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work tomorrow. You don t have a change of clothes here. Besides, I
have to talk to you when I pick you up.
 Oh, no you don t. When someone tells a person they need to talk
to them later then the person they told it to goes nuts trying to figure it
out until the person who said it finally tells 
Alan kissed Sasha, making him forget whatever it was he was
saying. The kiss was sweet, heated, and too damn quick in Sasha s
opinion. But it shut him up, and Sasha knew that was Alan s goal.
54 Lynn Hagen
Tricky bastard.
 I was only going to tell you that there s a one-bedroom available
on the fourth floor. If you wanted, since we both work now, maybe
you would want to get a place together. It will bring you closer to
work, too.
Damn, it looked like his mate had thought this through. And Sasha
was happy as hell at the offer.  Really?
 Really. You don t have to give me an answer now. Just think
 Yes! Sasha rocketed into Alan s arms, kissing his face
repeatedly.  Yes, yes, yes.
Alan laughed as he wrapped his large arms around Sasha.  Okay.
I ll talk to the landlord about us moving upstairs. Come on, sexy. I ll
have to leave a little early if I m to take you home.
 You don t have to take me home. I can catch the bus.
 Not this late at night you aren t. Not by yourself.
 Hello? I ve been taking care of myself my whole life. A nighttime
bus ride is something I m used to.
 Don t be stubborn. I m taking you home, and that s final. Alan
Sasha pushed from Alan s arms.  Oh, so now we re back to your
growly disposition? Sasha narrowed his eyes, placing his hands on
his hips and tapping out an angry beat with his foot.
Alan scrubbed his face with his hand, taking a deep breath.  No.
Sorry. Please let me escort you home?
Sasha pulled back at the big toothy grin Alan gave him. Alan
looked like he was going to eat him.  You should not fake a smile,
Alan. It looks lethal.
 Ha-ha. Very funny.
Sasha hadn t been telling a joke.
 Are you going to let me take you home or not? Alan huffed.
 Fine, but for the record, though, I don t like you wasting your
money on something I can do myself.
Alan s Anger 55
 Duly noted. Now get dressed.
Sasha stuck his tongue out at Alan as he dressed himself. He d
never admit it to his mate, but it thrilled him that Alan was so
possessive and cared about his welfare. It went a long way in easing
his fears that his bear would toss him aside again.
They took the bus one block from where Sasha lived with Stella.
Alan had left in plenty of time to make it to work, which eased
Sasha s conscience. Sasha let him in the back door.
 Stay in the kitchen. I don t want her to have a heart attack if she
sees a large stranger walking through her home. Let me go find her.
Alan kissed Sasha on his temple.  Okay.
Sasha ran upstairs, knocking on Stella s bedroom door. When no
one answered, he peeked inside the room to see that it was empty. He
checked the bathroom, but found that empty also. Sasha walked back
down the steps, wondering where on earth Stella could be. He stilled
on the steps when he heard voices floating up toward him.
 You are a big man. But not big enough to get it whipped if you
don t treat my Sasha right. I ll take you out back behind the shed and
whip some manners into you, young man.
Sasha rolled his eyes. He should have known Stella would look
out for him. She may be up there in age, but she was one tough
cookie. Sasha had a feeling that she meant every word she said.
 Yes, ma am, I plan on taking very good care of Sasha.
Sasha chuckled at the way Alan was kowtowing to Stella. Even at
the ripe old age of eighty, Stella had a way about her that demanded
respect. Tough old bird.
Sasha entered the kitchen and kissed her on the cheek. He really
was going to miss her. Sasha wished he could take Stella with him,
but the apartment barely fit him and Alan. Besides, she led a very
active life, and living with a gay couple probably didn t fit into her
 I was just telling your beau how nice it was to meet him. Stella
smiled at Sasha innocently. Man, she was good. If Sasha hadn t heard
56 Lynn Hagen
her threatening Alan, he would have believed her.
Sasha smiled and rubbed his right index finger over his left one,
shaming her.
Stella narrowed her eyes.  Fine, I was threatening to kick his rear
end if he hurt you. He is a big man after all. Stella pulled Sasha s ear
closer, lowering her voice.  Did you two do the naughty thing?
Stella giggled.
Sasha glanced up at Alan, feeling his face turn ten shades of red.
 I told you she was blunt. Sorry about that.
 Don t apologize. I like her. Alan s smile was wide.
Sasha kissed her cheek again then patted her on the shoulder.
She huffed.  Don t tell me then. You could have indulged an old
woman, you know? No harm in that.
Alan chuckled as he pulled Sasha into his arms.  We are in a
committed relationship. Does that help?
 Oh, balderdash. You two are as PG as my books. Sasha, show
him the sitting room while I make tea.
 Come on, big bear. You aren t getting away anytime soon. And
I m shuddering at the images of Stella and sex. That s not an image I
wanted in my head.
Alan chuckled as he followed behind Sasha.
Alan s Anger 57
Chapter Five
Alan missed Sasha already.
It had only been four hours since he left Stella s, but the need to
hold his mate in his arms left him aching and empty. They agreed that
Sasha would wait to move until he got the apartment. Since his rent
was paid until the first, they had two more weeks to go. That was way
too long in Alan s opinion.
He wasn t a patient man, and even less when it came to being with
 Woolgathering I see. Fred chucked Alan on his arm.  I don t
pay you to stand here and look goofy-eyed when you re thinking
about your boyfriend.
Alan knew Fred was teasing him. The man had tried really hard
since Alan started to make friends, but Alan had worn his anger on his
sleeve, keeping everyone at bay.  I asked Sasha to move in with me.
We re going to rent out the one-bedroom in my building. [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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