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grabbed a loaf of bread from the top of the refrigerator. "We
only have seven grain bread. Is that okay?"
"Sure," Rustin said, "I can get that."
"Sit down and drink your coffee," Tommy said. "You need
to wake up still. But tell me all about this kiss. What was it
Rustin stared blankly ahead, focusing on a fridge magnet
in the shape of a banana. It was positioned adjacent a photo-
shopped image of a shirtless Bill Clinton with his arm around
an equally hunky and buff Al Gore.
"It was wonderful," Rustin said. "You know, like two
minutes of heaven. Then all of a sudden he said it was too
complicated and left me standing there."
"Ohh ... well that doesn't exactly sound good," Tommy
said. "Wonder if he has a boyfriend already."
"Colby," Rustin said flatly.
Tommy started to laugh. "Um no. Be serious. Colby is too
much of a slut to be anyone's boyfriend."
by Jeff Erno
"Maybe so, but Dutch probably doesn't realize this. He's
not really even out all that much. He's only had one
boyfriend some ranch hand that worked on their family's
"I bet when he says 'complicated' he's talking about his
situation back home. If he's still in the closet, it probably
scared him a little. I mean, in all honesty, I could see how
he'd fall hard for you."
"I don't know, but I don't want to play those games.
Tommy shook his head reprovingly. "That's crazy, dude.
He kissed you, so what're you bitching about? I can't believe
how quickly you've adapted to gay time. In the real world,
things don't always happen overnight. There are a lot of guys
who like taking things slower, and you guys really just met
"He's leaving in a few days and going back to Texas."
"Texas. Big deal. It's not like he's headed for Siberia."
"I guess I just don't do rejection too well."
"So you had to jack off last night. You'll get over it. I think
you should call him sometime today and ask for a second
Rustin laughed. "Well, I didn't exactly have to jack off."
"What do you mean?" Tommy stood with his hands on his
"Well, I met the neighbor."
by Jeff Erno
Rustin nodded. "And let me tell you, if you've ever
wondered where the expression, 'he can suck a golf ball
through a garden hose' came from, look no further."
"Oh my God, and I thought Colby was a slut!"
"Shut up!" Rustin exclaimed. "What was I supposed to do?
Dutch got me all horny and then just fuckin' left."
Tommy sighed and shook his head. "Shame, shame. Well,
just so you know, Carlos is not the boyfriend type either. I
don't see him settling down any time soon."
"Nah, I know. Actually I think it just pissed me off that
Dutch took off. I figured he was probably gonna hook up with
Colby, so..."
"Now you're rationalizing," Tommy said. "Why don't you
just admit you wanted a blowjob and Carlos was there, eager
and ready."
"That too," Rustin agreed.
"Call Dutch today," Tommy said in a rather stern voice.
The toast popped up, and he grabbed it and threw it on a
plate. He stepped back over to the fridge to locate a tub of
"I'll think about it," Rustin said.
"Do you want jelly?" Tommy asked.
"I had her last night," Rustin replied, "Kay Why Jelly."
"Very funny." Tommy rolled his eyes as he slammed the
refrigerator door.
* * * *
The hotel room was so dark when he awoke that Dutch
thought it was still the middle of the night, but the digital
by Jeff Erno
alarm clock read 12:06. Had he slept all day? He'd crashed as
soon as he got back to the room, without even bothering to
get undressed, and he hated the grubby, unclean feeling of
sleeping in his clothes. When he pulled back the curtain of the
bedroom window, blinding light flooded the room, and he
realized it must be approaching mid-day.
He stumbled to the bathroom and relieved himself, then
popped a couple aspirin in his mouth and took a swig of the
four-dollar bottled water that had been left on the vanity by
housekeeping. Nothing was free any more, not even water.
What he really needed was coffee, but he didn't want to mess
around with the rinky-dink, in-room coffee maker, so he
trudged out to the living room area of his suite and used the
hotel phone to order room service.
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