be-
fore us involving choice between loss of spiritual faculties and loss of our
knowledge of Astrology, we should not hesitate one moment, but decide at
once in favor of our beloved science, neither ought this surprise anyone who
will give the matter a moment's thought. It is true that spiritual sight,
even in its rudimentary form enables us to see the condition of the human
body to the minutest detail, and thus affords a much easier means of diagno-
sis than Astrology, but though it penetrates to the innermost core of the
bone, mere clairvoyance is superficial compared to Astrology for it shows
only present conditions of the body. To find the causes which led up to
that state and judge of future tendencies, it is necessary to consult the
memory of nature. We should have to do that personally, and this, time
would not permit, as were are handling hundreds of cases, but a simple as-
trological figure, which we may commission one of our students to case, re-
veals as much at a glance. There are delineated the causes of mental, moral
and physical disorders; it shows accurately the stages that have been passed
and the crises yet to come. It also indicates the direction from which a
remedy may be looked for and the most favorable time for administering the
same. It helps people Here and Now, and the astrologer who lives up to his
privilege has a mission so high and so holy that the office of priest (in
the esoteric sense) pales into insignificance by comparison. Let the aspir-
ant to this great knowledge remember that he stands upon holier ground that
Moses before the burning bush, when he looks at a horoscope. Through that
circle symbol of infinity an immortal soul is laid bare, and woe to him who
dares to look with profane gaze, for no matter how that soul may have been
smirched in its pilgrimage through matter, it is essentially divine and dear
the Father, yea, perhaps even more precious, than the righteous who do not
need mercy and compassion. This has been somewhat of a digression, but we
have no apologies to offer, for we preach Astrology as a religion and feel
the necessity of emphasizing this phase in season and out, if by any means
we may inculcate in others the reverence which we ourselves feel for this
divine science.
Returning to the astrological consideration of insanity, and in view of
what has been said we may note that the horoscope shows how, in the spinal
canal, rays of the various hierarchies blend, and Astrology tabulates the
resultant mental conditions as follows:
People are not congenitally affected, who have cardinal signs rising,
particularly if cardinal or fixed signs also invest the Midheaven and Nadir,
rarely become insane. The active nature forbids morbid tendencies and
blues, disappointment is quickly thrown off and hope springs eternal in the
cardinal breast urging to renewed struggle with conditions. It is said that
the exception proves the rule, and when Capricorn rises the saturnine
rulership gives a tendency to melancholy which under certain aggravating
circumstances may provoke suicide, particularly when the ruler is cooped up
in the Eighth House, as we see in horoscope No. 12. Virgo, a common sign,
devoid of stamina, holds the Sun, Saturn, Venus, and the Moon in this, the
house of death; this robs the person of joy in life and impels him to end it
under stress of sorrow. Knowledge on the part of an astrologer friend has
so far forestalled the calamity, and it is hoped, may save the poor man from
committing so grave a crime.
When a Fixed sign rises at birth of a normal child, chances of insanity [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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