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Rolling away from his mate, he climbed out of bed. Grabbing
clothes from his closet, he dressed quickly, never looking at Keeton.
Disgust at himself made his insides boil. He wanted to scream, to lash
out, hit something, but he held back, not wanting to frighten his lover.
I was the first.
Keeton had come to him, trusted him, giving freely to him,
wanting only to take things slowly in return. So, Logan, being the
upstanding guy that he was, had seen what he wanted to see, heard
what he wanted to hear, and forced himself on his inexperienced
A throbbing ache started in his chest. He thought Keeton wanted
46 Gabrielle Evans
to be with him, but perhaps he had misinterpreted the younger man s
signals. God, he was so confused, so frustrated with his lack of
control. Keeton s first time their first time together should have
been special. He should have taken his time, explored the gift of
Keeton s body.
He paused at his name, softly spoken by his lover. Turning
slowly, he held on to his control by a thread. He would not beg
forgiveness from his angel. He didn t deserve it.
I was the first.
 I am so sorry, baby, he whispered.
 What? Why are you sorry? Keeton held out his arms, and Logan
couldn t stop himself from moving into them. He crawled back into
bed and pulled his mate to him gently.
 I should have done things differently.
 Logan, I m not following. What are you talking about?
Shaking his head, Logan pulled away and stood from the bed
again. He needed to think, and he couldn t do it with the scent of their
combined seed filling his head.  I m going to run, he said abruptly.
 I just need to think. I ll be back.
 Logan, wait!
He didn t. He slipped through the door, closing it quietly behind
* * * *
Keeton sat on the bed in stunned silence as he watched Logan flee
from the room. What the hell had just happened? Why did Logan run
from him?
Making love to Logan had been the single most amazing
experience of Keeton s life. Sure, he was a little sore, but he expected
it. If his reward for a little discomfort came in the form of a sizzling
hot, blond shifter, he would not trade a second of it. Logan made him
By the Light of the Moon 47
feel cherished, loved, wanted, and needed. Even when Logan had
been buried balls deep in his ass, even as he dominated and
overwhelmed him, he had felt safe and protected.
So, why had his lover practically sprinted out the door? Why had
Logan apologized? A sudden thought occurred to him, and his chest
tightened painfully. Maybe Logan had changed his mind. It seemed
the bigger man couldn t get away fast enough once Keeton told him
he had been his first lover.
He remembered Logan s face right before he d walked out of the
room. He had looked so sad, so despondent, and Keeton thought he
detected a hint of anger under all that misery. Not at him, but directed
inward. Damn, he was so confused.
 What the hell? he mumbled under his breath.
 He thinks he hurt you.
Keeton looked up, then checked to make sure the sheet covered
him. His best friend walked into the room and climbed up on the bed
beside him.  Brax, what the hell just happened here?
Braxton shook his head.  I don t know, sweetheart, but you need
to go talk to him. He s hurting, and he needs you.
 I told him he couldn t claim me, Keeton whispered, looking
down at his hands where they rested in his lap.
He snapped his attention back to the man beside him.  What? He
thought Braxton would be upset with him.
 I didn t let Xander claim me right away. You barely even know
him. Of course, you shouldn t let him claim you. Once you do, there s
no out clause, Kee. It s for life. Braxton took a deep breath before he
continued.  I won t lie. He will be devastated if you deny him. If you
allow him to take you as his own and then deny him, however, it will
destroy him.
Keeton said nothing, but his heart ached. He knew shifters mated
for life. He was Logan s one shot at true happiness. There would
never be another. No pressure or anything.
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