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It occurred to Euan as he sat down and gathered his wife and children closer
to him that a year ago when he d first set out to steal a bride, he had never
anticipated finding such bliss. Fate was a funny thing.
Thank the saints.
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Author s Note:
I exercised a little artistic liberty (ok,a lot of artistic
liberty!) concerning certain historical dates and facts in the writing of this
novella. The clan Donald, or MacDonald (meaning  Son of Donald ), didn t
actually come into being until the late 1200s, more than two hundred years
afterWarlord takes place. Likewise, there is no recorded mention of the clan
Hay arriving in Scotland prior to the year 1160. Furthermore, little is known
about the men who ruled Skye and the other isles of the Hebrides until
Scotland was annexed to the crown in 1266.
That said, I d also like to take a moment to thank everyone that has been so
kind as to send me encouraging emails ever since my work first debuted. I
never get enough of those kinds of letters believe me! And yes, I promise that
Rem and Kil s stories (fromThe Empress New Clothes ) are soon to follow. In
the mean time, I hope you ve enjoyedWarlord . Thank-you for all of your
support and encouragementJ
Jaid Black
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